CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2001

November 30, 2001

Present: Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Barbara DiBernard, Amelia M. L. Montes, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

Minutes of 11/16 were amended to note that the Vagina Monologues are on Feb. 15 rather than Feb. 7.

Treasury: No change from 11/2 - $4661.01

Meetings: 12/14 and 1/18 will be social events.
Spring, '02: Jan. 18 – Bailey Library (228 Andrews)
Feb. 1, 15
Mar. 1, 15
Apr. 12, 26

Summer Planning Meeting: TBA

Symposium Series
Thornton event is a go. Details unavailable at present.

Pat will send an email to all contact persons on the symposium list to ask for confirmation of information we have regarding their event.

UPC granted the Women's Center $1000 to bring Kim Airs. The committee voted without dissent to contribute $250.

GLBT Award – The 2001-02 nomination form is available at the Chancellor's Office, the Women's Resource Center, and the GLBT Student Organization Office. Tim is putting it on the committee website. Announcements will be placed in the Scarlet and the DN. Reminders will appear in January.

The committee voted to co-sponsor the MLK Breakfast ($30).

Campus climate survey – Are students to be represented? Student Affairs conducts an omnibus student survey. Pat will attempt to get a copy. Committee still plans to conduct its own.

Fund raising letter will go out in January, noting spring semester events.

DP Benefits – Committee drafting a report to the Regents gave its input. Pat understands that the report will go to the Regents in December. Pat sent four "impact" letters to Kim Roback with a cover letter and asked that the data be sent to the Regents. The Academic Senate will receive a proposal on 12/4 to thank Emeriti for their support on DP benefits.

Student group reports:
No representatives present.

GLBT GA: Class presentation requests have been filled. The Center continues to function well. Bea’s presence on East Campus so far has helped to increase awareness.

Future diversity grant/speakers: Carolyn Gage, monologist, playwright, was suggested for spring '03. We need to begin planning now to avoid the beginning of fall crush. More concrete planning can be done in summer.

Minutes, Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Concerns, 11/16/01

Present: Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Barbara DiBernard, Tim Fink, Don Hanway, Joy Ritchie, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf. Guest: Ashley Cooper (Women's Center)

Minutes of 11/2 were accepted.

Treasury: $4661.01 (after expenditures for symposium presentation by Lindemann).

Symposium Series
Marilee Lindemann's presentation was well attended (24).

Chela Sandoval's tentative titles: Feminist Methodology and Metaphysics of Love: Methodologies of the Oppressed.
Need information on Thornton to proceed with planning of her presentation.

Vagina Monologues will be done in Union Ballroom (2/15). Co-sponsor letters have gone out.
Valerie Miner – voted to co-sponsor ($250 contribution). She is expected to do a reading at 7 PM on Feb. 20.

Kenny Fries – Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, probably a brown bag with Committee and interested others
Ashley Cooper of the Women's Center presented plans to bring Kim Airs on the evening of Thursday, March 7. She requested co-sponsorship by the committee. UPC has been asked for support and has not yet responded. Other budgetary elements are uncertain at this point as well. The Center will make a more specific request when more nearly complete budget information is available.

GLBT Award – Tim will get announcement on website when forms from last year are finalized (soon). Other distribution avenues are planned also of course.

Campus climate survey – The Chancellor wants Gallup to do the project. The survey is projected to include 12 employee satisfaction items plus additional items dealing with race, gender and sexual orientation. Currently no data are known to exist regarding faculty/staff dissatisfaction. On the student side retention seems an insufficient indication of campus climate. Committee feels we should do our own survey. Bob will present a more concrete idea in January of what could be done.

DP Benefits – Emeriti president, Dick Fleming, reported the action on DP benefits to the Academic Senate Exec. Comm. Commission on Status of Women listed DP benefits questions for meeting with Chancellor. Pat suggested asking UAAD for a representative to this Committee and for support for DP benefits. After discussion Pat agreed that she would continue pursuing the question with UAAD.

Spectrum - Candlelight vigil for 416 well attended (~75). Fund-raising letter has gone out. Presentation made to UPC to bring Judy Shepherd.

