CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2002

December 6, 2002

Attendance: Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Barbara DiBernard, Deb Hope, Chuck Rensink, Elizabeth Suter, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf

11/15/02 minutes were judged to be perfect.

Treasury: $1275 has been received from fundraising letter thus far. The Health Center donated $50. $300 has been committed for the Laramie Project; $350 for the 7th St. Loft (Carolyn Gage), $150 for Tim Shaffert, $400 for Pat Aldrete, and $300 for Eloise Klein Healy. Our current balance is 4220.44, but subtracting our commitments, we have $3,716.05.

Domestic Partner Benefits: The issue is on the Regents' December 14 meeting agenda. The Chancellor and the Academic Senate exec. comm. will speak for it. George was applauded by the Committee for his continuing effort to achieve this goal. Pat has scheduled a meeting with a UAAD board member to explore how that group can be educated about DPB.

Campus Climate Survey: A two-part Student Affairs Staff Development based on the report has been scheduled: part 1. presentation of the results; part 2. workshop.

CGLBTC Award: The event is set for 3/11 at 3:30. Deadline for applications is 2/7. The nomination form is available. Copies were distributed at the meeting. The committee decided to keep the student award separate and distinct from the Chancellor’s award.

The committee voted $100 to sponsor the Vagina Monologues.

Spring Meeting Schedule
January 17 & 31
2/14 & 28
3/14 & 28
4/11 & 25.

Elizabeth Suter reported that Faith Oswald will be coming in the first half of March. She will be giving a Communication Studies presentation on rural GLBT family matters. She will do a workshop also on including GLBT issues in curriculum.

Position: Several committee members indicated that they would be able to meet with the candidates at the scheduled times and dates. Questions to be asked were shared. Vitae were distributed. It was agreed that they should be asked to look at the survey report on the website before coming for the interview.

Deb Hope presented a draft of the letter the committee voted to send to the deans of Teachers College and Human Resources and Family Sciences regarding the role of GLBT persons in the definition of family which has been described as central to the mission of the college proposed to be created by the merger of these two units.

NEXT MEETING: January 17

November 15, 2002

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Travis Groves, Linda Major, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf

Minutes from 11/01/02 were approved.

Treasury remains as in 11/1 minutes (see below), but note that $785 was received from fundraising letter and Vern contributed $30 for the MLK breakfast.

Campus Climate Survey: A basically sound article in today's LJS was noted. It was noted also that the academic senate executive comm. minutes show that the Chancellor told committee members last January that he welcomed the CGLBTC survey. Student Affairs directors discussed the survey this week also.

Symposium Series:

Pat Alderete spoke to an overflow crowd in Bailey Library; the committee’s support was acknowledged.

The Laramie Project was reported to be an excellent production.

AIDS Quilt will go up 12/1 and come down on 12/4; thus it will be open for viewing 12/1-3, 9AM-10PM in the Nebraska Union (sponsored by UPC)

Vagina Monologues, February 23, Rococo Theatre; February 24, Johnny Carson Theatre

Carolyn Gage, 3/6, evening; 3/7, performance, 7th Street Loft

Eloise Klein Healy, tentatively week of 3/10.

Trembling Before G-d, a film, is available at no cost. This committee has expressed willingness to co-sponsor its showing. No information yet about its planned visit to campus. We await further word.

Spring Meeting Schedule: First meeting is set for January 17. Subsequent meetings will occur on alternate Fridays, missing Carolyn Gage's visit and spring break.

GLBT Position: The committee is arranging candidates' campus visits.

World AIDS Day: Bono will headline an event at the Lied Center. Ashley Judd is reportedly scheduled to appear also.

Report to the Chancellor: The committee will use the survey as the focus for a meeting with Chancellor Perlman, prioritizing the issues to be discussed.

Spectrum: A planning meeting for 2003 is scheduled on 11/19. New people have contributed materially to the organization. Financial situation continues to improve. A fundraiser is planned with Boondoggles.

Domestic Partner Benefits: The issue is to be on the Regents' December meeting (14) agenda. Committee will know by the next meeting what we may be asked to do.

