CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2000

December 1, 2000

Treasurer reported no change in the last reported total, approximately $5300.

Second semester meetings were set for 1/12 & 26, 2/9 & 23, 3/9 & 30, AND 4/13 & 27.

A trade was effected whereby the Treasurer became the Secretary and Barbara D. agreed to assume responsibility for our treasure.

Proposal to Chancellor. Pat's supervisor reacted positively to the idea of including the GLBT position in Community Health and suggested the title of Sexuality & Diversity Education for the program. An idea was introduced also to ask for space in the new Culture Center addition to the Union. Barbara
raised a question about the access of faculty to service under the Community Health structure. While reservations were expressed about each of the possible organizational homes for the position, Pat was encouraged to put together a proposal as soon as possible.

Domestic Partnership. It was agreed that the Committee needs to get this matter on the agenda of the university-wide benefits committee and to request action. The request should be accompanied by a presentation by Committee members and lobbying of the benefit committee.

GLBT Award. An announcement re: nominations appeared in today's Scarlet, as well as on campus-wide email. Forms were distributed to offices mentioned in the announcement. Copies will be given to committee members.

Symposium Series. Plans are proceeding, but some uncertainty was noted regarding just where we stand with all funding efforts. The next symposium will feature Tom Work-man on January 18.

Student Groups. Only two groups were represented with reports

SOAC - In view of the failed amendment concerning ASUN's proposed constitutional convention, there is concern about diverse representation on the convention.

ASUN - Angela reported on the idea of GLBT space in the proposed new Culture Center. Student groups letters of support were seen as helpful and organization to this end was begun at the meeting.

Graduate Assistant. The presentation to sororities about becoming Ally Houses went well.

Announcement: On 12/13 at 7PM in the Union Ellen Paneok, a part of the "Women in Flight" program will make a presentation. (EDITOR's NOTE: This presentation has been canceled.)

Submitted by Vern Williams

November 17, 2000

FALL SEMESTER'S FINAL MEETING: Friday, December 1st, 2000 3:30
University Health Center Conference Room F

Given the absence of both Co-Chairs, Pat Tetreault stepped in to chair the meeting.

After introductions (and with no minutes from the November 3rd meeting having been submitted for approval), Vern Williams gave his Treasurer's Report, indicating we had roughly $5,300 in the Committee's current account. Recent expenditures included $300 for Pat Alderete co-sponsorship and $25 for the annual sponsorship of the Martin Luther King Breakfast in January.

Vern also gave a Contributions to the GLBT Community Award Subcommittee update indicating the group had met, agreed on getting the word out about nominations shortly before semester's end by e-mail, a piece in the Scarlet, and a Daily Nebraskan story, and decided on distribution sites for nomination forms.

George reported that the Committee's Diversity Enhancement Proposal, one of eighteen submitted, was one of eight designated for funding. The grant's $3,000 will support this spring's installment of the 2000-2001 Symposium Series. We've also received $300 from the Academic Senate's Convocations Committee to help fund Holly Hughes's February visit. Several Committee members urged George to generate a Things-To-Do list for Hughes' residency and for the Committee to solicit student group involvement.

Andi gave a rundown on SOAC's efforts to gather information on GLBT Resource Centers at UNL's peer institutions. Pat urged that our proposal to the Chancellor for additional staff time and resources to meet the needs of the university's GLBT community should recommend hiring a staff person to work under her direction in the Sexuality Education Program, an idea the members present supported. Pat will work with Gina on drafting the proposal.

At the last Allies meeting, attended by 20-25 students, Pat gave a presentation on "How To Be an Ally."

There were no reports from Spectrum or Advocates and Allies.

Pam offered observations on the GLBTGSA's difficulties with group cohesion.

Angela, just back from NGLTF's Creating Change conference, provided an account of Students Against 416's election night party. She also stressed the importance of the database the organization has put together and plans to establish a Student branch of Nebraska Advocates for Justice and Equality.

Andi summarized SOAC's activities, including plans to organize a Martin Luther King Day forum. Discussion included the pros and cons of having the Student Senate's Human Rights Committee submitting a letter to the Chancellor supporting our Committee's proposal for a funded GLBT Resource staff person. The Human Rights Committee is sponsoring a seminar on how students can get involved in ASUN scheduled for Thursday, November 30th, in the City Union.