Student group reports:
Spectrum: GLBT Student Alliance - Attendance at meetings remains high. Participation is energetic.

GSA: probably going into state of suspension.

GLBT GA: Speakers bureau training was held 11/12 at 6 PM in Student Involvement. Class presentation went well. Four requests have been made for presentations near end of semester. Many calls have been received for information on GLBT issues for papers. The number of volunteers still is increasing. Bea will spend some hours on East Campus.

Curriculum – The number of requests made to the Resource Center points up the need for curriculum resources. Pat suggested writing to Chairs of Psychology and Sociology asking about course development in those departments. She proposed a joint letter from her, Barbara, and Bea.

Free HIV testing will be (was offered) on Monday (11/19).

November 2, 2001

Present: Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Angela Clements, Gina Matkin, Soledad Quinonez, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams

Minutes of 10/19 were amended to delete mention of a meeting with V. C. Griesen about the proposed GLBT position. (See below.)

Treasury: $3889.02 (after expenditures for COD ad, and refreshments for symposium).

Symposium Series
Chela Sandoval's date now is April 18.
Kenny Fries – February 28, 2 PM: Toward a New Paradigm: a Social Model of Disability in 228 Andrews and 7:30 PM: A History of My Shoes: a Poet looks at Darwin, the Body, and Cultural Difference

GLBT Award – Tim Fink is the student member. Committee is looking over forms from last year to determine needed revisions.

Campus climate survey, DP Benefits– no known developments since last meeting.

Position request – The report in the 10/19 minutes that committee co-chairs would meet with VC Griesen was erroneous. No other developments to report at this meeting.

Fund-raising letter is ready and continues to await appropriate time to send.

Candlelight vigil for 11/7, north steps of capitol to mark the passage of 416, sponsored by Spectrum.

Student group reports:
Spectrum: GLBT Student Alliance - Attendance at meetings remains high. Participation is energetic.

GSA: bowling tomorrow (11/3). Regular meeting time has been established.

GLBT GA: Speakers bureau training is scheduled for 11/12 at 6 PM in Student Involvement. A request has been received from an adolescent development course in Teachers College.

Soledad attended as liaison from Gay/Lesbian Coalition. Meetings are twice monthly on Sunday at 5. The Coalition is exploring its structure, seeking a sound foundation on which to build the organization, and actively recruiting members. They also are considering an April "hands around the capitol" event. Planning meeting is scheduled tentatively for 12/10.

October 19, 2001

Present: Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Theresa Lewis, Melissa Rigney, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

$3846.12 (expenditures of $219 for Martha Juillerat, $107 for COD ad, and $30.60 for refreshments for symposium). Luis Perdomo has designated the Committee as recipient of his GLBT award from last spring. ($1000)

Symposium Series
Stephen Russell's presentation was covered by the DN, noting several pertinent points of his talk.
Marilyn Hacker's presentation went well. The Committee’s support was recognized.

Diversity grant was received!

George noted the need to begin planning already for next year's key speaker(s) and grant proposals to support series.

Chela Sandoval's date now has been set for late April.

Hilda Raz asked for $200 to support visit of Valerie Miner, lesbian poet, who will visit campus in February. Committee agreed to support the request, assuming the necessary total funding goal is reached, of course.

Campus climate survey
Seems to be on track from all indications. A number of concerns exist about its nature, but no concrete instrument has been produced yet. Members expressed increased interest in conducting our own survey.
Bob will explore further.

Position request
The result of George and Pat's meeting with Herb Howe is that the position will be placed in Student Affairs. The question is whether it will be in Student Involvement or in Community Health. Jim Griesen has been told about the commitment but has no information beyond that. Committee co-chairs will meet with VC Griesen concerning the matter.

Fund-raising letter is ready and will be sent out after students’ letter.

Student group reports:
Spectrum: GLBT Student Alliance (note new name)
Attendance at meetings has been high. Chief of Police will attend a meeting soon. Ally training will be offered to ASUN. A candlelight vigil isbeing explored for 11/7 at the capitol to mark the passage of 416. Sponsoring an information booth in the Union. Collaboration with Wesleyan is being explored.

