CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2003

December 9, 2003

Attendance: Kris Gandara, Deb Hope, Gina Matkin, D Moritz, Alan Ratliff, Joy Ritchie, Rachael Stern, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf, and Josh

The committee recognized Pat for her years of leadership.

The 11/11/03 minutes were approved.

Treasury – Our current total is approximately $3600.

Fund Raising
George is looking at films for the spring.

Michael resigned as president. Alan is acting interim president. Elections will be held asap. Meetings next semester will be 6:30-8 PM, Thursdays. The first meeting will be primarily a social event, including making buttons for MLK celebration. Note: Everyone is welcome at Spectrum meetings, graduate, as well as undergraduate students.

Asst. Director for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services Report
500 copies of the Spanish version of ally card information have been printed. D has scheduled a meeting with deans & directors in Student Affairs. She has prepared a poster regarding reporting discriminatory acts against GLBT students. Deb proposed that the Committee pay for 20 flyer versions of the poster for distribution on campus. She is preparing Day of Silence posters for April also. She is making plans for Gay History Month, 2004 as well.

Domestic Partner Benefits
An article is in the works in the DN. D noted the terminology used for immediate family by Campus Recreation (Collateral Dependent) and raised a question about the consistency of use in other UNL policies. Suggested that we might want to address this with HR.

Deb will bring names of prospective guests to the committee and invite each of them to a meeting. Her e-mail regarding curricular materials research yielded an embarrassment of riches.

Campus Climate
A workshop for Student Affairs staff will be held (per Vice Chancellor Griesen) that addresses the recommendations from the GLBT Climate Survey. Jan & Bob have a meeting set to talk about the next steps for the Climate Survey information Thursday, December 11th at 3:00. Meet at the Caffina Cafe in the City Union.

Chancellor's Award
Joy reported that the committee has met. Rachael & Michael represented students. A date has been set for the faculty/staff award tentatively, 3/24, with a rain date of 3/26. Forms are being revised and announcements will be distributed at beginning of spring semester. Deadline for nominations: 2/11/04.

Symposium Series
A request has been submitted to the Fees Allocation Committee to support Dragonsani Renteria's visit. George noted the desirability of thinking now about next year’s series. D asked that we plan history month events during spring so we can list them on all publicity, especially the SI poster. Rachael suggested that Michael John Lachiusa, be considered for next year's series.

Pat received a letter from Herb Howe concerning interviews to be scheduled with selected Committee members. Gina, Joy and D have already been interviewed.

Next semester’s meetings: 1/20, 2/10 & 24, 3/9 & 23, 4/ 13 & 27
NEXT MEETING: 1/20/04, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Location: Room 200, Nebraska Union (Green Room - Student Involvement)

November 25, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Ryan Fette, Dan Franks, Kris Gandara, Deb Hope, Gina Matkin, D Moritz, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams

The 11/11/03 minutes were amended as indicated on the website.

Treasury – We have received $405 since the last meeting, a total of $1,365 thus far from the fund-raising letter. Our current total is $2,334.69.

Deb will bring names of prospective guests to the committee and invite the next one to a meeting. She also will send an email regarding curricular materials research.

Symposium Series
Dragonsani Renteria's presentation on April 1 will take place at 7 PM in the Centennial Room of the Union. The Convocations Committee granted $500 toward the visit.

Asst. Director for GLBT & Ally Programs & Services
-A Spanish version of ally card information has been prepared.
-D is pursuing meetings with deans & directors.
-D would like to discuss the concept of "Collateral Dependents" at an upcoming meeting

The Transgender panel was marvelous. Spectrum is discussing meetings for next semester, including a panel on religion with Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Don Hanway, and the Rabbi from the South Street Temple, plus other possible participants.

Military Recruiting
D has emailed a question to UNL ROTC regarding requirements for courses offered in the program. She should have further information by the next meeting.

Pat resigned as co-chair. Vern announced his intention to end his tenure as secretary with the end of the spring semester. In the discussion which ensued Gina volunteered to help with facilitation/agendas if needed in the interim. D volunteered to chair an outreach group to seek new membership. Ryan agreed to help. Undergraduate and grad student leadership participation was discussed. Stay tuned.

Gina reported that she was contacted by Gallup and interviewed regarding issues of diversity on campus. Questions may be added to the next survey.

Kris and Traci talked to 150 students at Penn State concerning their relationship and their personal experience.

Next semester's meetings: 1/20, 2/10 & 24, 3/9 & 23, 4/ 13 & 27

NEXT MEETING: 12/09/03, 3:30 pm
Location: Nebraska Union, Room 200 (Green Room)

November 11, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Dan Franks, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, D Moritz, Alan Ratliff, Rachael Stern , Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf. Guests: Sarah Minnick, Carrie Sautter, and Edward.

The 10/28/03 minutes were amended as indicated on the website.

Treasury – We have received $990 thus far from the fund-raising letter. Our current total is 2029.69.

Campus Climate Survey
Bob had been ruminating about ways to push the administration to set goals based on the report. George raised the question of what more we can do with the report. Deb mentioned the possibility of adding diversity (including GLBT) items to the Gallup Survey. Pat wondered if academic affairs might be the most appropriate venue for recommendations, especially in connection with the appointment of a new Executive Vice Chancellor. D noted also the relevance of the diversity plan. Jan proposed forming a work group to develop steps toward implementing the report. She will send an email inviting people to join. Pat will write a letter to the Chancellor asking about the addition to Gallup of item(s) relevant to GLBT issues and offering our expertise. D reported that a mechanism is in the works to permit reporting bias crimes and related acts. Barbara reiterated the need to report incidents to campus police. Students present reported a mixed bag of hateful acts: vandalism, indifference, expressions of concern, questions about how to be more supportive.