NEXT (and final Fall Semester) MEETING: Friday, December 6, 3:30 - 5, University Health Center

November 1, 2002

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Travis Groves, Don Hanway, Amy Miller, Amelia M. L. Montes, Chuck Rensink, Joy Ritchie, Elizabeth Suter, Pat Tetreault, Danny Whelan, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf

10/04/02 minutes were approved with editorial/spelling corrections: under attendance, "Coalition for LGBT Civil Rights"; under Rough Magic, "Greg described…."

Treasury contains $3976 + $500 (Barbara’s 2001-02 GLBT award)+ $345 in English Dept account minus $150 for Tim Schaffert. But note commitments not yet subtracted.

Fund-raising letter: George suggested adding names to the mailing list. Pat suggested posting the letter to the Gayzette. Jan's version is o. k., with modifications offered by George and Pat. Some of the funds received will go into a checking account (~$200-300).

Campus Climate Survey: 11/12 is still the release date. A copy went to the Chancellor on Monday (4th). Bob is the contact person for media. Other details were worked out during the meeting.

Awards: Bob & Joy offered to co-chair again. They will seek student member(s). Committee will make recommendation regarding student award. Pat noted an earlier student-sponsored award was called the Pink Triangle.

Symposium Series: Pat Alderete likely will have been here by the time you read this: 11/4-8. Presentation, 11/ 6, 7:30, Bailey Library

AIDS Quilt, 12/3, Nebraska Union (sponsored by UPC)

Vagina Monologues, February 23, Rococo Theatre; February 24, Johnny Carson Theatre

Carolyn Gage, 3/6, evening; 3/7, performance, 7th Street Loft

Eloise Klein Healy, tentatively week of 3/10

Faith Oswald (presented by Elizabeth Suter) – Family Studies at U. of Illinois. Her expertise lies in areas such as community-based approaches, rural families, gay-inclusive curriculum. Barbara suggested such possible funding sources as the Center for Children, Families, and the Law, College of Human Resources & Family Sciences, and Sociology. George made the point that we need a record of so-sponsors. Communication Studies already has made a commitment. Women’s Studies has expressed willingness to co-sponsor, as did this Committee.

Coming Out Week - The celebration made for a full week. The group will start planning for ’03 in the spring.

416 Memorial: Candlelight ceremony was held on the north steps of the capitol at 7PM on 11/3.

416 Update: Amy compared the challenge here to the successful one against amendment 2 in Colorado. Unlike the CO effort, the issue here is not equal protection; rather it is equal access. Organizations can claim loss of rights to petition government. She still is seeking individuals whose rights have been denied. The cooperating attorneys will be back at the end of Nov. She is seeking couples especially. They hope to move in a couple of months.

Position: The committee is inviting 3 candidates to campus, mid-Nov.; has identified names of groups to be involved in the interview process.

Domestic Partner Benefits: The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate is being asked to bring the issue to the Regents December meeting(14). Six peer institutions now have benefits, with another likely.

Martin Luther King Breakfast Committee agreed to purchase two tickets.

NEXT MEETING: November 15, 2002.

September 20, 2002

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Kris Gandara, Travis Groves, Linda Major, Chuck Rensink, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf
Guests: Sandy Lemen & Greg Peters, Rough Magic Productions

The meeting began with introductions.

9/06/02 minutes were approved.

Treasury contains $3976 + $500 (Barbara's 2001-02 GLBT award)+ $345 in English Dept account. Pat had her share of the award transferred to her account in Community Health for use on GLBT projects.

Rough Magic Laramie Project Production: Ms. Lemen and Mr. Peters met to solicit assistance in mounting the play in Lincoln. Given other commitments, the presentation has a window of 10/24-11/10. Six performances are planned, plus those presented at the Q. Rough Magic is seeking a venue. Suggestions were offered. The budget is $2600, and donations are being solicited. (Secretary has detailed budget.)

Symposium Series
Tim Schaffert, 9/26, 7:30 PM, Bailey Library, Andrews Hall

Coming Out Week
10/7- Spectrum Open House, Heritage Room, Union, 6-9 PM
10/8- Homophobia & Heterosexism ~ "What's it got to do with me?", workshop, Pat T. & Scott W., 2-4 PM, NU
10/9- Reading OUT Proud, Union Square, 11-1 10/10-Festival: music, food, and more; speaker - Jay Vetter, 4-7
10/11-Movie night + speaker, 7-11 PM, HIV testing

Pat Alderete, 11/4-8. Presentation, 11/ 6, 7:30, Bailey Library

AIDS Quilt, 12/3, Nebraska Union

Vagina Monologues, February 23, Rococo Theatre; February 24, Unitarian Church. First Planning Meeting, 10/2, 5:30 PM.