Bea announced a "Safe Space" presentation Pat will present to the Panhellenic Association on Wednesday, November 29th at 5:30 and on other activities involving Greek Affairs. The GLBT Speakers Bureau, at Pat's request, will present at the Health Aid Training sessions scheduled for November 28th and 29th.

New Business

Members suggested that Gina schedule next semester's Friday meetings to alternate with Student Affairs' biweekly meetings.

Submitted by George Wolf

October 20, 2000

Next Meeting: Friday, November 3, 2000, University Health Center, Conference Room F

Correction to last meeting minutes. Committee approved funding for 50 Posters for the symposium series, not $50 for posters. Minutes approved as corrected.

Meeting with Chancellor
Barbara reported that Chancellor Perlman seemed very supportive of issues raised. Was open, accepting and interested in helping the committee meet its goals. Based on the meeting and suggestions made by the Chancellor, we need to form a sub-committee to develop a proposal for a GLBT Resource Center with staffing structure included. SOAC is in the process of gathering information from other schools that have staff devoted to GLBT issues. They are finding out pay ranges, where the position(s) fit in the structure on campus and other information that will help us in forming our proposal. Gina and George expressed an interest in working on a new job description for a full-time GLBT coordinator. It was suggested that we wait until the report from SOAC is in to proceed with any of the narrative or other parts of the proposal.

It was suggested that statistics from the Resource Center need to begin to be compiled now to be included in the report. Gina will discuss this with Bea. Barbara felt that the format Bea submitted for our annual report last year was excellent and contained the type of information that we needed for the proposal.

Location of the position was also discussed. Members generally felt that the position needed to be at a Director level. Members were not sure if this was a possibility, but decided to wait until the report from SOAC to see where other positions are located. We felt it was important that wherever the position is, it should be intended to serve students, faculty and staff. Some questions arose over whether a position located in Student Involvement would have this focus (or would be perceived to have this focus).

Other sources for data and information for the report included:
-Look over old Annual reports for past information and requests for staffing.
-Talk to Vern about his responsibilities and time commitment as Liaison for GLBT issues.
-Information compiled by Lou Crompton. (Barbara will look back over this.)

Gina agreed to write a letter of thank you to the Chancellor for meeting with us.

Symposium Series Update
Suggestions for increasing publicity this week for Lisa's presentation on Thursday included
-students posting fliers in all residence halls
-DN ad was suggested but was not specifically assigned to anyone

Barbara distributed fliers for Pat Alderete and asked for folks to attend the evening performance on November 9th, 7:30 at the City Union. There will also be a joint reading with Amelia Montes on November 7th at 3:30 at Bailey Library in Andrews Hall. All are invited to this as well. Gen offered to post fliers for this across campus. Thanks, Gen. MCA has not responded to our request for co-sponsorship of this event.

Diversity Task Force will not meet again until November so we will not have word on whether our grant (written by George Wolf) is funded until that time. Money was received from Canadian Studies for Craig Womack. Gen offered to talk to Daniel about asking for UPC funding for Craig Womack as well.

Student Groups

Allies - Dance on 10/27 at Culture Center. Working on fundraising. Attendance continues to be good.

Spectrum - Co-sponsoring post election party on 11/7. Expecting about 500 to attend. Will be held in the Ballroom of the City Union. Discussed phone issue. Need to find a way to reduce monthly phone bill and perhaps to get some institutional support for this phone since it serves as part of the support to GLBT populations on campus. Barbara offered to write letter to Dr. Griesen to inquire about Diversity fund money for this phone line as it is our understanding that this fund supports the phones costs in the Culture Center for organizations housed there.

Students Against 416 - Went out of Lincoln to educate about 416. Although great group bonding occurred, responses from people were generally negative and included verbal abuse and behaviors that often resulted in the group feeling unsafe. The committee applauded the students for their courage and efforts to educate. If even one person reconsiders their stance, it was worth it. Also reported that handing out anti 416 fliers at football games is becoming more negative as people begin to recognize the fliers (or people) from previous games. Some negative reactions and insults resulted.

SOAC - Working on voter's guide. Survey of other school's GLBT programs and staffing being conducted.

GLBT Graduate Assistant Report

Pan Hellenic has asked for information on becoming "safe space" for GLBT persons. The presentation would provide information on what this means and individual houses would be allowed to make their own choices about whether they want to do this. Currently one sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta) has done this. Terrence said they he and another student are planning on attending and giving a 15 minute presentation on this issue. It was suggested that since the audience would be all female, that a female student be included in the presentation group. It was also suggested that a member of Kappa Alpha Theta be allowed to talk about why their house chose to do this.

