CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2004

November 23, 2004

Present: Robin Whisman, Pat Tetreault, George Wolf, Bob Brown, Gina Matkin, Allen Ratliff, Deb Hope

George offered to send flowers to D after her recent surgery.

Minutes not typed yet from last meeting. Will be distrubted soon and presented for approval at next meeting.

Agenda revisions – add letter from Larry Williams in place of D's report.

Bob suggested that we need to get an awards committee appointed and up and running. Jan and Robin volunteered to be on the committee. Bob agreed to "consult."

Spectrum Report - Allen
"Faith and GLBT issues" Presentation on 11/11 with Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Don Hanway, Jan Deeds, and Melissa Epp. Very enlightening. Thanks to all who helped out.

GLBT and Ally "elders" (a relative term) talk on 11/18. "REALLY cool." Bob, Ann, Pat, Barbara, and Chuck all presented their stories and perspectives. Well attended.

Transgender Day of Remembrance – 11/19. About 20 people came to read names – most from outside of Spectrum. Very powerful! Will do this again next year and perhaps extend the time.

Planning for next semester is in progress. Next week is last meeting of semester. Peer sex educators are coming to talk about safe sex. Planning on having a Spring retreat for Execs and a full retreat again for all members.

George asked about leadership for next year. Allen said the group is already thinking about that and working to make sure there is some carry over in leadership.

Treasurer's Report – Deb
No change in financials since last time. Fundraising letter is ready. Will e-mail to Jan and George for feedback. Addresses will be sent to George and Jan for editing before sending out. George asked if anyone had names of additional people to add, let him or Jan know.

Letter from Larry Williams – The committee received a letter in response to our inquiry about why the annual Lincoln/Lancaster Human Rights conference did not include GLBT issues. George felt the letter indicated that Larry believed that since there is no ordinance (including GLBT issues) that his group could do nothing. Pat said this has been Larry’s stance since he became he Human Rights person for the city. The committee also acknowledged that Larry sees this as important but may have been told (directly or indirectly) not to address GLBT issues in this forum. Jan suggested that a few committee members meet with Larry to strategize and seek the mayor’s support on supporting GLBT issues at the City level. Both Pat and George asked to meet (along with Jan) with Larry. Jan will set up the meeting for some time in January.

Pat also mentioned some members of the Lincoln Women's Commission have asked her to provide some information about what it's like being a female who is lesbian/bisexual in Lincoln. She is writing a series of short articles for their newsletter and has spoken to the group as well.

Curriculum Issues

Bob submitted a proposal to the Associate Dean (Jim Walters) of the College of Education and Human Sciences to do a workshop on "Meeting the learning and developmental needs of GLBT students and families in K – College settings". Two weeks and he has not heard anything back so he will contact them to see what the status of the proposal is.

LGBT Minor – progress is slow. Jan suggested that this group be the one to get faculty to do workshops on what they are doing to help other faculty incorporate issues as well. This strategy was suggested by Dr. Younger in his recent visit. This will be discussed early next semester.

Strategic Planning - Deb reported that in her department's (Psychology) strategic planning process they are talking about adding a course on "Psychology and Diverse Populations" 300 level. The course would be team-taught and would include:
-Psych of Ethnicity and Immigration
-Psych of Gender
-Psych of LGBT Issues

It was also proposed that Psychology students could add a "Diversity Concentration" (like the Quantitative concentration currently available) to the undergraduate offering for Psych majors. It would utilize currently existing courses but may also encourage new course development. Both of these ideas have a high likelihood of becoming a reality. She is quite optimistic. (Despite Bob's sudden coughing episode...)

Summer reading program - Deb also mentioned a Family and Consumer Sciences Summer Reading course on marriage.The descriptions was "suspicious" (examining current legislation to protect marriage and programs that attempt to strengthen marriage) so it was suggested that someone from the committee contact the instructor to find out the focus and scope of the course. Susan Meyerle is the instructor for this and the description of the course can be found at:

Symposium Series

Dorothy Alison coming March 3rd. Payment will be made through Women's Studies/English.

George is researching names of historians of Gay Lesbian history qualified to do gay history presentations during GLBGT History month. Possibly sponsored by History department. Would need to have good History credentials.

Rita Mae Brown will be here doing a 2-week workshop April 4th – 15th for the English Department. She will be returning the following Spring. We may want to see if we can get her to do something (presentation, reading, etc.) while here.