Resource Center is busy with many activities, visitors. Thirty-five people attended the open house on 10/10. Speakers bureau training is on-going. A request has been received. Calendar for spring has been started already.

Gay/Lesbian Coalition - Theresa Lewis and Melissa Rigney attended as liaisons with Gay/Lesbian Coalition. The Coalition would like to get this committee's minutes. They are planning a fund-raising letter, membership dues, probably a monthly newsletter. Meetings are twice monthly on Sunday at 5. The Coalition is exploring its structure, seeking a sound foundation on which to build the organization, and actively recruiting members.

Website has been updated to include minutes and history of DP benefit effort at UNL.

October 5, 2001

Present: Matthew Beerman, Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Angela Clements, Genevieve Critel, Kris Gandara, Don Hanway, Gina Matkin, Joy Ritchie, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

Treasury: $4202.72(no change since 9/7).

Minutes. See version on list.

Symposium Series
Chela Sandoval, UCSB, (Methodologies of the Oppressed). Late March, early April; has agreed tocome; Joy will prepare convocation grant proposal.

Publicity - Barbara has volunteered to serve asliaison to graphics person. Relevantinformation is in grant proposal.

Award event: Bob Brown and Joy met to assure activities areon schedule. Gen is securing studentparticipation.

DP Benefits – Committee has draft report to Ed Wimes. They recommended not forwarding to Regentsuntil impact is known of state budget cuts.

Campus climate survey – Pat will check on status.

Position request – George and Pat are meeting with Herb Howe regarding placement of the position. Funding seems in jeopardy in view of state budget cuts.

Fund-raising letter will go out next week.

Outreach – Committee will place an ad in the Scarlet inviting people to join us. An article for Stepping Out was suggested also. Pat & Vern will revise materials for it. Spectrum was suggested as a vehicle also.

Student group reports:
GLBT & A Student Alliance, will sponsor a rally, including several activities, on the plaza on COD. The Committee will fund up to $150 for a DNad; an article has been submitted. Fundraising efforts are going forward. Also exploring bringing Judy Shepard to campus through UPC, as well aspreparing a GLBT survival guide. Resource Center is operating well.

GLBT GSA: Difficulties are encountered finding common interests and concerns between old and new members. Agreed to hold 1 coffee meeting and 1 social meeting per month.

GLBT GA: Calendar is out. Speakers bureau training is on-going.

Lesbian stall in first floor women's bathroom in Union – should be called to Chancellor's attention as one indication of the virulence of homophobia on campus.

George has volunteered to serve as co-chair for 2001-2002 (cheers).

Kris Gandara attended as liaison with Gay/Lesbian Alliance

September 21, 2001

Present: Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Angela Clements, Genevieve Critel, Barbara DiBernard, Joy Ritchie, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

Treasury: $4202.72 (no change since 9/7).

Minutes. 9.7.01 corrected under DPB to show that committee is instead of university wide committee and under Grad Group the 5-6 members were specified as new.

Symposium Series
October 11, 4-5 PM in 228 Andrews – Stephen Russell on High School Gay Straight Alliances Refreshments to be paid by CGLBTC

November 15 – Marilee Lindemann (12:30 PM) Comm. paying for airfare

February 8 (tentative) – Rae Lewis Thornton

Feb. 28-Mar. 1– Ken Fries

Chela Sandoval, UCSB, (Methodologies of the Oppressed). Late March, early April (Arrangements still underway; $300-400 authorized by committee)
Plus Daniel Justice's continuing efforts to bring two trans. Native poets.

April 13 – Welcoming Congregation event, Grand Island with Judy Shepard

George submitted the grant proposal for symposium and related events. Gina received our thanks for her considerable work.