The student groups have decided to change the name of the Resource Center to the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Student Organization Office. Students agreed that the current name (GLBT Resource Center) leads to confusion and a perception that this is a University staffed office.

Speaker's Bureau publicity will be sent out to the listserv. Faculty agreed to forward the announcement to listservs they are on with faculty in their departments.

Hilda Raz will do a reading in the Union on October 26th (room posted).

Meeting adjourned at 5:12 pm.

September 22, 2000

Next Meeting: Friday, October 6, 2000, University Health Center, Conference Room F

Present: Deanna Zaffke, Pat Tetreault, George Wolf, Vern Williams, Melissa Finlaw Draper, Karen Head, Jeremy Patrick, Daniel Justice, Joy Ritchie

Call to Order: 3:40 p.m.

Introductions and Agenda Review

Approval of Minutes: Wolf motioned, Tetreault seconded; motion passed

Treasurer’s Report:
- SOFS guidelines require non-student accounts to be moved off-campus; status of CGLBTC account pending
- In account: ~$5600

Issues to Discuss with Chancellor at 10/18 Meeting (Pat and George)
A. Meeting time/date: 2:30-4:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 18, City Union (room to be posted);
B. Issues from CGLBTC meeting will depend upon Chancellor Perlman’s response to questions (re: Prop. 416’s impact on UNL’s recruitment and retainment of faculty and students) at Academic Senate meeting on October 10;
C. Questions to include: status of diversity plan (currently requiring adoption and full implementation, including benefit equity and availability); status of GLBT Resource Center and the need for full-time, paid employee; situation with current graduate student position (Student Involvement receives ½ her weekly hours); date for Chancellor’s Award; Perlman's opinion of 416's impact, if it passes, on human resources, the diversity plan, and campus climate

Awards Subcommittee Report (Vern)
A. 2 students responded to e-mail request; organizational meeting pending; Vern will contact Kristin for last year’s notes; Bob Brown also on committee

2000-2001 Symposium Series (Deanna)
A. Pollard presentation in Union 10/26 at 3:30 p.m. (Room Posted); Deanna will emcee
B. Date for Workman presentation: Jan. 18, 3:30 p.m.; Bailey Library for location
C. Date for Hughes's performance uncertain; location pending

2001-2002 Symposium Series Subcommittee
A. no one responded to e-mail request for volunteers
B. tabled until after November election
C. Deanna asked everyone to begin thinking about possible speakers

Student Group Reports
a. Joy Ritchie, Allies advisor, gave update: Allies is a flourishing group and is very active with the anti-416 movement; the group is working on its internal structure; would like a workshop on "how to be an Ally" (Pat?) and help to be prepared to talk publicly.

Spectrum: No report.

a. Daniel and Deanna gave brief update about upcoming activities

Students Against Prop. 416
a. group has a booth in Union every day to inform public and register voters; involved with many different activities, including leafleting and public discussion of the issues

Law School GLBT group
a. Jeremy gave update: Thursday the 14th was group’s first meeting in the Jury Room of the Law School; advisor Susan Poser very supportive (also on national board of the ACLU)
b. Jeremy asked Deanna for Speaker's Bureau representative to talk about initiative to the group

GLBT Graduate Assistant Report (Bea)
A. no report

Other Business
A. Melissa handed out information on the Shower of Stoles; needs volunteers to sit at the exhibit, as well as funds to pay for the arrival of the Stoles

A. Deanna announced that the film fest begins on the 17th
B. HIV awareness event 10/13: "You, Me, and HIV in NE" 7 pm, East Union (Room Posted)

Meeting Adjourned: 5:02 p.m.

September 8, 2000

Next Meeting: Friday, September 22, 3:30 – 5:00 pm University Health Center, Conference Room F

Minutes from August 25th were read and approved.
· It was noted that Scarlet ads need to be in two weeks in advance for them to run in time for the meetings.
· Inquiry was made about the status of the fundraising letter. Gina reported that it has gone out and has been sent to Steppin' OUT as well. It is currently being edited to be submitted to the PFLAG newsletter.

Treasurer's Report
No change from last time. We have a total of $5914 in the account.