Announcements and Other Business

Pat brought flyers. World AIDS day events. Tryout information for Vagina Monologues, new BIG brochures that are beautiful and packed with resources and information on GLBT and Ally issues.

The Bulletin Board in the English Department is not being updated or tended right now in Andrews. Allen and some students are working on Bulleting Board issues in Burnett – trying to get a GLBT Issues Board. Will report more later.


Next semester we will meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 3:30 pm.
Specific Dates (mark your calendars NOW) are:
January 11th and 25th
February 8th and 22nd
March 8th and 22nd
April 12th and 26th
No meetings in May

November 9, 2004

Present: Erin Bain, Allen Ratliff, George Wolf, Robin Whisman, Debbie Krahmer, Travis A Groves, Scott Winrow, Deb Hope

Allen has written a letter to ASUN thanking them for adding gender identity to their non-discrimination language. George Wolf and Jan Deeds will co-sign as the three co-chairs of this committee.

Minutes for last meeting approved.

Spectrum Report - Allen
Planning ahead is an awesome thing! We planned and held two very successful discussions this month:
- A faith discussion with representatives from several faiths on Tuesday Nov 11
- A discussion on November 18th with those born before 1980 to get insights into GLBT history at UNL .

November 19th is Transgender Day of Remembrance, we've created a banner and are inviting faculty and staff to help us read names of transgender victims of violence, 11-2 on Friday.
Attendance is strong at meetings. Trying to stay away from democrats versus republicans discussions so everyone feels welcome.
Last Thursday we had Movie Night. All are invited.

Deb- Treasury Report
Deb's not getting SAP printouts, haven't got for several months. Jan and Deb will contact Sharon Frederick in the SOFS office about this.

Current balance: $2305.20

We have allocated $500 for Dorothy Allison's visit in March.

(English Dept received $330 or one/third of Chancellor's Award to support the visit as well. They've also received $650 from faculty convocations)

Deb also transferred $281.00 to Spectrum, the balance remaining from a community donation that helped bring Drago Renteria last spring.

Fundraising Letter: Deb is revising the letter and will forward it to this list serve for comments, Jan, George, Allen will sign.

Updated 2003 mailing list.

Deb will email the list to George, Jan for updates, then she’ll do prepare the mailing.

If you know of people we should send this to but who may not be on the list, send their name and address to Deb.

George: Remember not to use University Mail Bulk since we aren't an official UNL group.

The Return address on the letter will be Jan and they’ll be instructed to send the money to Deb.

Asst. Director for GLBT and Ally Report – D Moritz
People on this year's committee who don't want to be on GLBT History month committee next year have been instructed to find someone to replace them.

Keeping website up and put in 2005 dates
Jan will help D identify sources for $246 for more ally buttons.

Allen has to initiate transfer of Pepsi Diversity and other funds Spectrum received for Pride Players and some PR related things to GLBT AD account
If CGLBTC wants to have another Open House or other event we need to let D know by end of August (GLBT History Month) for publicity materials.

The DP Benefits subcommittee met on Oct 22nd Talked strategy, sending letter to Milliken
George sent President Milliken the 2001 Report that Regents asked for and didn’t act on.
It indicates peer institutions for all four University campuses (UNO,UNK, UNMC): where they were 2001 and now (Domestic Partner Benefits).

Ask for sit down with him Barbara and George (What he thinks reality is and how helpful will he be?)

Essentially not very hopeful, but there may be the possibility of corporate influence on regents that would be good for us.

D- Suggested we stay in touch with the Human Rights Campaign to see who would be able to help.

Jan- Suggested we consider future roles of CGLBTC now that many institutional entities are doing some of what we used to do We will talk at the January 11 meeting. Who are we now? How can we be most helpful? Should we offer some of the mini-symposia John Younger discussed as a support for the development of the GLBT minor?

Human sexuality course update- Deb talked to the chair, clinical psychology really needs it, the chair has a plan for next couple of years, and it will be a key part of the GLBT minor.

Other Symposia ideas:
George- work towards scholar of gay history for symposium.

Rita Mae Brown will be teaching a two week course in April. Could we sponsor a reading of her work?

D reported that Ernie Chambers has a goal to move legislation through this session protecting sexual orientation in workplace. Session begins in Jan, personal testimony as students would be valuable.