Convocation Grant – Barbara has a copy of the form and anyone who is bringing a speaker for the symposium series should contribute to the proposal. (Due: 10/15)

Publicity - Barbara will consult with Pat concerning suggested graphics person. A large poster and flyers for each event were suggested. George will ask about DN coverage. Classroom announcements, Journal Star coverage, campus wide email, the Scarlet, and the Union kiosk were suggested as additional publicity outlets.

Award event: Bob Brown will co-chair. Joy volunteered to work with him. Barbara offered to help also. Gen will seek student participation. A tentative date of March 26 has been reserved on the Chancellor’s calendar.

DP Benefits - The Academic Senate plans meetings with Regents. Emeriti sent letters to the chancellors and the president, as well as each regent individually saying essentially that the present policy thwarts efforts toward equity.

Campus climate survey meeting was disconcerting. Sample items were offered rather than the draft survey expected. The survey itself now is planned for spring. Dissemination seems unplanned. Desire is to keep the survey brief, on the order of 25 items. Planners have incorporated earlier suggestions for follow-up and sampling. Committee members who have been most involved expressed concern about the current state of the survey and suggested the need to continue a close watch on the process.

Position request – Committee has been informed that the position is an item in the next university budget. The chancellor's office informed Pat that he has asked Jim Griesen to deal with the search.

Student group reports:
Spectrum: now GLBT & Ally Student Alliance, with Gina and Joy as co-advisors. 24 students attended on 9/20. Members voted not to host film fest. Fund-raising is organized to retire the debt. Phone bill charges for Yellow Pages ad have been stopped but will continue to be charged through the month of November.

Office has been busy. A resource flyer is on the agenda. Appreciation was expressed for Committee’s support. A noon rally is planned for COD.

GLBT GSA: 2 new members attended first meeting. Voted not to sponsor film fest.

GLBT GA: Open house is planned for 10/10 or 12. Calendar is coming out. Training session for volunteers are ongoing. Speaker's Bureau training is scheduled for October 1st at 7:00 pm in the Student Involvement Green Room.

September 7, 2001

Present: David Breckman, Pam Bosley, Bea Carrasco, Angela Clements, Barbara DiBernard, Gina Matkin, Amelia Montes, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

Visitor/Guest: Aaron DuPree

No change in minutes from April (Minutes from 8/16 meeting are available and will be sent to the list.)

Treasury: $4202.72 after Rogers House bill.

Campus climate survey meeting scheduled for 9/28. Pat will determine if Helen Moore is attending.

September 15 – Love Your Body Day

October – Film Fest: will be held in Nebraska Union
sponsorship is uncertain. Grad group and Spectrum are both meeting to discuss the situation. Sense of the group seemed to be that no one had time to conduct the festival with quality equal to past efforts.

Symposium Series
Question about co-sponsoring two speakers who will be participants in the Prairie Schooner's 75th Anniversary Celebration in October

November 15 – Marilee Lindemann (12:30 PM)

February 8 – Rae Lewis Thornton

February 13 – Vagina Monologues

Amelia introduced her efforts to bring Chela Sandoval, UCSB, (Methodologies of the Oppressed). March is projected time. Requested $300-400.

Daniel Justice was reported also to be seeking support to bring two trans. Native poets.

April – Ken Fries, disability

April 13 – Welcoming Congregation event, Grand Island

Aaron DuPree, president of Masquers, presented a request for support of the visit of Anthony Rapp, gay actor. Aaron has negotiated with Rapp, resulting in a fee of $4000.

The committee indicated informally the likelihood of some support, but not inclusion in symposium series.

Hate crime prevention and curriculum change workshops will incur only refreshment costs. Gina indicated that the grant proposal for symposium and related events is nearing completion.

Award event: Vern will check with Bob Brown re: chairing and has established a tentative date of March 26.

Need to compensate for the loss of our volunteer graphic designer of past several years.

Gina will post the fund-raising letter via email for revision.

University-wide benefits committee is putting together a proposal for the Regents. The Faculty Senate continues to hold partner benefits as a high priority.

Gina reminded of the subgroup meeting to look at the grant proposal.