Carolyn Gage, 3/6, evening; 3/7, performance, 7th Street Loft

Eloise Klein Healy, tentatively week of 3/10

GLBT Position: Helen Moore is chairing the search committee, which is almost complete at this point. Ten applications have been received. It was noted that the chancellor supported the need for the position in communication with legislators who questioned it in light of budget cuts.

Climate Survey: A new release date of 11/12 was established. A staff development workshop is projected.

Love Your Body Day, 10/16/02


September 6, 2002

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, Garrett Lierman, Gina Matkin, Amelia M. L. Montes, Chuck Rensink, Joy Ritchie, Elizabeth Suter, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf Guests: Brandy Clarke, Valerie Gartyde (?), Rachaell Robinson-Keilig

The meeting began with introductions. Summer minutes were approved.

Treasury contains $4025.44 (according to Student Affairs), $3895.44 (per Barbara’s records).

Symposium Series

Judy Shepard, 9/17, 7:30 PM, Lied Center

Tim Schaffert, 9/26, 7:30 PM, Bailey Library, Andrews Hall

Coming Out Week, 10/7-11. Spectrum has lots of ideas, including a booth in the Union, panel discussion, and more. (Attendance at first meetings has been good.)

Pat Alderete, 11/4-8. Presentation, 11/6, 7:30, Bailey Library $400 was requested to support her visit. The amount was approved without dissent.

AIDS Quilt, 12/3, Nebraska Union

Vagina Monologues, February, Rococo Theatre First Planning Meeting, Oct. 2, 5:30 PM

Carolyn Gage, 3/6, evening; 3/7, performance, 7th Street Loft

Eloise Klein Healy – request for $300 to support her visit, approved without dissent.

Fundraising: Jan will look at fundraising letter with an eye to revising.

Barbara will explore establishing a bank account for committee funds.

Report to Chancellor: Aim to have it to Perlman by end of October. Responsibility for major sections was assigned.

Climate Survey: Bob described the full report of 55 pages as complete, including 20 pages of tables. The team has prepared an executive summary and a set of recommendations. Bob posed questions of when and to whom to release the report. In the discussion that ensued the date of 9/18 was selected as the time for releasing the document to the public, timed to follow immediately Judy Shepard's visit. Ms. Shepard and the Chancellor will receive copies before it is released publicly. It was agreed that all deans will receive a copy, as well as the Housing Office. A copy will be placed on the website. One hundred copies of the executive summary will be printed. Thanks to Bob and the three graduate students who contributed so much to this effort.

Elizabeth Suter described her plans to interview lesbian families. She is seeking participants. Committee members offered help.

Scott Winrow described his introduction to UNL. He has received a lot of requests already for presentations.

Domestic Partner Benefits: One of the Academic Senate's goals for 2002-03.

Coming Out Week: The rotunda gallery in the Union is reserved. Content is sought.

July 24, 2002

Present: Pat Tetreault, Barbara DiBernard, Joy Ritchie, Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Linda Major, Sandy Gahn

Welcome and Introductions.

Minutes from June 28 meeting: We as yet have no formal minutes from the June 28 meeting so Pat said she would put minutes together based on her notes. Pat will also take minutes for today's meeting since our secretary was not able to attend.

Treasurer's report: The staff person who normally processes our expenditures and deposits is no longer at UNL so we are not yet sure who will be the contact person for our account. The report at the last meeting was that we had $4,517.93 in our account before paying Bob for expenses related to conducting the climate study ($541.54) which means we should have $3,976.39. We should also have $345.61 left in our Symposium Series account which we will transfer over to the symposium series for this coming year. Barbara will also be designating the $500 from receiving the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contributions to the GLBT Community Award to the committee. Pat will be putting the $500 from receiving the award into her program account and will use it to co-sponsor programming with the cglbtc.

Climate Study: Bob Brown distributed copies of the tables for the Friday, July 26, 2002 meeting at which we will discuss the results of the study. Copies are courtesy of the Sex Ed eXchange.