New Resource: GLBT parent support group:

FYI, Pheromone Pholk (Jan and Cindi) reunion concert Thursday, November 18th 7-9pm Mojava

Next Meeting, November 24, 2004

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Erin for taking minutes in my absence and Jan for her expert editing of my translation attempt. Jan asks that if anyone has corrections or addition she might have missed, please pass them along or bring them up at the next meeting.

September 14, 2004

In attendance: Ann and Bob Brown, Pat Tetreault, Don Hanway, George Wolf, Valerie Gortmaker, D Mortiz, Chuck Rensink, Jan Deeds, Robin Whisman, Gina Matkin, and Allen Ratliff.

After introductions:

The minutes for the August 24, 2004 meeting were amended and approved. (Jan—I don't have the changes or additions that were made.)

Valerie Gortmaker gave a Power Point presentation on her research, which compared the responses of "Out" GLBT students to "Closeted" GLBT students to key questions from the campus climate study.

Valerie found that:

OUT students:
1. Perceived the climate more negatively than Closeted students.
2. Reported receiving more unfair treatment than Closeted students.
3. Participated more in GLBT activities than did Closeted students.
4. More reported having a student network than did Closeted students.
5. Reported their greatest need as policy statements.
6. Would most likely report anti-GLBT behavior to a faculty member.

CLOSETED students:

1. Felt a greater need to hide their identity than did Out students.
2. Reported a greater fear to become involved in the GLBT community.
3. Reported their greatest need for library materials and GLBT-related courses.
4. Would most likely report anti-GLBT behavior to equity, access, and diversity program staff.

Both groups reported receiving unfair treatment and need to hide their identity the most from other students and had a high level of interest in GLBT issues and topics.

Valerie also presented a summary of the GLBT-related items from the Omnibus Data for the years 1995-2004. These data are based on a survey about 600 students each year. Her analysis indicated that 3*% had seen prejudice, 3.3% had been targets of prejudice, 19% believed homosexual behavior should be prohibited, and 70% believed sexual orientation equity exists on campus.

The Committee was surprised when Valerie indicated that a trend analysis across the 1995-2004 years resulted in essentially a flat line with no significant ups or downs (and thus the perceived climate has not improved during that span of time).

There wasn't a full discussion on the implications of the noted differences but the Committee did believe a presentation to the Student Affairs staff would be valuable, perhaps presented to the Chancellor in some venue, and perhaps in the DN.

The Committee thanked Valerie for her excellent presentation.

Spectrum: Allen Ratliff indicated that Spectrum has a proposal into the Pepsi Fund for activities related to GLBT History month. There will be a presentation to ASUN on October 6th regarding the gender identity/expression issue and Spectrum would welcome helpful strategy ideas. Allen expressed concern regarding the status of the bulletin board in Andrews Hall. He feels it needs to be enhanced and Spectrum would also like to see a bulletin board in Burnett Hall. He will pursue finding out who is responsible for coordinating the bulletin board in Andrews and see if having a "party" to update the board is appropriate.

Gina Matkin indicated she has hundreds of poster that highlight the question "Can you identify the straight person?" among a dozen or so UNL students in the photograph. Various Committee members indicated they could use the posters in presentations. All are welcome to contact Gina for obtaining as many posters as they need.

Treasurer's Report. Deb Hope was not able to attend but she passed along this message via e-mail:

"I think we have $2416.35. The University thinks we have $3573.90 as of a couple of months ago but there has not been much activity over the summer. The truth is we probably have around $3000 once all of the Drago expenses are straightened out. That was very complicated with money coming and going from many places. There will be a small balance of $100-200 to transfer to Spectrum from the $800 received from the coalition for Drago."

Report on the discussion with Amy Miller about Domestic Partner Benefits.

There were several ideas about how to proceed but apparently no clear consensus. George, however, indicated that it appeared that the Committee could proceed without affecting the current legal action being pursued. He will organize a committee to work on the issue and report back to the CGLBTC.

D Moritz reported that her position is now 26 hours.

The GLBT History Month website is: All committees are set and publicity is being handled by IS staff. She is getting surveys returned from her RA workshops and she has found Campus Police to be very receptive to doing whatever they can to help. She will be speaking at the ASUN meeting on the 22nd about her office and the need for students to figure out a plan to bring the gender identity/expression to the Board of Regents. She also reported that at the Volunteer Fair, eight ally students signed up to be panelists for future educational panel.

Pat Tetreault talked about the GLBT financial boycott planned for October 8th.