Student group reports:
GLBT GSA: potential 5-6 members; dinner planned

Spectrum: two meetings so far; two undergrad groups are joining under this name for both social and political activity

Advocates and Allies: believed no longer to be in existence

ASUN SC on SO: existence is dependent on ASUN senators (Angela will continue pushing for action.)

GLBT GA: Office is organized and cleaned, to be painted; many volunteers, more visitors. Training is planned for panelists.

Obviously much is happening. Much was discussed at this meeting. It is doubtful that everything was captured in these notes.

April 13, 2001

Next Meeting: Friday, 4/27, 3:30 PM, Cornerstone, First Floor Lounge

Minutes were approved as amended. Amendment notes that the "Stepping Out" newspaper had NOT secured funding for the next 6 months and are not definitely going to be housed at the Women's Club building. If anyone has ideas for organizations for businesses who might be interested in advertising, please contact them.

Treasury - $5149.08 minus $500 for Wick Center and $720 for Rogers House for Shower of Stoles

Board of Regents Meeting - Linda Crump proposed writing letters in an attempt to open (or keep open) the dialogue begun at the meeting concerning becoming a more open institution. To respond to Regents' expressions of uncertainty we can propose using the word spouse and inserting parenthetically "including domestic partner" or asterisking spouse or some variation of that wording. We also can include affidavits attesting to d p status. Pat volunteered to write the letter and to forward the UHC affidavit (for student insurance) plus examples from Iowa and Iowa State. We can indicate also that we have data for the requested study of the issue. These data are to be sent to the
Regents with copies to relevant administrators.

Graduate Assistant - Bea forwarded a request from a Temple doctoral student for help completing her dissertation study. Bea also reported requesting work hours this summer from Student Involvement to start planning before the fall semester.

U Wide Benefits Meeting - Strategy was discussed in view of the removal of the dp benefit item. George suggested the committee be represented at the meeting, alerting the press to the meeting. Pat noted that the committee will receive copies of the information discussed above under heading of Regents. Barbara is coordinating strategy. Gina will contact Barbara.

UPDATE: George sent a letter to the U-Wide Benefits Committee meeting that we will not be attending the meeting, but that we still had concerns that the issue was removed from their agenda by Central Administration. Letter was distributed to the committee via the listserv.

Proposal to Chancellor. Chancellor Perlman's reply indicated that he is considering funding the request in light of the total budget. Pat proposed responding with the idea of placing the (managerial/professional) position in Equity, Access, and Diversity. Her reply will note that Linda Crump has expressed willingness to have the position in her area.

Definition of Domestic Partner - Bob proposed adding domestic partners to spouses of emeriti receiving Wisherd funds to support health care expenses. The information discussed in Regents Meeting item is relevant here. A crucial question is how inclusive to be in the definition. Don proposed saying that we do not object to being inclusive, but that we feel it is the Regents' decision. We should point out that both options are practiced
elsewhere, broader inclusion and restriction to glbt partners. Gina and Pat strongly urged inclusion and said she did not think the committee should support a definition that did not include glbt as well as non-married heterosexuals. Angela noted that one University had been sued for excluding non-married heterosexuals from the same access to domestic partner benefits.

Symposium Series. Gina proposed a separate meeting to plan next year's series. George noted the need to plan toward goals sought for the series, the impact desired on campus. Several members volunteered to work with Gina and Pat at the proposed meeting (Bob, Angela and George), to be held most likely in mid to late May.

Student Groups.

Spectrum - Genevieve feels the organization is in dire straits. As of now there are insufficient members, as well as officers, to meet the requirements of a recognized student organization (let alone to maintain the Student Org Office). George pointed out the roller coaster history of student groups. The groups are considering disbanding Allies and merging the members with Spectrum to form a GLBT and Ally group.

Lincoln Northeast Community Day - Don noted that students seemed to respond better to his and a colleague's panel presentations than to those of the more conservative panel members.

Submitted by Vern Williams
Updated and edited by Gina Matkin

March 30, 2001

Minutes were approved as amended.