Symposium Series Update
George reported that the following events have been scheduled for the 2000-2001 Symposium Series:
· 9/28 Workshop on Diversity Awareness and Inclusive Programming by Pat Tetreault
· 10/8-14 A Sampling from the "Shower of Stoles" coordinated by Melissa Finlaw Draper
(Rotunda Gallery in City Union)
· 10/26 "The Past Recaptured: Approaches to Community Studies in Lesbian and Gay History"
by Lisa Pollard. Deanna will arrange for location – Bailey Library.
· 11/6-12 Pat Alderete Residency, Coordinated by Barbara DiBernard
· January (Date TBA) "The Homoerotic Gaze in Men's Exercise Magazines," by Tom
Workman (Pat will get exact date and location for this)
· 2/12-17 Holly Hughes Residency, Coordinated by George Wolf
· March (Date TBA) Craig Womack Residency, Coordinated by Daniel Justice
· 4/1 – 2 Martha Juillerat and larger "Shower of Stoles" Exhibit, Coordinated by Melissa Finlaw
Draper. Melissa will check on getting Ballroom for this. Allies will co-sponsor event. May be a cost involved.

George submitted grant with these to UNL Diversity Enhancement Project requesting a total of $4240 with matching funds amounting to $6850. A round of applause and accolades were bestowed upon George for his hard work on this. It is greatly appreciated!

Discussion of publicity for events for Symposium. Pat had flier for first event. John Whiteman has agreed to do fliers and larger poster again this year. Gina offered to develop an off-campus mailing list and mail each individual flier as well as the poster to these places. It was requested that committee members and student groups help distribute fliers on campus. Locations suggested for off-campus distribution included: The Mill, Coffeehouse (P Street), Doane of Lincoln and Crete, Nebraska Wesleyan University, KZUM, and PFLAG and Steppin’ OUT publications. Equity Access and Diversity Programs (Linda Crump), Suzy Prenger (in Teaching and Learning Center) and Student Involvement will also be on Gina's mailing list. Gina will also explore getting these events listed on the University calendar and list of events on the main page of the Web Site (for UNL).

George suggested that now is a good time to start planning for the 2001-2002 Symposium Series. The Diversity Enhancement grants generally are not extended beyond 3 years. This year's grant will be the third year for us. We need to begin exploring alternative funding options. Suggestions included: RESIST Grant (Angela will explore this) and Gill Foundation Funding (Gina said she has a student interested in submitting a grant to Gill and she would ask them to include Symposium costs). Additionally, Deanna mentioned that she had never written a grant…and might need/want some experience in her "free" time. J

Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service to GLBT Community
Gina asked for volunteers to work on the award this year. George said that he thought it was “tradition” for the previous year’s recipient to chair the committee. Vern accepted this challenge and agreed to chair the committee. Bob agreed to be on the committee as well. Gina will put a note out on the student org listservs to get some student representation on this committee. Mention was made again of the great job Kristin did last year chairing this committee.

Meeting with Interim Chancellor
Meeting was set for September 28th but this conflict with Pat’s symposium presentation. Will try to change the meeting to October 6th during our regular meeting time. Gina will let the committee know if this time works for the Chancellor and if there will be a regular CGLBTC meeting that day. Jacob asked if there was a specific reason for the meeting: several committee members talked about the history of our group and our annual meetings with the Chancellor. Specific issues for this meeting include: University’s response to DOMA and the impact it will have on recruitment/retention, Diversity Plan finalization issues, asking for funding for the committee’s programs, appeal for a full-time staff person to deal with GLBT issues at UNL.

It was requested that strategizing for this meeting be a high priority on next meeting's agenda.

Student Groups

Gina read an e-mail from Gen Critel. Spectrum is working with Students against DOMA in planning activities for National Coming Out Week, including a dance to be held October 7th (hopefully at the Culture Center). They are also involved in canvassing efforts with NAJE. Meetings are every Wednesday at 7pm in the City Union, Room Posted.

Nominations for officers have been accepted. Elections next week. Movie night, Mocktails events planned. Trying to increase membership, especially of straight students. Seem to be more GLBT students and the group is trying to educate students on why it is important to be a GLBT ally. A suggestion was made that an article could be written for Steppin' OUT and/or PFLAG Newsletter on this issue. Meetings are every Thursday at 9:30. Exec Board meets at 8:30.

Michelle reported that the group is planning social events such as board game night (not bored game night) and is also holding a campus wide logo competition. Announced that Film Fest needs volunteers to staff information booth ½ hour before films. Free movie pass for volunteering. (See Michelle for more info.) Meetings are 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 5:00 pm.