Jan will send out an e-mail to establish a committee to revisit the goals established last spring and to prioritize and modify them for further consideration by the CGLBTC.

Symposium Dates and Speakers.
October 21 - HRC
November - John Younger
March 3 - Dorothy Allison

Other Announcements:

On September 29th the Health Center is having a confidential meeting for gay men with Scott Winthrow as the contact person at the Health Center.

It was noted that the Mexican-American Student Association has been supportive of GLBT outreach efforts.

August 24, 2004

Attending: George Wolf, Bob Brown, Ann Brown, Sarah Herzberg, Scott Winrow, Pat Tetreault, Allen Ratliff, Kris Gandara, Jan Deeds, Gina Matkin, D Moritz, Deb Hope

Jan called the meeting to order and we set the agenda. Jan asked that committee members get agenda items to her by Friday before the meeting if possible.

There was no treasurer's report or minutes from the last meeting. Jan mentioned that she would use the projector to display the agenda each week and that the minutes were available on the web and via e-mail to read ahead of time. It was suggested that a couple copies of the minutes be brought to the meeting in case anyone had not reviewed them previous to the meeting.

Gina made a request that everyone check the resources page of the web site to see if anything needs updating. The website is There was also discussion that the drop-down box may cause problems on some older computers. If anyone has any problems, let Gina know. It was also pointed out that the Domestic Partner History document may need to be updated.

We also discussed coordinating lists of resources on the various websites (Spectrum, Pat's, and CGLBTC), however a distinction was made between the "Resources Sheet", and a Resource Page on the websites, as each group may have some unique resources they wish to provide links for. Pat and D agreed to meet to coordinate a Resource Sheet that would provide common, consistent information and could be converted to a PDF file for use by each of the groups.

Alan reported for Spectrum. Thursday, August 26th at 6 pm was the first meeting for Spectrum. The regular meeting time will be decided then. He announced several events including:

9/12 AIDS walk with Spectrum as a co-sponsor
9/26 Fall retreat at Jan's house
10/11 Coming Out Day
10/11-10/13 GLBT Book Sale
10/12 Open House
He emphasized that everyone is invited to the Spectrum meeting.

Bob reported on his meeting with Dean Kostelnik of the College of Education and Human Sciences. He provided a handout of a memo he sent to her summarizing the meeting. We discussed ways to encourage follow-up, including potential faculty allies and grass roots efforts in the college. There was also a discussion of inviting the Dean to a meeting with us in February.

Bob announced that he was named a fellow to Division 44 (GLBT) of the American Psychological Association. Congratulations were shared.

Bob said that Valerie has some data comparing students who were more and less out in the climate survey that she might be able to share with us. We agreed to invite her to a meeting.

Bob reported that the American Psychological Association has made a strong statement supporting same-sex marriage and will make the link available.

Pat announced that on Wed 8/25 from 10-11 there will be a meeting with Amy Miller with an update on the challenge to 416. In light of the chancellor's recent remarks about not giving same-sex benefits, there was discussion of the current status of benefits that some have had informally. There is concern that some ground has been lost.

D asked whether she should continue her calendar of events of GLBT activities and the consensus was that it is helpful. Items should be sent to D.

D showed buttons of the ally sign and said many had been worn at the Big Red Welcome. 1,000 buttons were ordered and she has some left if someone wants one. Next year she hopes to get New Student Enrollment more involved.

D reported that every RA attended the Safe Space Workshop this year and she is collecting some rep-post survey data that will help evaluate and improve the workshop. She also has qualitative data. Alan indicated that he can already see a positive impact in the dorms.

D said that she would really like to have senior administrators go through her workshop.

D described her efforts to try and locate a GLBT alumni group.

D shared the poster design for GLBT history month. The committee agreed a similar design to last year is good. She will make it available as a PDF. We reviewed the GLBT history month schedule. We discussed possible activities to take advantage of the speaker from HRC who will be here in October. This person could speak to student organizations, especially for students of color, as well as political groups.

We decided to have an open house for the committee on 10/26. More details will be developed later.

Pat announced that on 10/23 she will be doing a 2-hour ally training workshop.

George shared a flyer for the 2004 Great Plains Symposium on Employment Issues. It was discussed that despite them receiving feedback in the past that GLBT issues are not discussed, there is nothing this year on the schedule. George would like to draft a letter raising the concern formally. The committee agreed.