Symposium Series
Lou Crompton's presentation was successful. Several of his books were purchased.

The Centennial Room in the Union has been requested for Dragonsani Renteria's presentation on April 1. PFLAG has provided $100. Friends of the Deaf Community has no money but has offered in kind assistance. A press release and publicity are planned.

Rachael and George expressed interest in working on films for a possible spring fund-raiser.

George, Allen & Rachael expressed interest in a subcommittee to plan and organize visits of departmental representatives to future committee meetings.

Vagina Monologues
$100 was voted to support the production.

Asst. Director for GLBT and Ally Program and Services Report
D expressed thanks for the support she received after the death of her partner, Elsa. She acknowledged how difficult it is to return to work after that experience.

D noted three items of business:
1) panel training, 1-4 PM, 1/25/04 in City Union;
2) a Spanish version of ally card information is being prepared; and
3) information about Transgender Day, 11/20/03 will be posted on the web.

Domestic Partner Benefits
Even though no clear strategy is visible, it is important to keep talking and looking for ways to move ahead. This is another area in which a subgroup is to be formed.

Spectrum Report
Trying to put together an event for Transgender Day, 11/20. Generally working on internal things. The information session on 416 is rescheduled for 11/13 with Tim Butz of ACLU - Nebraska speaking. Visitors are invited to the Center, especially volunteers. The GLBT student retreat is this weekend. The Center is accepting donations of books, especially those dealing with bisexual, Transgender, and lesbian themes. Gifts of bookshelves also would be welcome.

NEXT MEETING: 11/25/03 Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

October 28, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara Dibernard, Dan Franks, Kris Gandara, Deb Hope, Gina Matkin, Allen Ratliff, Joy Ritchie, Rachel Stern, Pat Tetreault, Michael Whelan,Vern Williams, George Wolf

10/14/03 minutes were modified to indicate that 4/1 was Drago Renteria’s preferred date.

Treasury –$500 was paid to Terry Wolverton. $60 has been received thus far from fund-raising letter.
Fund-raising. A motion was passed to buy 164 first class stamps to send letter to our mailing list.

Symposium Series
Terry Wolverton presentation was highly successful, drawing an overflow crowd. Many books were sold. She was most generous with her time, visiting several classes.

Dragonsani Renteria will visit campus on 4/1. The Coalition has committed $300; this committee, $250. The Women's Center has promised funds as well. A Convocations grant has been submitted. UPC Fees Allocation Committee will be asked for money also.

Deb Hope talked informally about GLBT issues in psychology. She said there is no explicit inclusion in the curriculum, but that the department seems friendly on the whole. The faculty is nervous about religious conservatives taking offense at discussions of homosexuality in class. Thus some help in dealing with this topic seems needed. Several suggestions were made, including approaching the chair, offering a session for voluntary faculty attendees, and inviting a psychology faculty member to join a group exploring sexuality issues. A future Motivation Symposium, four or more years hence, may focus on GLBT research. Deb mentioned that the EAD Office didn't seem helpful when approached by the chair recently regarding handling a GLBT issue.

A Read-in/Out Proud will be held on Thursday, 10/30, 11-1, in Union Square. Rally against 416 on 11/4 will take place on the west steps of the capitol from 3 to 5 PM.

Barbara reported that a poster in the Union was vandalized recently. The glass covering was cleaned before the police could be notified. The Union staff has been alerted to handling of future incidents. Jan suggested adding a link to our website to report hostile incidents. It was suggested also that we invite the campus police chief to a future meeting.

GLBT Coffeehouse every 3rd Friday at the Unitarian Church (6300 A), 7:30-10 PM
Women's Studies - November 6th presentation by Judith Raiskin, Univ. of Oregon, "Gaugin is Dead but Elvis Lives Forever," at 3:30 PM in the City Union (Room posted). Ms. Raiskin is author of the novel, Where We Once Belonged.
GLBT History Month Dinner this Thursday in the Culture Center. Get your tickets NOW.

NEXT MEETING: 11/11/03 Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

October 14, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Dan Franks, Gina Matkin, Allen Ratliff, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

With the smaller than usual attendance at this meeting, introductions were unnecessary.
9/30/03 minutes were oked.
Treasury – No change.

Campus Climate Survey
Press release sent week of 10/6.

The letter was sent with the PFLAG newsletter. Pat & George will review other mailing lists we have to determine which names will be designated to receive the letter.

Symposium Series
Lou Crompton's talk about his book has been scheduled on 10/29 at 3:30 in Bailey Library, 228 Andews Hall. Publicity is planned, including a poster/flyer, email, Spectrum, a press release, etc.
Terry Wolverton presentation: 10/23, 7:30 PM, Bailey Library. Other classes and meetings are possibilities (10/22, 23, & AM of 24).
Dragonsani Renteria visit to campus. Possible dates now are: 3/25 (preferred) and 4/1 (alternative). Help with financing is solicited.
George spoke to Danny Ladely about possible films for the spring. Ideas are requested. Keep your eyes peeled for good prospects for a fund-raiser.

Chancellor's Award
Plaque has been purchased for the student award, which will be presented at the 10/30 dinner.

Spectrum Open House was successful
Rally against 416 on 11/4 will be co-sponsored by the ACLU-Nebraska & CFEP.