Position Update: Linda Major, Director of Student Involvement attended the meeting to provide the committee with an update on the status of the GLBT position approved by the Chancellor. Due to timing and budget cuts, the full-time GLBT position approved by the Chancellor has been reduced to a part time (.5 fte) appointment in Student Involvement. The primary focus of the position will be on student involvement opportunities and assistance for and working with GLBT and ally students, working with Spectrum and the Spectrum office, developing a mentoring program for students with faculty and staff, and developing and providing programming for the UNL community including the Speakers' Bureau. The position is slated as a permanent part-time position in SI for three years. The GA position funding has been shifted to help pay for the cost of the staff position (the benefit being consistency and skill level by having a staff person in the position). It may be possible to obtain a GA position in the future and student assistance and student employment are always options (not ruled out - there has been discussion about GAs and student workers rotating and working in the different programs within SI). SI has committed at least $1000 in programming dollars for the position. Linda said that she and SI are committed to working toward obtaining the other .5 fte originally included in the job description that was designed to work primarily with faculty and staff and that she would work to obtain the rest of the position as it was designed. Linda also stated that she believed the whole position should not be in SI. Discussion about the position and the best way to fill it followed. Restricting the search, making an interim appointment, and other options were discussed. RIF status does not apply because the position is a new one. Additional questions about making interim appointments, restricted searches and advertising and eligibility to apply issues were brought up. The committee will meet briefly with Linda on Friday, July 26, 2002 (prior to our climate survey meeting) to get additional information about the process.

Plans for 2002 - 2003 / Symposium Series:

Carolyn Gage will be here during Women's Week in Spring 2003. On March 6th she will do a presentation on Lesbian Theatre and on March 7th she will provide a performance of "the Second coming of Joan of Arc".

Pat Alderete will be here in early November. Amelia Montes has raised $1550 and she still needs to raise an additional $350 - 400. Amelia has requested co-sponsorship from the cglbtc. Those present decided to defer the vote concerning how much to contribute until we have a better idea of what our current obligations are (we have committed money to Carolyn Gage) and how much we may need to fundraise for the other symposium speakers we are planning on bringing in.

Barry Chung ~ details are still in the works and Jan will continue to work on this topic (glbt issues and careers).

Judy Shepard will be here on September 17th (note this correction to the date) and is sponsored by UPC.

The Names Quilt will be on campus, Dec. 1 - 3 and is sponsored by UPC.

We have received requests for co-sponsorships for two additional programs: 1) Judy Slatter has requested we co-sponsor bringing in Timothy Schaeffert, editor of the Reader and a UNL graduate in Creative Writing. 2) Grace Bauer has requested that we co-sponsor Eloise Klein Healy in the Spring of 2003. Healy is the associate editor of a lesbian review of books and faculty at Antioch University in LA). The cglbtc deferred making a decision and requested additional information and a proposal from those requesting the co-sponsorships.

Fall meeting schedule: It was suggested we do this by email but it is Pat's preference that it not be done that way as it is easier to do in person at a meeting. This item was postponed.

Fundraising necessary: this was mentioned but not discussed at this time. As some members had to leave the meeting was adjourned.

June 28, 2002

Welcome and Introductions.

Minutes of April 29 meeting - approval of minutes tabled.

Treasurer's report - $4,517.93 in our account before paying Bob for expenses related to conducting the climate study ($541.54) which means we should have $3,976.39. We should also have $345.61 left in our Symposium Series account, which we will transfer over to the symposium series for this coming year. We have committed a $2000 honorarium for Carolyn Gage plus travel and lodging expenses. Barbara will also be donating her $500 award money to the cglbtc and that can be designated to Gage's visit if we want.

Campus Climate Survey - Bob reported that he did not have any data compiled yet. The results will be used as the basis of the campus climate component of our report to the Chancellor.

Report to the Chancellor - We hope to have the report finalized by October.

Fundraising is needed for the upcoming year. It will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

New GLBT Position - we recently were told that the position has been put on hold.

