Outstanding Contribution to Women Awards

The Chancellor's Outstanding Contribution to Women Awards recognize outstanding faculty, staff and student efforts to create a climate that encourages women to succeed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Two awards are given, one for faculty or staff members and another for students or student organizations. The award recipients must demonstrate a sustained and tangible impact on the campus community.

Recipients will be announced the week of March 5th and the awards will be presented at the UNL Women’s History Month Dinner on Thursday, March 15, 2018. 

If you know an individual, department or group that is noteworthy in advancing the status of women on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus please take the time to forward your nomination (student/student organization or faculty/staff/department/organization) and letter of support by February 23, 2018 to Jody Wood, 128 ADMN, CC 0437 or via email to jwood2@unl.edu. For more information, contact Jan Deeds at 472-2598 or jdeeds1@unl.edu.

Award Recipients

2017 Paul Black 2017 Amanda Dale
2016 Mark Askren 2016 Danielle Young
2015 Luke Bretscher 2015 Kathryn Miller
2014 Beth Burkstrand Reid 2014 Engineers Without Borders
2013 Mary Anne Holmes and Julia McQuillan 2013 Psychology of Gender
2012 Concetta DiRusso 2012 PREVENT: Agents of Change
2011 Alexandra Basolo
2010 Evelyn Jacobson 2010 Eating Disorders Education Program
2010 Sheldon Museum of Art
2009 Christy Horn 2009 Society of Women Engineers
2008 Department of Geosciences 2008 Tamy Burnett
2007 Department of Sociology 2007 Alex Clark
2006 UNL Police Department
2004 Ashley Cooper
2003 Aalece Pugh-Lily
2002 Anne M. Parkhurst
2001 Marilyn Grady
2000 Sylvia Wiegand
1999 Pat Tetreault
1998 Helen Moore
1997 Mary Beck
1996 W. Jim Lewis
1995 Barbara DiBernard
1994 Theo Vera Brown Sonderegger