Angela reported that Chairs and Vice-Chairs have been elected. Meetings held every Sunday at Burr Hall. Focus right now is on ASUN and DOMA.

Students Against DOMA
Angela reported that the group is meeting with students from other UN campuses. Thirty – 40 people at the last meeting. Minutes will be posted to the CGLBTC listserv. Will have a booth on the Plaza every day between now and elections.

GLBT Graduate Assistant Report
Bea reported that the calendar of events is ready to go to print. She is working with the organizations and planning officer training to help with membership, fundraising and publicity issues (as well as other issues the groups identify). More than 10 volunteers trained for Resource Center. Goal is to be open from 9 – 5 daily. We could use more volunteers if anyone is interested. Also encouraging students, faculty and staff to stop by for lunch or break to hang out, socialize and make the place look more alive.

Other Business
George mentioned that many important searches are happening right now (Dean of Arts and Sciences, Chancellor, etc.). We need to make sure that we have representation and ask the tough questions about GLBT support. Also need to make sure that candidates are aware of the obstacles (DOMA, lack of DP Benefits) and see if they are willing to combat these. George will post times of meetings/receptions with candidates to the listserv since not all of us get this information.

· Hollis Glaser coming Tuesday the 19th to train on canvassing for DOMA.
· Barnes and Noble book display "Close the Book on Hate" by ADL. Should be up right now.
· October 11th, Coming Out Day Picnic at Cooper Park. Sponsored by Lincoln Pride. Don Wesley will issue a proclamation for Coming Out Day!
· LBQ meets in room next to Women's Center on Mondays at 5:15 pm.
· Deanna announced that a farmer's group with a membership of about 75,000 is taking a stand against DOMA. They have about 40,000 members mobilized so far. They are objecting to the language that includes making "domestic partnerships" of any kind illegal. This language has been used by farmers to form business partnerships and to protect inheritances in the past. They see this amendment as a threat to them as well and are publicly opposing it. Thanks to Deanna for giving us some happy news to end our meeting with!

Meeting adjourned at 5:07 pm.

August 25, 2000

Next Meeting: September 8, 2000, 3:30 – 5:00 pm University Health Center, Conference Room F

Minutes from April 21st were read and approved. A request was made to bring extra copies of the minutes from the previous meeting so that committee members could review them.

Treasurer's Report
We have a total of $5914 in the account. Four thousand of this amount was a donation from former UNL faculty member and former chair of our committee, Stephen Russell and his partner. Vern has written a thank you on behalf of the committee. We also discussed updating the committee letterhead. Gina will contact John Whiteman about this.

Discussion of funding sources and issues around funding for the committee's work. George estimates we have about $9000 worth of expenses this year already committed including speaker costs, publicity, etc. He suggested that our annual Fundraising letter needs to go out soon. Last year it went out in February, but since we need funds now, it should be done once now and again next semester. Distribution to include: posting to CGLBTC listserv, mailing out to all members of our mailing list, posting in Scarlet, Steppin’ Out and PFLAG Newsletter and perhaps a mailing to the anti-DOMA group's mailing list (Deanna will check on this). Discussion of distributing to all faculty and staff via listserv, but it was decided this would not work, since materials approved for these listservs are becoming more and more scarce. Gina suggested we brainstorm a list of faculty and staff who might be interested in larger events and mailings but not in being on our regular mailing list to include in the future.

George is writing Faculty Diversity Grant and Pat submitted a grant to the Chicago Resource Center for $4000 (the maximum you could ask for). We should know by the end of September or beginning of October.

New English Faculty Member
Amelia Montes, formerly of UC Santa Barbara introduced herself and shared information on GLBT activities there before she left which included: collecting stories from GLBT youth who attended junior/senior high to chronicle experiences of youth; Queer group newsletters and info on UCSB's Hate Incidents Response Coordinator. She discussed a faculty/staff "walk out" which turned things around for GLBT programs and issues after several years of letters and documentation of GLBT issues. Copies of articles were distributed for the committee to review.