UNL Diversity Plan
No further word as of meeting date.

MLK Celebration
Committee voted to purchase two tickets to breakfast on 1/16/04 to sponsor.

GLBT Coffeehouse every 3rd Friday at the Unitarian Church (6300 A), 7:30-10 PM
Women’s Studies - November 6th presentation by Judith Raiskin, Univ. of Oregon, "Gaugin is Dead but Elvis Lives Forever," at 3:30 PM in the City Union (Room posted). Ms. Raiskin is author of the novel, Where We Once Belonged.
"Telling Our Stories" presentation at Cornerstone, 640 North 16th, on 10/26 at 3:30 PM. Parents and children describing the beginning of the coming out process. The presentation is co-sponsored by St. Mark's-on-Campus and Reconciling Methodists.

Remember our dinner on 10/30! Advance tickets only ($15); no tickets sold at the door.
NEXT MEETING: 10/28/03 Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

September 30, 2003

Attendance: Sandy Byrd, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Ryan Fette, Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Dan Franks, Kris Gandara, Gina Matkin, Amelia M L Montes, D. Moritz, Alan Ratliff, Chuck Rensink, Joy Ritchie, Pat Tetreault, Sherri Tompkins, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

With the larger than usual attendance at this meeting, introductions assumed an added importance.

9/16/03 minutes were accepted with a revision to show that October 30 dinner tickets are $15.

Treasury - approximately $2000 total; ~1700 in our account and ~ 200 in English.

Campus Climate Survey
The Chancellor's email about the Gallup survey mentioned our survey and its access via our website. Our site received 570 hits in 48 hours following that email. You can access it at

The committee mailing list was updated last year, so it should be usable. George was informed quite definitely by UNL email administrator that campus-wide list cannot be used for fund solicitation. Gina suggested an insert can be included with the PFLAG newsletter and/or Steppin' OUT. Joy noted that the campus award invitation list can be used also.

The committee voted to purchase a plaque honoring Ryan as last year's student award recipient. Vern will arrange for the plaque.

Symposium Series
*Scheduling a presentation by Ed Psy grad students of the content of their APA poster session as part of the series is awaiting their convenience.
*Lou Crompton will be asked to talk about his book on 10/29 at 3:30 in Bailey Library, 228 Andrews Hall.
*Terry Wolverton presentation: 10/23, 7:30 PM, Bailey Library. Other classes and meetings are solicited for her visit (10/22, 23, & AM of 24).
*Deb Price visit is now targeted for 2004-5.
*Dan and Gina presented a request to bring Dragonsani Renteria and his partner, Jennifer, to campus. Discussed were funding sources, Drago's
needs, possible dates, and sources of academic support (at least). The committee finds committing funds difficult now because of previous commitments and uncertainty about fundraising. In spite of that uncertainty a motion was approved to co-sponsor Drago's visit and to commit $250 (with the possibility of increasing the amount pending future fundraising). Possible dates are: 3/5 &6, 3/23 & 24, and 3/30 & 31. Dan and Gina will be contacting people who offered to help with fundraising.

Chancellor's Award
Joy & Vern have agreed to serve as co-chairs. Chris G. agreed on the spot to serve as student rep.

Assistant Director for GLBT and Ally Programs/Services
D. has been absent for two weeks because of her partner's health. In her absence the SI staff took on the task of publicity for the Gay History Month poster. (Sec'y note: and a most handsome/beauteous poster it is --
designed by a Spectrum student) During Coming Out Week a banner will be displayed from the top of the circular staircase in the City Union, a display will be on the first floor, and other publicity is planned.

Coming Out Week events are listed on the poster created by Student Involvement. Especially to be noted is the Spectrum Open House, 10/7, 4-6 PM.
Rally for 416 on 11/4 has been moved inside, 3-5 PM. ACLU has been asked to co-sponsor. A vigil in the evening still is possible. Alan Ratliff was elected VP at the last Spectrum meeting. One of the goals from last year's Spectrum Retreat was getting to know GLBT/Ally faculty and staff a bit better, and finding role models and mentors among them. Gina asked CGLBTC members to sign up if they are interested in attending a Spectrum meeting to introduce themselves to the students, give a short (5 - 10 minute) talk about their themselves, their career, and how being GLBT/Ally affected their choices. It would be great if the guest could then stay for the rest of the meeting and get to know the students they might not already know. Of course, you are reminded that CGLBTC members are always invited to Spectrum meetings which are at 6:30 on Tuesday in the City Union (room posted). Gina will contact members who signed the list to find out which meeting dates might work for them.

UNL Diversity Plan
Chancellor Perlman wrote a very supportive response to our letter. D. is to be included in developing the Diversity Plan update. Pat will write
Linda Crump, who is responsible for the update, noting D.'s inclusion and encouraging her to make contact with D. regarding this matter.

MLK Celebration
As a member of the celebration organizing committee, Chuck invited this committee to organize a presentation. D. expressed the belief that the
MLK committee plans to use the film, Brother Outsider, as part of the week's events. Of course, other possibilities exist also.