Kris announced that Dorothy Allison will be here on 3/3. She also gave an update on the Seed Grant. John Younger from K-State is coming in November. He is an expert on LGBT curriculum and minors.

Kris described that she is going to do a letter to each department chair for distribution to faculty regarding who might teach a LGBT course and some suggested courses. Although all supported this effort, concerns were raised that some chairs might not distribute the letter so additional routes of distribution were discussed.

Jan adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Hope
Temporary scribe

May 18, 2004

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Kris Gandara, Deb Hope, D Moritz, Joy Ritchie, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, & George Wolf

Treasury – $3334.35 with $917 encumbered. The NE Coalition for G & L Civil Rights is understood to be forwarding $800 as pass-through to Spectrum. Real balance: $2416.35

It was suggested that the fund raising letter be ready to go by beginning of fall semester. Pat will email last year's version to Deb.

Meeting with Dean Kostelnik: Bob has arranged a meeting in which he plans to explore options for curriculum in the College of Education and Human Sciences and to suggest that he consult broadly with faculty in the college. D suggested inviting participation in the workshop. Joy offered as a possibility the college's involvement in the LGBT minor proposal.

Asst. Director for GLBT and Ally Programs: D has completed the seventeenth workshop and people are signing up for next year. She is sending information to the Chancellor about participation in this year’s sessions. Residential Life has committed RAs to take the full workshop.

Governor's Proclamation: George has written to the Governor requesting criteria used by the commission responsible for determining proclamations. George also raised a question concerning possible committee action regarding the nomination of former senator Wherry to the Nebraska Hall of Fame. Pat will ask Lin for further information about the process.

Sexuality Education Coordinator: Pat is talking to Lincoln NOW and Capital BPW about same sex marriage and LGBT legal issues. She also distributed samples of the new AID/HIV information cards her office has produced. And she is doing a poster session on minority health at the College Health Association meeting.

LGBT Minor Proposal: Kris announced that a seed grant has been awarded to develop the proposal. She is researching curriculum development in the area. She is investigating the most effective expenditure of $500 for resources to support the proposal.

Vern Williams was presented with a framed "Ally Nation" poster signed by the Committee members present, in thanks for his years of work on the Committee and especially for serving as secretary for all these many years.

Potential faculty co-chair nominees were discussed. Until a new volunteer is found Deb Hope will keep us informed about Faculty Senate activities, and George Wolf will continue to answer questions from the press as needed. Jan will post a notice inviting faculty (and staff) membership for the committee, to enlarge the pool. She will also approach an individual nominated during the meeting.

We discussed but did not formally approve having an Open House/Reception meeting for the Committee in October to take advantage of GLBT History Month awareness and increase membership.

More recruitment ideas: Jan will send regular announcements of the Committee meetings to E-news and the Scarlet, and will approach Evelyn Jacobsen about including the committee's "Who we are" flyer in the information given to new faculty members. She will also check with HR about similar distribution to new staff.

We will not meet again until August 24, but work on several projects will continue over the summer. We will communicate about those projects through the listserve and special topics meetings as needed, called by the people coordinating the projects. Projects specifically discussed were the fundraising letter, the GLBT minor seed grant within Women's Studies, and GLBT History Month event planning to meet the publicity deadline of September 10.

Fall meetings will be scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5 pm in the Student Involvement Green Room.

Kris Gandara and Joy Ritchie need suggestions for videos and other resource materials for the GLBT minor seed grant they have received. They need to spend $500 before June 30, so please send your suggestions now. Any information about existing courses that include GLBT content would be useful, too.

The Committee approved $500 towards bringing Dorothy Allison to UNL in late February-Early March (Yeah! Women's Week!), and Barbara DiBernard and Kris Gandara will be pursuing additional funding sources. Many sources were brainstormed, including Convocations, UPC, Distinguished Lecturer, the Friends of the Library, and the $333 received by the English Department for the Chancellor's Award which they have donated to us earmarked for this event. If you have additional ideas about this please email the listserve.

Goal setting for next year: Jan will summarize the goals we developed in our climate audit in the same way she did our requested actions from the Chancellor, and email them over the listserve. When we meet on August 24 we will prioritize the goals, choose the top 3 to 5, and identify who wants to be in work groups for each goal. When you receive the summary please send additional goals if you think something has been overlooked.

Deb (Treasurer Extraordinaire) requests that if you know of outstanding bills that the Committee needs to pay please contact her right away. She is trying to determine which bills are still unpaid for Drago's visit.