Symposium Series - Fall GLBT Programming includes Tim Schaeffert, Pat Alderete, Judy Shepard, the Names Quilt Spring GLBT Programming includes Carolyn Gage (3/6 & 7), Eloise Klein Healy, and possibly Barry Chung

Spectrum and CGLBTC - Ryan (Spectrum President) met with Pat and they brainstormed some possible activities for the fall which could include an open house or reception sponsored by Spectrum and the CGLBTC so GLBT and ALLY members of the UNL community could meet and mingle. Introductions to glbt faculty and staff could be made including introducing the new CAPS counselor who is now in Luis's position - Scott Winrow and possibly the new GLBT Asst. Director in Student Involvement. Other suggestions included a GLBT panel during October for GLBT history month, a workshop on activism 101, and a letter writing campaign by Spectrum to department heads requesting GLBT courses.

Other business / announcements:
Next meeting is July 24, 2002 at 3 pm. We will meet in the NU near Caffina Café and then move to the Women's Center.

July 13 - Pride Picnic at Cooper Park from 3 - 8 pm sponsored by the NE Coalition for LGBT Civil Rights.

April 26, 2002

Present: Matthew Beerman, Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Angela Clements, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Travis Groves, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, Gina Matkin, Amy Miller, Amelia M. L. Montes, Nancy Myers, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf

No meeting on 4/12, thus no minutes

Treasury: $400 committed for Sandoval; $150 for Capitol Chain.

A motion was passed approving the Committee's contribution of $250 to Spectrum.

Domestic Partner Benefits: President's response to our joint letter: no plans to bring the request to the Board. Plans are on the agenda to speak to the Board in June. Extensive discussion ensued regarding how best to pursue the issue. Suggestion: no action at present; the committee will be coming back to the Board at some time in the future.

Amy Miller, NCLU, requested information about the effects on GLBT persons (and thus on the state) of current state law/policies.

Pat asked how best to approach UAAD. Several suggestions were offered, but the prevailing feeling was to take no action immediately.

Campus climate survey: excellent response but more GLBT students responses are needed. Interviews are to be conducted also.

The Gallup survey was discussed.

Position - no information.

Next Year's Symposium - Jan offered a suggestion for a presenter. In view of uncertainty of next year's funding, Jan was asked to get more concrete financial information.

Amelia has written a convocations grant to bring in a presenter for next year. Other ideas were mentioned also. $250 was committed to bring Eloise Healy Klein, poet.

March 29, 2002

Present: Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Barbara DiBernard, Amelia M. L. Montes, Joy Ritchie, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf

Meetings: Apr. 12, 26 Summer Planning Meeting: TBA

Minutes: approved for 3/15

Treasury: Current balance - $5500

Symposium Series Update: Teaching workshop not well attended. Didn't seem well publicized.

MiscegeNations was well attended; presentation was well done, including direct interaction with the audience.

Last presentation this semester: on 4/17 Chela Sandoval will participate in the Ethnic Studies festival and attend the MASA meeting in the evening. On 4/18 she will meet with classes and with interested persons in Bailey Library, 228 Andrews, from 1-3 PM. The Committee will provide refreshments for the last event. Her major presentation will occur at7:30 PM in the Nebraska Union.

Award Ceremony - great! Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this event.

Campus climate survey - is underway. Has been mentioned nationally on Fenceberry news service, as well as in DN story. Student surveys are out. Faculty surveys are imminent.

Graduate Assistant - Faculty have been responding to letter concerning class presentations.

Spectrum - Great poetry reading at the Crescent Moon on 3/26. Some students came for the first time, responding to publicity for the event.

Barbara reported on Angela Clements' honors theses. Angela was recommended for highest distinction.

Note upcoming dates:
4/10 - Human Chain around the capital
4/13 - Safe Sanctuaries Ally Training in Grand Island
4/18 - Womanstock, Duggan's Pub (Tkts $10)
4/19 - BLGT coffee house at Unitarian Church 4/23 - PFLAG

March 15, 2002

Present: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf

Meetings: Mar. 29, Apr. 12, 26, Summer Planning Meeting: TBA Minutes:

Minutes: 2/15 minutes amended to note 3/29 meeting. (See above.)

Treasury: Current balance - $5547.53

Symposium Series Update: Kenny Fries presented to George's class, had lunch with (mostly GLBT) students, presented to about 30 persons in Bailey Library at 2 PM on 2/28 and to about 85 at his evening reading, and left with a good impression of UNL.

Valerie Miner's presentation was well attended. She was very gracious and effective. Bailey Library was almost full.

Karen Airs presented to about 35 people, met with ten at dinner and 7-8 before dinner.

Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran and Qwo-Li Driskill will meet with interested persons at lunch on 3/27 & 3/28. Contact Daniel Justice to participate. Their presentation, MiscegeNations: queer mixed race visions, will take place from 6 to 8 PM on 3/28 in Bailey Library, 228 Andrews.

GLBT Campus Climate Survey - IRB review is complete at the departmental and campus level. No questions were raised about content or process, just about the procedure. Bob submitted requested changes yesterday. GLBT student and general student forms now are identical through item 47, with supplemental items for GLBT respondents. Faculty and Student Affairs staff forms are identical except the difference between the words "courses" and "programs" respectively. Bob outlined ideas for streamlining the data collection process, including one or two follow-ups. He is aiming for 600-650 people in his initial sample. Expenses mainly include copying ($650 at Kinkos) and labels. Bob suggested a three phase strategy: 1) GLBT students, 2) pilot with faculty and staff, 3) GLBT faculty. In a correlated development

Gallup Survey - Jan reported on the Women's Commission's meeting with the Chancellor on the twelve-item questionnaire he is sponsoring. At that meeting Linda Crump indicated that another survey would be done dealing with discrimination. A meeting is to be scheduled the week of 3/25 with various interested campus constituencies. Representatives of Gallup will attend.

Fund-raising letter: Total is $1150 thus far.

DP Benefits - UAAD support was withdrawn & UNOPA declined to sign a letter of support to Pres. Smith. Pat wrote to the Executive Committee of UAAD with copies to the Chancellor, the Academic Senate President, HRC, and the Chairs of the Chancellor's Commissions protesting the organization's withdrawal of support. She also sent a copy of the report to the Regents. Pat also wrote offering information to UNOPA.

Spectrum: Did well first month of the semester, but attendance has dropped. Seniors have become focused on graduation. No new leadership has emerged. Committee discussed ideas to address the problem. Bob will be asked to present plans for survey.

Spectrum is sponsoring a poetry reading the 26th in late afternoon. Officer transition is underway.

GLBT Graduate Assistant: Two Speakers Bureau presentations were made in classes. Faculty are being mailed information about the Speaker's Bureau.

February 15, 2002

Present: Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Joy Ritchie, Vern Williams, George Wolf

Meetings: Mar. 1, 15 Apr. 12, 26 Summer Planning Meeting: TBA

2/1 minutes stand as written. *Treasury: $835 now received from fund raising letter.

Symposium series: Rae Lewis-Thornton presentation seemed to impress a number of those attending.

Report to Chancellor - need to begin compiling information for meeting to be scheduled in summer.

Campus climate survey - Bob has begun the IRB process. Our survey fits criteria for the exempt category. The Ed. Psych. Dept. representative is helping to speed the process. Bob distributed first drafts of four surveys: 1) GLBT students, 2) other students, 3) faculty, 4) Student Affairs staff. Bob asked for input: omissions? problems?

DP Benefits - UAAD & UNOPA have been asked to sign letters of support to Pres. Smith, joining groups already supporting benefits.

Spectrum: Did well first month of the semester, but attendance has dropped. Seniors have become focused on graduation. No new leadership has emerged. Committee discussed ideas to address the problem. Bob will be asked to present plans for survey.

GA: Open House went well, was well attended. Volunteers are contributing. Still training new volunteers. Semester events list was distributed.

February 1, 2002

Present: Bob Brown, Bea Carrasco, Gen Critel, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Melissa Rigney, Joy Ritchie, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf

Meetings: Feb. 15 Mar. 1, 15 Apr. 12, 26 Summer Planning Meeting: TBA

1/18 minutes stand as written.

Treasury: -$30 (MLK breakfast) & $2500 from grant for RL Thornton & $400 for Valerie Miner. $585 received from fund raising letter.

Symposium series: UPC is promoting Rae Lewis-Thornton, including a booth in the Union; nice poster. Pat is appearing on KZUM women's (wimmin's) program; she will announce Feb. events (Committee was acknowledged in MLK program.) How can we get word of Kenny Fries' visit to disabled students? Barbara DiBernard and Danny Ladely request $200 to co-sponsor the "Reframing Disability" film festival. One gay film is included. The motion passed without dissent.