Some More General Ideas
Again this week George asked that we devote a few minutes to asking ourselves what we should be considering for this year outside the standard agenda items. Among the suggestions at today's meeting:
-Curriculum - What can we do?
-Students might put pressure on faculty in their departments.
-An ad hoc faculty group might be asked to address the issues; a strategy team.
-A half hour can be set aside in our meetings (once a month or each time) for different departmental representative who would be invited to talk about prospects in her/his department. The invitation would include a request of the rep to talk with departmental colleagues prior to coming to our meeting. Vern will talk with Deb about serving as our first representative.
-The numerous websites offering curricular suggestions could be shared with faculty.
-Gina will post Pat's list of suggestions for infusing GLBT issues in curriculum prominently on the CGLBTC website. Pat will then post and announcement to the UNL Announce (faculty staff) listserv informing them of this resource as a follow up to the Chancellor's announcement concerning
the Faculty Memo.
-Rec Center - seems a good place to distribute information; many students use the center. A future possibility is holding events there. One of next year's symposium topics could/should be related to physical fitness.

Dan noted the existence of the new Rainbow Chorus, directed by Sheila Brown. They are willing to sing at events in the GLBT community (and beyond - ?) and were encouraged to perform at the GLBT Dinner on October 30th.

Joy distributed the Women's Studies series poster and noted particularly the November 6th presentation by Judith Raiskin, Univ. of Oregon, "Gaugin is Dead but Elvis Lives Forever," at 3:30 PM in the City Union (Room posted). Ms. Raiskin is author of the novel, Where We Once Belonged.

Melissa Finlaw Draper noted a presentation at Cornerstone, 640 North 16th, on 10/26 at 3:30 PM, "Telling Our Stories" by parents and children,
concerning the beginning of the coming out process. The presentation is co-sponsored by St. Mark's and Reconciling Methodists.

Gina called attention to the Diversity Retreat, scheduled for 10/26, and strongly encouraged GLBT/Ally student participation.

NEXT MEETING: 10/14/03
Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

September 16, 2003

Attendance: Jan Deeds, Emily Dvorak, Ryan Fette, Deb Hope, Rachel Stern, Vern Williams, George Wolf.

9/2/03 minutes were approved.
Treasury – No report.

Campus Climate Survey:
Press release is being prepared for the beginning of October.

Letter is ready to go. The mailing list was updated last year, so it should be usable. Email to UNL list can be done again this year as last.

Symposium Series

  • Ed Psych graduate students have been invited to present the content of their APA poster session as part of the series.
  • Lou Crompton will talk about his book the week of 10/27.
  • Terry Wolverton presentation: 10/23, 7 or 7:30 PM.
  • Deb Price not yet dated.
  • Film, Brother Outsider, has been ordered ($150) and will be presented as part of the series.


  • Coming Out Week events will be shared soon.
  • Rally for 416 on 11/4, north steps of capitol.
  • Things are getting started for the year in the organization.
  • Open house, 10/7, 4-6 PM.

GLBT History Month Dinner will be Thursday, 10/30, 6-8 PM; tickets will be $10.

UNL Diversity Plan -- Letter has been sent to Chancellor Perlman.

Some More General Ideas:
We devoted the last few minutes to taking a step back and asking what else we should be considering for this year. Among the suggestions:

  • Social events
  • Film festival
  • Big 12 GLBT student conference ('05)

Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

Note: Women's Center Open House was held 9/22, 3-5 PM.

September 2, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Ryan Fette, Dan Franks, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, Amelia Montes, D. Moritz, Pat Tetreault, Sherri Tompkins, Michael Whelan, and George Wolf.

7/10/03 minutes were accepted with no change.
Treasury – no change reported

Campus Climate Survey Update: George read a letter that will be sent on behalf of the
committee to Chancellor Perlman regarding the National Study of Campus Climates and how it compares to the UNL study conducted by Bob Brown, et al. The committee made a recommendation to make a change to the letter. It will be revised and sent to the Chancellor with a copy of the study by Bob Brown and Valerie Gortmaker, "Comparing the UNL Campus Climate for GLBT students with results from a National Study of Campus Climates". Bob Brown distributed copies of a document comparing the two climate surveys to the members of the committee. At the beginning of October, a press release will be submitted to the media about the comparison study. The media will include the Daily Nebraskan, The Lincoln Journal-Star and others. It was decided that Bob will be the primary contact person to field questions regarding the surveys; if Bob is unavailable, then D will be the contact person. Jan will send the press release and contact info to Pat who will mail them out around October 1st or 2nd. Jan will also speak with Valerie and Rachael about presenting the poster to ASUN and UPC.

Ryan will send a thank you note on behalf of the students to thank the Chancellor for his support of GLBT students on campus and being included in the state of the university address.

We discussed inviting the graduate students who presented the poster about the survey at APA to a CBLBTC meeting and perhaps asking them if they would be interested in presenting the poster at one of the symposiums that will be taking place this year. Pat will email the grad students to see if they can make it to one of our meetings. It was suggested that perhaps it could be incorporated into the symposium series in some way. Pat suggested encouraging them to present at the graduate student research event in the spring. Barbara supported this suggestion and indicated the Ellen Weissinger was a contact person for the event, which takes place in the spring. Jan suggested that the poster also be presented to student groups such as ASUN and UPC so the information will get back to the students

Fundraising: The Fundraising letter is almost ready to mail out. Once we have more information on this year's symposium series, it will be included and readied for mailing. Sponsoring a GLBT film fest was also mentioned as a possible future fundraiser. The movie Breeders was mentioned (which has ties to Nebraska).