NEXT MEETING: 3:30 PM, 08/24/04, Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union.

Have a great summer and stay in touch!

***On a personal note the retiring secretary was so overwhelmed by his parting gift that he could only mumble, "Thank you," as he exited. When he got home and read what committee members had written on the back of the picture, tears flowed. (I'm not leaving the committee, by the way. You can't get rid of me that easily. I'm just not continuing as secretary, except when I happen to be there and no one else is taking minutes.) VW

April 27, 2004

Present: George Wolf, Rachael Stern, Dan Franks, Travis Groves, Ryan Fette, Allen Ratliff, Bob Brown, Pat Tetreault, Barbara DiBernard, Cay Yamamoto, Joy Ritchie, Deb Hope.

General Announcements:

George announced that the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 2006 will focus on sexual orientation. Deb Hope gave additional information. This is a very prestigious symposium in psychology and is known worldwide. UNL will be bringing in top psychology scholars to present. This symposium will take place on a Thursday and Friday in spring 2006. Deb would like to have several activities going on during the time before and perhaps after the symposium, with the symposium being the main event.

Bob Brown: Spoke with Dean Kostelnik with the College of Ed and Human Sciences. Dean Kostelnik said she will meet with Bob sometime during the first Summer Session re: GLBT issues.

Roger Baldwin Civil Libertarian Award winners: The five couples in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the state constitutional amendment that bans recognition of same-sex relationships have won this award. Included in this group are Barbara DiBernard and her partner Judy Gibson. The awards will be presented on the evening Saturday, May 22nd in Omaha. Information about tickets can be found at The deadline to buy tickets is May 17th.

Ryan Fette: Pancakes for Peace raised $229.00 for education of women and girls in Afghanistan. The group is planning to raise money for the Pine Ridge Reservation next year. Anyone who is able to help with this effort can contact Ryan. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Joy Ritchie: Joy announced that Women's Studies was awarded a grant to develop LGBT Studies minor within the Women's Studies Program. The grant was awarded partially due to the work of the Climate Study and the Committee for GLBT Concerns. Reviewers of the proposal said the Climate Study had demonstrated a need for this grant. The Minor is being developed and it has not been yet been established when this program will begin. All ideas for programming are needed and welcome. Stayed tuned for more information!

Minutes: Change needs to be made to spelling of Erin Bain's name. (It was spelled “Aaron” in the minutes). The remainder of the minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report: no report

CGLBTC Summer and Fall Meeting Schedule: Ryan would like to meet during the summer to be able to continue working on ASUN support gender identity/expression in the non-discrimination policy, to work with Joy on the LGBT Studies minor, and do further work on the Ally Program with ASUN. The CGLBTC decided to meet on Tuesday, May 18, 2004 3:30 pm, in the usual place. Future meeting times will be discussed at this time. We are thinking holding future meetings at 3:00 pm. All input is needed!

Committee Officers 2004 – 2005: Jan Deeds volunteered to serve as staff co-chair. She will be responsible for writing the agendas and running the meetings, among other things. Jan Deeds was elected unanimously! Congrats! George would like to step aside as faculty co-chair if someone volunteers to replace him. He is willing to stay as the non-convening co-chair if no one steps forward. The committee is also looking for a new secretary to take the minutes, as Vern Williams will be stepping down from this role. Many thanks to Gina Matkin for posting the minutes on the CGLBTC listserve on a regular basis.

SPECTRUM: The Day of Silence went well for the most part. Thanks to the people who donated money for pizza. In the afternoon street preachers were present. There was some conflict between groups. See Allen Ratliff if you are interested in more details. Preliminary plans for the Fall Retreat will focus on dealing with conflict. Closing ceremonies turned out great and the day ended on a very positive note.

SPECTRUM hosted the Nebraska Big Gay Get Together on April 17th. People from UNL, Dana College, Wesleyan, and Creighton University were represented for a total of 21 people. The group was able to compare programming notes and compare how each campus approaches GLBT issues. It was a good chance for everyone to participate in networking and it created a way for students to communicate with each other. SPECTRUM plans to hold this event again in the future.