Committee Leadership and Logistics
Gina agreed to serve as co-chair in a limited capacity last Spring when no one was able to take it on. She agreed specifically to do logistical work such as web page, mailing list, agendas, minutes of meetings, publicity, assisting with logistics of programs and speakers, etc. She specifically mentioned that she could not take on being the media contact, seeking out major speakers and has little experience grant writing. George distributed a list of "Co-chair Responsibilities" (put together by Pat T.). Deanna led a discussion of how they could be covered in the coming year. Pat mentioned that the job of the co-chairs is intended to be "coordination" of the work of the rest of the committee, but that often when the chair(s) cannot find someone to accomplish a task, they do it themselves. She said that might account for "burnout" sometimes experienced by chairs. Angela mentioned that this is also a problem with the student groups where one or two people end up doing most of the work. George felt that the handout described the work of the committee chairs and needed to be worked out by the chairs. Pat added that what was being offered was generous and that we needed to be respectful of the work each other is doing as well as the limits that are set. A discussion of specific responsibilities followed.

Specifics from the "Responsibilities" discussion included:

· Developing schedule of meetings, meeting agendas and posting agendas – Gina
· Making sure minutes are taken and distribution of these – Gina
· Domestic Partner Benefits work – on hold for now
· Symposium Series – Gina and Deanna will schedule dates, locations and do publicity George is writing Faculty Diversity Grant, Barbara is seeking co-sponsorships for Pat Alderete and hopefully fundraising letter will generate funds to help cover any expenses left undone.
· Responding to GLBT issues as they occur – Pat mentioned that she and Barbara are listed in the Centrex and would probably be called first. They will be serving as contact people for the committee. Deanna said that she had some "talking points" handouts to help people feel more comfortable dealing with the media.
· Outstanding Contributions Committee – a subcommittee needs to be formed
· Comparison with big 12 Schools for GLBT positions and budget proposal for GLBT position here – Angela said that SOAC could take this on.
· Fundraising Letter – Gina
· Coordinate annual report and meeting with Chancellor – Gina

It was decided to continue to meet every other Friday from 3:30 – 5:00 this year, as this is the only time that we all seemed to have in common. All meetings will be at the University Health Center, Conference Room F.
Meeting dates for the rest of the semester will be:
9/8, 9/22, 10/6, 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1 and possibly 12/15 (finals week).

Reports from Student Groups

Angela reported that a major agenda item is to bring in a diversity speaker. $15,000 available. She asked for suggestions from committee. Responses included: Angela Davis, Julian Bond, Peter Gomes, and John Lewis. Angela said she needed names by Wednesday if anyone else has suggestions, e-mail them to:

Campus climate survey will be out in September. Need funding (about $1000) to scan questionnaires. George and Pat asked if a copy of the survey was available to review. Angela suggested she post it to the CGLBTC listserv. The committee agreed they would be interested in looking at it.

Students Against DOMA
New group approved by ASUN this week. Will have organizational meeting with students from Creighton Sunday at 3:00 at Unitarian Church. Wrote an emergency grant to “RESIST” for fliers and info to distribute on campus.

Joy reported that the group met early in the summer and possibly last Tuesday night. No one present from group.

GLBT Grad Report
Bea reported that Allies and GLBT Resource Center both had booths reserved at Big Red Welcome. Since no one was staffing the Allies booth, the two were combined and info (including lots of Ally cards) was distributed from one table. Thanks to the volunteers who helped staff this.

Fall GLBT calendar of events being put together. Need information about events ASAP. Requests made by calling departments and asking persons one on one. It was suggested that the request be put out on the listserv in the future so we all can contribute.

Training volunteers for Resource Center currently. Also organizing for Speaker’s Bureau.

Deanna announced that the Grad student group looking for white elephant donations for a silent auction for the Film Festival week. Working on Gay History Month events as well. Planning fashion show for October 12th for anti-DOMA fundraiser.

Gina reported new president is very excited this year. Is looking forward to attracting new members and energizing the organization. (No one from group present at meeting.)

Funding Requests
Several agenda items skipped, as the hour was late. Requests for funding made and approved:

Barbara requested:
$300 for Pat Alderete - Approved (Should be included in Symposium series)
$250 for Alix Dobkin - Approved

Deanna requested:
$50 for film festival - Approved

Meeting with Interim Chancellor
George suggested that we need to meet with the new Interim Chancellor soon to discuss several important issues. The following committee members expressed an interest in attending this meeting: Pat, George, Barbara, Deanna, Angela and Gina. Gina will arrange the meeting. Late afternoons seemed to work best for those interested.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20.

Thanks to Debbi for taking minutes and to everyone for attending and contributing (and to Pat for treats).