Symposium Series: Plans for the Symposium Series are still being formed. The plans to bring Deb Price are not in place yet. So far the only person scheduled to present is Terry Wolverton, who will be here Wednesday, October 22 through Friday, October 24, 2003. On the evening of October 23rd Terry Wolverton will be doing a reading in the Bailey Library. Gina and Dan are still working on ways to raise money to bring Drago Renteria to campus, and Pat is going to contact the student who made the film "Stonewall" to see if he is interested in having his documentary shown at the GLBT History month dinner tentatively scheduled for October 30th, 2003. If yes, she will ask him to contact D. Ryan will contact Lou Crompton to see if he is interested in talking about his book that is to be published by Harvard University Press this fall.

Time of Meeting: In order for more people to be involved in the CGBLTC, the time of the meetings have been changed to 3:30 – 5:00 pm, on the same days as previously announced. Pat will revise the fall meeting schedule handout and repost it to the cglbtc and spectrum listservs.

Assistant Director for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services Resport

1. Diversity Plan Committee report update: D. reported that after reviewing the current Diversity Plan, the committee suggest that the CGBLTC draft a letter to the Chancellor to make some specific languages changes to the plan. For example, the language need to be inclusive of sexual orientation and references to the GA for GLBT issues need to be deleted and replaced with accurate information. Pat will write a letter to the chancellor regarding the diversity plan and suggest that D be the cglbtc representative on the "revisting the diversity plan" committee.
2. GLBT Dinner – is tentatively scheduled for October 30, 2003.
3. Student Affairs Staff Development Follow-up workshop – D. is working with Dr. Griesen and things are progressing well.

Spectrum: Spectrum's first meeting will be 9/2/02 (same date as this meeting). They plan to discuss the date and time of meeting to pick a time that more people are available to attend. Spectrum is sponsoring events for the AIDS walk on 9/7/03 beginning at 11:30 am on the Plaza. They are working on plans for Coming Out Week and GLBT History Month. Ryan is planning an activity to commemorate the third anniversary of the passage of LB416. He is looking for speakers to say a few words at a rally that will be held at the Capital Building on Tuesday, November 4th. Time to be announced.

Announcements: Barbara and Amelia announced that on Tuesday, September 9, 2003 from 2 – 3:15 pm there will be a Bulletin Board Party, to fill up the GLBT bulletin board that is on the third floor of Andrews Hall. The board has been repeatedly vandalized. It is the only bulletin board in Andrews from which everything is repeatedly removed. Everyone is welcome to bring something to put up on the bulletin board. There will be refreshments.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 16th, 3:30 pm to 5pm in the Student Involvement Green Room.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

July 10, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Dan Franks, Gina Matkin, D Moritz, Pat Tetreault,
Vern Williams, George Wolf.

6/5/03 minutes were accepted after corrections regarding attendance were made.

Treasury – no change reported

Climate Study
Bob Brown presented the results of Susan R. Rankin's national campus climate study and
compared the national study to the climate study that was taken at UNL. The results of the national study are similar to those found at UNL. Although the wording of the questions in each study is slightly different, the concept of each was essentially the same and the result of each study is very similar.

As part of the comparison it was noted that the national study had a sample size of 1,000 students at 14 institutions for an average of approximately 71. Some people had been critical of the small sample size of the UNL study (80 GLB student respondents). Bob would like encourage the Daily Nebraskan and the Lincoln Journal Star to address the results of the national study this fall, and will include a paragraph explaining the significance of Rankin's work. Jan suggested Bob contact Martha Stoddard or whoever we worked with previously when the results of the UNL study were initially reported. The committee members agreed that we would contact the chancellor to let him know in advance if we are aware of an article that we know will appear in the DN or LJS regarding the study.

Bob informed the committee that the students who assisted with the UNL campus climate study will present their findings in a poster presentation at the American Psychological Association convention next month in Toronto.

Fundraising: Pat sent a copy of last year's fundraising letter to George for updating. It will be sent out at the beginning of the semester.

Other options for fundraising were discussed. Pat told the committee that she has spoken with Danny Ladely at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center about a fundraising collaboration (i.e., showing and promoting a film as a way to raise funds). The way it works is committee or group members are provided certificates to sell for $10 each (normal admission cost is $7). The group is able to keep approximately $6.00 of each certificate sold. The amount raised would depend on how many certificates members and supporters are able to sell. Another GLBT film festival was also mentioned. This will be kept in mind as a future resource.

Symposium Series: George reported that Deb Price is eager to come to present in Lincoln. If she is invited by community groups, such as NCLU, CFEP, and other similar advocacy groups, she does not charge a speaker's fee. If she speaks at a university then she does charge a speaker's fee. The committee discussed potential co-sponsors and a date to bring Deb Price, but a decision was not made. Barbara will follow up.

Terry Wolverton is coming in October. An event, probably a dinner with possible other activities, will be held in honor of the publishing of Lou Crompton’s book. D will let everyone know when a date has been set. Pat suggested we consider bringing in the Lincoln student who made a documentary about Stonewall to do a presentation. Many people agreed that it is a good idea. Dan passed out information about transgender activists Kate Bornstein and Drago Renteria. It was agreed that they would both be good presenters. Kate Bornstein's honorarium is quite high and we would need more time to organize if we want to bring Kate to Lincoln. Dan will work with Gina investigating funding options for bringing Drago to campus. Gina mentioned another transsexual person, Debra Davis of Minnesota, as a possible speaker.

D is working with Dr. Griesen on the Student Affairs Workshop (as a follow-up to the campus climate survey presentation by Bob Brown last January).

Jan informed the committee that UPC had secured booking Margaret Cho at the Lied Center on September 10th. UPC is looking for assistance from community groups regarding funding, etc. UPC has been given PFLAG and Gayzette publications; both contain a great deal of contact information for community groups in both Lincoln and Omaha.