Campus climate survey - Bob met with three Ed Psych grad students who are interested in participating in some way. He is corresponding with Sue Rankin at Penn State. Someone at Southern Illinois is doing something promising also. Bob has been getting into the literature. He distributed a packet of sample materials from the lit. He identified three purposes for the survey to provide: 1) a baseline re: campus climate, 2) a needs as-sessment, 3) a model for future data collection. He proposed collecting information from three sources: 1) GLBT students, 2) other students, 3) faculty. Teaching & Learning Center may be interested in participating. Bob asked for input as development proceeds, introducing the possibility of establishing an advisory sub-committee. Parenthetically, it was noted that Bob was honored by the Academic Senate for his work with the Emeriti Association.

Award for Contributions to the Campus GLBT Community: The Committee has nominations and will proceed with selection.

Fund raising letter is yielding results, as noted in treasurer's report.

DP Benefits - The report to the Regents is out. Senate Exec has received copies. The UAAD survey showed that one-third of staff sampled support DP benefits. UAAD has been asked to sign on to the request for benefits initiated by the Commission on the Status of Women (?).

The position serving needs of GLBT campus community members: A letter went to the VC of Student Affairs summarizing the discussion at the last Committee meeting with copies to Linda Major, Linda Crump, Nancy Myers, James Guest, Herb Howe, and the Chancellor. No official word yet.

Major visitor for next year's symposium series: Barbara has talked with Carolyn Gage. We are committed to her at this point. The possibility of a visit by John Corigliano is being explored also.

Spectrum: attendance has been good. Leadership is still a struggle. Making progress on eliminating debt. The Committee reiterated its promise of support.

GA: Open House is set for 2/11. Working with volunteer schedules, getting people involved again, training new volunteers. Publicizing speakers bureau, especially to make faculty aware of class opportunities. Class project requests have been received. Semester events list should be out this week

Coalition for GLBT Civil Rights - The human chain (for freedom) around the capitol is moving along. The Coalition is including groups, students, and other individuals in its effort. They are planning billboards and can use contributions. The Committee approved $150 for a billboard.

Academic Senate is pushing for information concerning procedures for access to Pepsi funds. No mention of IC in the contract between the Foundation and Pepsi.

Committee is invited to participate in the interview process for Dean of Engineering candidates.

January 18, 2002

Meetings this semester: Feb. 1, 15 Mar. 1, 15 Apr. 12, 26. All will be held at the University Health Center, Lower Level, Conference Room F.

Pat asked people to introduce themselves, which they did. She acknowledged the fact that this meeting was to be a social gathering (which it was), but called attention to the considerable agenda facing the committee this semester. In that respect she asked if those present were willing to tackle some of the issues. (We seemed to assent by our further actions.)

Pat then noted progress in a number of areas:

Domestic partner benefits

Our speaker series

Committee website


Co-sponsorship of Vagina monologues

Chancellor - Award for Contributions to the Campus GLBT Community - our annual report - annual meeting with Chancellor - Request for a full time position serving needs of GLBT campus community members

Coalition for GLBT Civil Rights - Melissa Rigney called attention to the human chain (for freedom) around the capitol, planned for 4/10, 3 PM. A meeting was held Sunday at 1 PM in the Union for planning. Stepping Out is reorganizing and is seeking volunteers.

Spectrum is holding meetings Tuesdays at 5:30 in the Union. Elections are coming up. Still working on eliminating debt.

Women's Studies Association - meeting at 2:30 Tuesday in 1206 Oldfather. Topics for semester concern events on the spring horizon.

4/13 - A Methodist Federation which your secretary did not get straight (so to speak, even after checking with Melissa Draper after the meeting) will hold a workshop (?) in Kearney (I believe).

LB19 is on general file (first step) on the floor of the Unicameral. The bill is designed to add sexual orientation to state law prohibiting discrimination in employment. A workshop and lobbying were held on 1/16. Further action is to be hoped for fervently.

GLBT Award - The 2001-02 nomination form is available at the Chancellor's Office, the Women's Resource Center, and the GLBTRC, as well as on the committee website. Deadline: Jan. 31.

Fund raising was sent out yesterday!

Campus climate survey - Students are not represented. Committee still plans to conduct its own.

DP Benefits - Regents have the report. Extensive discussion was held on the last two topics above, as well as on the position request.