Treasury - $4344.14 plus deposit from George less the $106 spent for students' dinners with Craig Womak (and the $250 contributed for Womak's visit?). Luis donated to the treasury the $1000 accompanying the UNL GLBT community award.

Both Chancellor's Award nominees were congratulated.

Angela Clements' Truman Scholarship was noted to applause. (Editor's Note: Angela has also been awarded the Outstanding Student Leader Junior Scholarship.)

Symposium Series. Craig Womak's and Shane Windmeyer's presentations were cited with high praise. Shower of Stoles visit is proceeding well as far as anyone (including Melissa) knows Several options were identified for the 2001-02 symposium. Daniel volunteered to help with planning. A faculty member is needed to coordinate the entire project. Further discussion was postponed in view of today's crowded agenda.

Proposal to Chancellor. Pat sent proposal to Perlman two weeks ago. Pat circulated a copy of the proposal. Equity, Access, and Diversity was noted as an alternative location.

Campus Climate Survey - Bob attended the open meeting. Several more are planned to form the survey as it is developed. Plan is to survey all faculty, a student sample, and an oversample of selected subgroups. The designated groups will be followed up on a staggered year basis, one per year. The same items will be posed to everyone (as much as possible). Bob recommended at that meeting that dissemination be all inclusive also. At issue are plans for a pilot test (specifically the suggestion to use a high school sample) & the time of the survey itself (September). Pat requested that non-survey indicators of campus climate be included in data collection also; e. g., out administrators, library contents.

HIV Education Policy (Nebraska State Board of Education) - There is a problem involving abstinence only HIV education. A petition to be presented to the Board is being circulated. Pat and others will testify at the board's meeting on 4/6.

Board of Regents Meeting - The Committee discussed testimony for the 30 minute open agenda at the 4/7 meeting. Barbara coordinated speakers, who were to include herself, someone from UNO, a UNL grad student (as a future faculty member), a UNL undergrad student, Linda Crump, and read testimony written by a UNMC faculty member. ASUN can pass a bill in support. George sent a copy of the history to each regent with a request to act on that basis when they hear Pres. Smith's proposal.

U Wide Benefits Meeting - George sent each member (including ex-officio members) a copy of the history. The understanding is that the meeting is an open one and that it is scheduled for Thursday AM, 4/19.

Student Groups.

Allies -Heartfelt appreciation was expressed for Shane Windmeyer's visit.

Spectrum - Gina reported that Genevieve is concerned about participation. A planning meeting to examine the situation is scheduled for Tuesday, 4/10, at 5:30 PM in the Resource Center. An ad will be placed in the DN. Pass the word.

SOAC - ASUN open positions were listed. Students are encouraged to join key committees. Ally bill likely to come up for renewal at next meeting.
Grad Group - A meeting on Friday, 4/6, will focus on money for conference travel with social time following. The meeting after that will recommend officers and the following one will elect them.

Barbara reported that UPC has extended its cosponsoring deadline and is holding open forums to let UPC know how it is serving student needs. If time can be found next year, working with UPC seems a promising option.

Graduate Assistant. Four speakers bureau requests have been honored. Volunteers have done an excellent job.

HIV Prevention, Health & Human Services - Stacie distributed information regarding the hearing on the abstinence only policy. Hearing is at 1 PM on 4/6 in the conference room in the Department of Education. Stacie has been asked by the Equity and Diversity Coordinator for HHS to do presentations around the state.

Nebraska Coalition on Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights - Will be officed in the Women's Building (14th & M). Stepping Out has obtained funding for next six months.

The Rainbow Center (Omaha) and the UNO School of Social Work are sponsoring a workshop on issues for professionals at the Wick Center.

Unity Weeks - at East and Northeast Highs were noted.

Next Meeting: 4/13, 3:30 PM, UHC Conference Room F.

February 23, 2001

NOTE: Meeting of 3/9 has been cancelled in view of Craig Womak's presentation at that time.

NEXT MEETING: Friday, March 30th, 3:30 - 5:00
University Health Center, Conference Room F

Minutes were approved.

Treasury - $4344.14 plus deposit from George.