UNL Diversity Plan: D said that Bob and Barbara have volunteered to assist in revisiting the Diversity Plan. They plan to meet on July 24th. Others are welcome to be involved. Contact D for more information:

D sent a letter from the committee to Lincoln High School commending them on their support of GLBT students at LHS, as evidenced in the longevity of their GLBTSA student group and the fact that LHS recently elected an "out" lesbian for prom queen.

Spectrum update: Spectrum has been working on events for Coming Out Week.

Dan announced that he is willing to do educational sessions regarding transgender issues for the committee, for Spectrum, for faculty, and staff who are interested.

Vern suggested that a new chairperson be found for the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to the GLBT Community. Vern volunteered as co-chair person for this position.

The next meeting will be Tues. Sept. 2, 2003, 2:00-3:30 pm in the Green Room in Student Involvement. Meetings will be held every other week at the same time, same place.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.

June 5, 2003

Attendance: Pam Bosley, Bob Brown, Sandy Byrd, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Ryan Fette, Don Hanway, Amelia Montes, D Moritz, Chuck Rensink, Pat Tetreault, Michael Whelan, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf.

4/25/03 minutes were approved.

Treasury – Approximately $1700; some typically slow transfers make for a discrepancy between treasurer’s record and that of VCSA office.

Campus Climate Survey
The Chancellor has a letter re: the memo he offered to send – later. We need to follow up in fall.

George will work with Pat on up-dating the letter. PFLAG may be asked to send letter to its list. The UNL-wide email list was suggested also. And Spectrum's list was suggested as well. Ryan offered Spectrum to work with the Committee on fundraising. D mentioned that t-shirts were popular elsewhere. George asked anyone aware of grants to tell him or Pat. D also suggested targeted requests; e. g., $___ for phone; $___ for newspaper ads; $___ for….

Symposium Series
Deb Price is interested in coming. She & Barbara are playing phone tag. BJD reported that a person in Law School group is interested in working with us. She circulated a copy of Ms. Price’s book and an article on the Nebraska court case (416). exploring student funding through UPC, RHA, etc. was encouraged.

D is awaiting the Deans and Dept Heads list from VCSA for a brief presentation re: the SI Assistant Director’s activities. She mentioned also a full day workshop for Student Affairs administrators. She talked with Suzy Prenger about possible collaboration.

Terry Wolverton is coming 10/21-24 or 5.

Amelia brought up Gwen Nugent also. Interested in her in connection with creative writing. Unfortunately the Creative Writing Program cannot fund her at the required level. $750 is needed. Vern expressed concern in light of current treasury and projected fund-raising. No further action was taken at this time.

Lou Crompton was suggested as a possible presenter after his new book is published.

Ryan suggested RHA and as funding sources.

Trans issues, people of color, and violence against GLBT persons were offered as possible topics for funding.

In addition Ryan proposed an art exhibition.

Office is open generally 8-10 and 1-5 M-F. A program meeting will be held in the next two weeks. Spectrum will participate in Big Red Welcome. A full slate of events is planned for Coming Out Week, and one or two other events have been mentioned: probably a masquerade for Halloween; 416 vigil in Nov.; fund-raiser; AIDS Day; Feb – African American History Month participation; a Valentine Day celebration; bringing back the Pride Players sometime; more collaborations with other student organizations. Michael is working on two listservs: social justice organizations (off campus) and student organizations.

D will explore the possibility of holding one during Gay History Month and will put some ideas on paper.

UNL Diversity Plan
D pointed out the need to initiate discussion about including GLBT issues in it. George suggested reviewing the plan. Committee told it is work in progress. Now that it appears on the website, time seems appropriate for suggesting amendment. D requested email responses from those willing to serve on an ad hoc group to peruse the document:

LHS Prom Queen
D called attention to Ms. Balta, out lesbian, who currently reigns as the Lincoln High School Prom Queen.

Fine Thank You
Jan's band will be performing 6/19 at the Union fountain.

NEXT MEETING (Second Summer Meeting): July 10, 2-3:30
Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

D and Scott announced that the GLBT Discussion Group for UNL students would begin today at 4 PM and continue at that hour each week during regular class schedule (including summer obviously) thereafter. (Webmaster's note: This group has been cancelled for the summer and will resume the second week of classes in the Fall.)

Fall meetings for the CGLBTC tentatively were scheduled for alternative Tuesdays at 2 PM, with first meeting on 9/12. But as George noted in an earlier message, Michael has a class conflict. So stay tuned (or come on 7/10 and get involved).

April 25, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Pam Bosley, Sandy Byrd, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Don Hanway, Gina Matkin, Amelia Montes, D Moritz, Chuck Rensink, Pat Tetreault, Michael Whelan, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf.

4/14/03 minutes were accepted.

Treasury – no change reported.

Campus Climate Survey
In light of the points discussed in the last meeting Bob presented survey responses listing courses purporting to discuss GLBT issues.

Symposium Series
Ways to bring Deb Price were discussed. It was suggested that Journalism and Law be involved. Exploring student funding through UPC, RHA, etc. was encouraged.

Amelia presented information about Terry Wolverton, fiction and poetry writer, who conducts writing groups in the L. A. area, and who recently authored Insurgent Muse. The Committee committed $500 in anticipation of further fund-raising by Amelia and Barbara.

The proposed staff workshop for Student Affairs staff was suggested as part of the fall series.

