2009 Awards

2009 Outstanding Contribution to Women Awards

The 2009 faculty award recipient was Dr. Christy Horn. Dr. Horn has been a member of the UNL community for more than 20 years. She has dedicated her career to working with people with disabilities, helping them fulfill their dreams and reach their goals in the areas of higher education and employment. Dr. Horn is an educator, focusing on individuals with learning disabilities and researching ways to help these individuals learn more effectively. She established Services for Students with Disabilities, a campus office which helps students with disabilities navigate their college careers. She also serves as the ADA/504 Compliance Officer for the University of Nebraska system. In this role, she works to insure that the University offers equal educational and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.


Recently, Dr. Horn was called upon to work with University departments to establish campus locations where new mothers have the privacy and cleanliness necessary to express milk. This has taken much time and planning but Dr. Horn knew it was crucial to provide these locations, for women to be supported and be given the opportunity to succeed in all areas of their lives. Dr. Horn used her award funds to equip these locations with new rocking chairs. She continues to find funding for curtains, signs and privacy panels. For a list of locations and more information, visit the Chancellor's Policy Memorandum.


Nominator Suzanne Drew, Chancellor Perlman and Dr. Christy Horn

Suzanne Drew, Chancellor Perlman and Dr. Christy Horn


"Dr. Horn showed me that a woman can achieve anything if she is passionate about it and puts her heart, energy and hard work into it. She showed me that it is alright to challenge what society says is permissible for a woman to be and do."

- Jill Flagel

The 2009 student award recipient was the UNL Student Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). The current SWE group of 30 student members keeps an active presence that is committed to service and success. They host and participate in many events each year that contribute to the success of young women in engineering at UNL. Women Interested In Engineering Day engages middle and high school students and teachers to explore Nebraska Engineering programs. Participants and their families are treated to academic and industry panels, lab tours, hands-on experiments and interaction with current mechanical, civil and environmental engineers. Freshmen are welcomed each fall with an ice cream social. The UNL Chapter particpates in the Fall National Conference and the Spring Regional Conference where members have the opportunity to interact with SWE members from peer institutions as well as the professional members of SWE who share their experiences and wisdom gained from the challenges of their chosen profession.


Carole Wilbeck, Chancellor Perlman and members of SWE


"The positive spirit of UNL's SWE student chapter overflows into action, with outreach that attracts, retains and launches UNL's women in engineering."

- Carole Wilbeck