Domestic Partner Benefits - Linda Crump reported that she asked for a meeting with other Affirmative Action, Equity, & Diversity Directors at NU with regard to tuition remission benefit. She was told essentially that the votes aren't there so the need for action is non-existent. Furthermore no chance for change is seen either. The Committee discussed with Linda testimony to the Board of Regents meeting on 4/7.

Culture Center Space - Christine reported on meeting with Vice Chancellor Griesen (notes distributed at meeting). Essentially other space in the Union was suggested rather than space in the Culture Center.

Symposium Series. Holly Hughes' presentations were a great success. Thanks again to George for all his hard work and a round of applause. Daniel asked for $250 for dinner for GLBT students with Craig Womak. Otherwise funding is in place.

Shower of Stoles visit: Committee discussed layout of poster.

Chancellor Interviews - on 3/6. At least one member of Committee will attend each interview.

Proposal to Chancellor. In view of other business at today's meeting and of Pat's absence, discussion was postponed. Pat should have an alternate proposal before the next meeting. Members should have read that version and come prepared to act at next meeting.

Student Groups.

Allies - Received $2100 from Pepsi fund for Shane Windemeyer visit.

Spectrum - Meetings on Tuesday, 5:30 PM. Seek input from faculty and staff also re: Culture Center space.

SOAC - No report.

Grad Group - Cancelled forum. Continuing focus on Culture Center issue. Considering logo and conference funding for students.

Graduate Assistant. Panel at Wesleyan went well. Requests received from other institutions as well.

January 26, 2001

Next Meeting: 2/9, 3:30 PM, UHC Conference Room F.

NOTE: Meeting of 3/9 has been cancelled in view of Craig Womak's presentation at that time.

Minutes were approved.

Treasury - $4344.14 after transfer of $1500 for Holly Hughes.

Culture Center Space - Vice Chancellor Griesen was asked to include GLBT students in the Center. Andy Schuerman's letter, plus other supportive letters, was noted.

Campus Climate Survey - Bureau of Business Research is organizing the survey authorized through Affirmative Action, Equity, and Diversity, but with no student involvement. Concern was expressed about lack of action. Representation should be included from the Committee and/or students. Best solution seems to be inclusion of a student member of the Committee. A grad student in psychology, Scott Frenz, was reported to be doing a broad diversity survey of approx. 200 students.

Awards - Awaiting nominations for GLBT Award. (Addendum by sec'y) Ad did appear in the Daily Nebraskan classifieds on 1/11 (per DN advertising dept) and VW was again promised an announcement on campus wide student email. Copies of the nomination form were sent to committee members and others on committee email. (Thanks Gina.)

Parents Association - "Certificate for Contribution to Students" awards to Amelia Montes, Daniel Justice and Christine Pappas also were noted to applause.

Symposium Series

Holly Hughes' presentations: 2/14 7:30 PM, Great Plains Art Gallery and 2/16 8PM performance at the Seventh Street Loft. Title: Clit on a Hot Tin Roof: a tasteful talk . Thanks to George for all his hard work.

Craig Womak will be in Lincoln 3/6-11 with presentations on 3/8 & 9. That on the 9th will take place at 3:30 PM in Hewitt Place.

Dinner with the committee and other interested faculty and staff will follow the presentation. A broad funding base was reported.

Melissa Finlaw-Draper reported that Martha Jullierat is scheduled for a number of appearances during her visit, 4/1-? in conjunction with the Shower of Stoles.

Shane Windemeyer will speak in the Lied Center at 7:30 PM on 3/5.

The No Limits Conference, 3/2-3, theme is identity.

The grad. group has arranged speaker on 2/21 at 7PM.

Campus Resources - Gina, George, Bob B., Joy R., Bea C., plus another student will meet with Bob Portnoy re: resources for GLBT students. The CAPS brochure was distributed for perusal. EAP Director Nancy Myers was reported eager to meet with the Committee. Gina will arrange a visit.