An addition in the Spring is Lourdes Portillo, who is coming for the "No Limits Conference."

GLBT Position: After severe health problems D is working at making connections with Student Affairs staff, student groups, Orientation/Admissions, and others. She will maintain contact over the summer on Thursdays even though she is not paid during summer. Various support groups for students, graduate, undergrad, men, and women were discussed.

Spectrum: Last meeting of the semester was held this week. Office will remain open during summer. As mentioned elsewhere, an informal gathering will take place at Gina’s on May 2. All are invited.

Athletics: In a meeting with the new athletic director George and D challenged the department to provide help for athletes who may be the targets of homophobia.

Thank-yous were sent to Judaic Studies, Law, and Mary Riepma Ross Film Center

George noted two plays to be presented in Lincoln May 8-10: "Laramie Project" at the Community Playhouse and "Hidden: A Gender," at Nebraska Wesleyan.

NEXT MEETING (First Summer Meeting): June 5, 2-3:30 (Note change of date.)
Location: Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

April 11, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Sandy Byrd, Barbara DiBernard, Chuck Rensink, Pat Tetreault,
Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf. Guest: LaFabian Traylor

3/28/03 minutes were approved.

Treasury - no change reported.

Domestic Partner Benefits
Tape of UAAD/UNOPA panel is currently being edited for use with membership.

Campus Climate Survey
Bob proposed follow-ups to include meetings with:
1) the new Undergraduate Dean, Rita Keane
2) Marjorie Kostelnik, new Dean of Education and Human Resources, and
3) VCSA Griesen.

The Chancellor offered to expand and send a memo to faculty, but not immediately; maybe in the fall. He also noted that a task force to study the survey results and to make recommendations is a possibility. He further said that he would look into Pepsi funds to cover the Spectrum phone bill (as the Pepsi money is currently used to support other minority groups on campus). He also said he would explore extending soft benefits, which would include sick leave so that employees would be able to visit and care for their partners when ill or in the hospital in the same way that married heterosexual partners can.

Position in SI: George and Barbara are contacting D to arrange a meeting to discuss planning and programming for next year.

GLBT Student Leadership Award: Student award was presented on 4/17 to Ryan Fette. Congratulations Ryan!!


First Summer Meeting: May 28

March 28, 2003

Present: Pat, George, Barbara, Scott, Bob, Ryan, Michael

Welcome and Introductions.

Minutes approved.

Treasurer's report: $1719.69. We have paid our current obligations and $200 has been set aside to start a checking account.

Domestic Partner Benefits: UAAD & UNOPA sponsored an educational panel on domestic partner benefits. The panel members were Vern Williams, Pat Tetreault, Miles Bryant, and Joan Erickson with Linda Crump moderating. The panel went well. Approximately 23 people attended and the session was videotaped for possible use as an educational tool in the future.

Campus Climate Survey: Another letter or column has appeared in the Daily Nebraskan. Ryan has written a follow-up letter.

Symposium Series:
We will work on creating a listing of the 2002 - 2003 series. Next event is our co-sponsorship of Trembling Before G_D on 4/10 with 5, 7 and 9 pm showings at the Ross Media Center. Free and open to the public. Flyers are available.

Pat will work on putting a list together of the 2002 - 2003 symposium series for our records. A copy will also be sent to the Chancellor.

The GLBT Student Leadership Award will be on 4/17 at 4 pm. Bob will check into how the process works.

Our annual meeting and report to the Chancellor is scheduled for 4/4. We discussed the agenda.

Spectrum: There will be a fundraiser at the Panic for those over 21 starting at 8 pm.

AD for SI ~

Other business: Need to start thinking about fall business including a fundraising letter.

March 14, 2003

Attendance: Bob B., Sandy, Jan, Ryan, Chuck, Pat, Michael, Vern, Scott, George

Minutes of 2/28/03 were approved.

Treasury: No current update, pending bills from current commitments.

Carolyn Gage's visit went well. Approximately 40 attended her presentation in the Great Plains Center and 125, her performance. $490 was contributed by those at the performance in addition to a $50 contribution. In addition she herself seemed to have a great experience.

Eloise Klein presented to a crowded room. She seemed to enjoy her visit.

Ramona Faith Oswald made a good presentation; among other things learned is the fact that she has gotten anti-discrimination ordinances passed in several municipalities in Illinois.

The Vagina Monologues sold out, earning $5422.
The need was noted to begin thinking about plans for next year.

(In addition to all this, a panel on university life is scheduled for PFLAG on 3/25.)

Campus Climate Survey
An extensive discussion was held concerning recommendations to faculty based on the results. In the course of the discussion it was agreed that in addition to addressing the Academy of Distinguished Teachers and the Teaching Council, the Chancellor should be asked for his endorsement, and the report should be made available as widely as possible, including posting on the website and publicizing via enews.

Meeting with the Chancellor
Focus: strategy for using report and DP benefits
Thanks for: funding the position, statement to the academic senate, speaking to the Regents, the Award.

Ryan will speak about students' concerns, including funding for the telephone in the Resource Center.

Elections have been held. Among other officers, the new president is Michael Whelan; vice president, Emma Boyd; secretary, Amy; treasurer, Emily (last names will be added soon). Current advisors will continue. Jan Deeds was added as an "official" advisor as well.

Announcement: Social gathering at the Parthenon, 4/5, approximately 5:30.


February 28, 2003

Attendance: Sandy Byrd, Chuck Rensink, Michael Whelan, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow, George Wolf

2/28/03 minutes were oked.

Treasury – no change reported.

Campus Climate Survey
A DN editorial on 2/27 was critical of the professional quality of the survey. George consulted with Bob about a reply and has sent a letter with our thanks.

The letter to deans of Teachers College and Human Resources and Family Sciences has still not received a resonse.

Members will be attending the Big 12 GLBT conference in Lawrence, KS and presenting at least one program. They are applying for a housing grant for that confer-ence. A grant for support of the office is being prepared as well.

The panel for university housing staff on 2/2 went well. Students gave staff a good picture of life in residence halls through the eyes of G/L students. Other panels included one on transgender and bisexual issues on 3/5, one at Doane on 3/6, and one for Abel Hall on 3/9.

The Pride Players performance resulted in a good turnout. Spectrum funds were improved by $100. A number of positive comments were made about the event. Some high school students attended. Volunteers are keeping the office open a minimum of 5 hours/day.

Meeting with Chancellor
4/4, 3:30 in the Chancellor's conference room.

An informal gathering is planned for the Parthenon on 3/23


Remaining Spring Schedule:
- March 28th
- April 11th & 25th

January 31, 2003

Attendance: Bob Brown, Sandy Byrd, Barbara DiBernard, Travis Groves, Chuck Rensink, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, Scott Winrow

1/17/03 minutes were corrected to note that the next meeting after 1/17 was today's 1/31 meeting.

Treasury has changed since December only by a $50 donation. Our current balance then was $4220.44, but subtracting our commitments and adding the donation, we have $3766.05.

Domestic Partner Benefits: UAAD & UNOPA are sponsoring a joint DPB panel in late Feb. or early March.

Campus Climate Survey: A follow-up is planned to the Student Affairs Staff Development presentation Bob Brown made earlier this month. Bob has received a couple positive contacts since that presentation. The Chancellor sent a generally laudatory letter. All three undergraduate dean candidates received information about the report’s availability on the website. Chuck mentioned hearing word of a minority recruitment initiative. He noted the oppor-tunity for inclusion of GLBT prospective students in that effort.

An informal biweekly meeting of staff who work with GLBT students is being organized.

Pat mentioned that she is working on a standard form for reporting incidents involving GLBT students. She also noted the need for staff training regarding work with GLBT students.

Travis reported that the GLBT student office was stripped of posters and received harassing phone calls. The incidents have been reported, and students are working on an article for the DN.

CGLBTC Award Deadline for applications of 2/7 was noted. Chancellor’s leadership award ceremony is April 17. The nomination process will be announced after 2/7 to avoid confusion with the current process.

Position: The opportunity for Committee input was noted.

Spectrum: Reception for D. is set for 4-5 PM on 2/7 in the Student Involvement Library. The Committee approved $50 for refreshments. Spectrum is working to bring the Pride Players to Lincoln.

Meeting with Chancellor On the Chancellor's schedule for 4/4 at 3:30 in the Board Room adjacent to the Chancellor’s office. Pat will follow up on the letter sent to the deans of Teachers College and Human Resources and Family Sciences concerning definition of family.


February 14

Remaining Spring Schedule:

  • February 28th
  • March 14th
  • March 28th
  • April 11th
  • April 25th

January 17, 2003

Attendance: Suanne Au, Lisa Blakey, Sandy Byrd, Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Travis Groves, Gina Matkin, Amelia Montes, Chuck Rensink, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf

12/06/02 minutes were judged to be merely o.k.

Treasury has not changed since December. Our current balance then was $4220.44, but subtracting our commitments, we have $3716.05.

Domestic Partner Benefits: The Chancellor, George Wolf, and the Academic Senate exec. comm., represented by John Wunder, spoke very strongly in support of DP benefits. George noted that no further action was proposed by the Regents. George was asked to inquire into possible next steps.

Campus Climate Survey: Bob Brown made a Student Affairs Staff Development presentation based on the report. The session was well attended and Bob’s work was well received.

Fund-raising letter: Thank-you’s have been sent.

CGLBTC Award: The date and time of the event remain 3/11 at 3:30. Deadline for applications is 2/7. The nomination form is available at the website. Bob presented a proposal for the student award. He asked about an appropriate date. Jan suggested the Chancellor's leadership awards, sponsored by Student Involvement. Bob will coordinate plans with Reshell Ray.

Symposium: One hundred dollars was voted unanimously to support the visit of Ramona Faith Oswald in March. If student interest will support it, E. K. Healey will meet with GLBT students.

GLBT and Ally Position: D. Moritz was hired and already has begun her work energetically.

Spectrum: Planning a reception for D.

Meeting with Chancellor: Scheduling is difficult but late March is a possibility. Chancellor's schedule will be consulted.

The letter concerning definition of family was sent to the deans of Teachers College and Human Resources and Family Sciences on 12/6/02. No reply had been received as of this meeting.

Announcements: Pride Players fund raising event will be held at the Rose Blumkin Theater in Omaha on 1/31 at 7 PM.

>RHA (Residence Hall Association) sponsored a dinner during Bernard Franklin's visit during the week leading up to MLK Day. Mr. Franklin visited with members of students of color organizations. Representatives of Spectrum were included. Collaboration was a strong theme of the meeting.

MLK Celebrations Events were very minimally inclusive of GLBT issues. The Committee will write a letter to the Chancellor expressing concern for next year’s celebration.

NEXT MEETING: February 14 Remaining Spring Schedule: February 28th, March 14th & 28th, April 11th & 25th