Proposal to Chancellor - Pat presented a proposal to the Committee. The upshot of discussion was that Pat will bring a salary proposal to the Committee, based on consultation and examination of the UNL salary schedule (in addition to processing through HR).

Student Groups - Note: Future agenda will integrate student issues with general discussion except for organization activity reports.

Allies - Reorganization is taking place so attendance recently has been small. Meetings will continue on Tue., executive at 9 and general meeting at 9:30.

Spectrum - Meetings on Tuesday, 5:30 PM. Seek input from faculty and staff also re: Culture Center space.

SOAC - No report.

Grad Group - Meetings first and third Monday at 6:30 PM. Seeking to coordinate with other student groups re: Culture Center.

Graduate Assistant - Semester calendar is nearing completion. Bea is recruiting office volunteers for remaining open spots. A speaker is being sought also for Women's Week (3/5-9).

Request for Funding - Student encountered unexpected expenses for paper presentation. Carson suggested that the Grad Group may undertake such issues in future and may be able to help in this case. George proposed up to $150 on a one-time basis. Pat seconded, with the request that the paper be presented on campus after the conference. Passed.

Submitted by VW.

January 12, 2001

Minutes were approved.

Treasury is in transition; last known total: $5300.

Proposal to Chancellor - Pat reports that she will bring a proposal to the next meeting

Culture Center Space - Students are not currently involved in the planning. A letter to Vice Chancellor Griesen was suggested with copies to President Smith, Chancellor Perlman, Herb Howe, Daryl Swanson, Jimmie Smith, William Olobodun, and Shane Obermeyer pointing out the need for inclusiveness in the planning process and the lack of space in the current Union office.

GLBT Award - A reminder re: nominations appeared in today's Scarlet, as well as on campus-wide faculty email. Announcements were to appear in the Daily Nebraskan and campus wide student email. VW will follow up on these last two
items. Copies of the nomination form were again promised to committee members.

Symposium Series - Arrangements were discussed regarding introduction of Tom Workman on January 18, as were those concerning Holly Hughes' presentations: 2/14 7:30 PM, Great Plains Art Gallery and 2/16 8PM performance at the Seventh Street Loft. Daniel is reported to be organizing Craig Womak's visit. Melissa Finlaw-Draper is believed to be progressing with plans for the Shower of Stoles.

Student Groups

Allies - UPC is co-sponsoring the visit to UNL of Shane Windmeyer. Co-sponsorship by Greek organizations is being sought. Funding appears set, but some uncertainty remains. Some contribution from the Committee may be sought. Date will be set soon. ASUN may be able to contribute. Allies meetings will continue on Tue., executive at 8:30 and general meeting at 9:30.

Spectrum - The first meeting of the semester will occur on Tuesday, 1/16. Space allocation request is being prepared. Name of the GLBT Resource Center should be changed to avoid confusion about the Center being a staffed University Center.

SOAC - Still working on survey. Joel Shafer wants to focus on mental health. A request by Sue Rankin of Penn State to conduct a survey of campus attitudes toward GLBT persons was denied for unclear reasons. An on-going survey by the Chancellor's Office was offered in place of the proposed one-time survey.

Grad Group - still working on letter to support request for space in Culture Center.

ASUN - Angela reported on the idea of GLBT space in the proposed new Culture Center. Student groups' letters of support were seen as helpful and organization to this end was begun at the meeting.

Graduate Assistant - Greek organizations are expected to make a decision about funding Shane Windmeyer on 1/22. Bea is working on the semester calendar. She is also soliciting and training office volunteers. A speaker is being sought also for Women's Week (3/5-9).

New Business
Suicide Concern - The recent suicide on campus raises the issue of suicide risks to GLBT students. Bob Portnoy of the Counseling and Psychological Services Center will be invited to a future meeting to discuss assurances regarding meeting the mental health needs of GLBT students.

United Way - George alerted the committee to the need for proactive planning regarding the BSA issue.

Announcement: Lou Crompton was scheduled to speak 6-7:30 Sun., 1/14 to Integrity at St. Mark's on Campus

National Freedom to Marry Day - 2/12

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