Meeting with the Chancellor Feedback: We were all glad to be able to meet with him and get honest response; one person was surprised that Chancellor Perlman wasn't supportive of future climate studies; some folks felt depressed about his response to the Climate Study and because it seemed as though that there may not be much left that the CGLBTC can do to improve the situation on campus. Ryan suggested working with ASUN about bringing about change. George suggested that the study must be replicated. How to conduct and fund a future study will need to be decided. The committee is committed to pursuing future climate studies and working to improve conditions for students, faculty, and staff on campus. We are aware that it may be possible that trying to access more liberal changes may cause some gains to be lost. It seems that the students have the biggest influence to bring about change, and we have a committed student group that is willing to work with student government.

Assistant Director for GLBT & Ally Programs: D. spoke to 165 students in an Anthropology class; since then a lot of students have been approaching D. to get more information and she has been getting excellent feedback about how students are trying to change to make things safer for GLBT students on campus.

D. will do 4 workshops for the Campus police.

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender History month poster deadline is SEPTEMBER 10th! If you have events that you want included on this poster let D. know!

The opening ceremony for GLBT History Month is October 1, 2004.

The Review Selection Committee of Gov. Johann's Office decided that our proclamation for GLBT History Month should not be signed by the governor.

Sexuality Education Coordinator: Pat T. passed out the 2004-05 tentative activities calendar. She also introduced a draft outline for a fall discussion group. We will be selling Ally Nation posters to various groups. $16 plus S & H for one size, and $25 plus S & H for a larger poster. Pat talked about a possible upcoming Health Fair. The committee discussed if we would like to be listed as a resource on the CFEP website and we decided it would be all right.

New Business:
Barbara DiBernard: A group in the English Dept is working on bring Dorothy Allison to campus in Spring 2005. More info to follow.

SPECTRUM tentatively planning a new book sale during Coming Out Week.

April 6, 2004

General Announcements: Meeting with Chancellor, 4/15, 3:30 PM. Chancellor's Leadership Award Ceremony, 4:30 PM on 4/15.

Attendance: Jan Deeds, Ryan Fette, Don Hanway, D Moritz, Rachael Stern, Vern Williams, George Wolf, and Cay Yamamoto, with a cameo appearance by Deb Hope

The 03/23/04 minutes were approved.

Treasury - $3346.45

Drago - feedback has been excellent.

Spectrum - New officers are: President, Allen; VP, Rachael; Sec., Aaron Bain; Treas., Jenni Hoemann. Pancakes for Peace, sponsored jointly with Amnesty: 8 PM on 4/15 on the Union Plaza, will benefit Afghan women's education. Student representatives from other campuses will gather at UNL on 4/17. National Day of Silence is 4/21. A speak-out at the end of the day will be held on the Union Plaza. Pizza for active participants will be provided with a contribution of $100 from the AD for GLBTA Programs & Svcs and an equal amount from this committee.

AD for GLBTA Programs & Services - Day of Silence info will be posted on the Student Involvement website. D raised a question about the value of the calendar she has been maintaining. Spectrum will provide feedback, but the consensus at the meeting was that the calendar is serving a purpose. Ryan promised to provide information more systematically.

Meeting with the Chancellor - Our presentation will begin with distribution of our accomplishments over the past year. Points to be discussed and plans for discussing them include:
1. UNL Administration needs to fund and conduct assessments of the campus climate for GLBT students at regular intervals. Bob B and Spectrum representatives will discuss this point.
2. Make public the relevant finds from available data (e. g., Omnibus and Gallup Surveys). Jan will talk about this point.
3. Identify and support education and training to improve the climate for GLBT people at UNL. Suggestions include ensuring that GLBT issues are included in the web-based harassment training being developed for supervisors and employees and offering "Safe Space" workshops for departments through Deans and Directors. D will describe what she has done, and Jan will reinforce the need for including gender identity and sexual orientation in sexual harassment training.
4. Add gender identity/expression to non-discrimination policy. At this time transgender people are not included in our policy. D will ask that gender identity be included in the policy, and Dan will offer comments as one directly affected.
5. Establish a policy making "soft" domestic partner benefits available consistently for faculty and staff regardless of department. George will ask for an update on soft benefits and what we can do to continue the progress.

NEXT (and last scheduled) MEETING of the semester: 04/27/04, Student Involvement Office, Nebraska Union

March 23, 2004

General Announcement: Dan told us about his visit to Northern Illinois and shared print information he brought back, detailing many activities there for GLBT students.

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Dan Franks, Kris Gandara, Deb Hope, D Moritz, Allen Ratliff, Vern Williams, George Wolf, and Cay Yamamoto

Curriculum - The session with Katherine Acosta, Sociology, was judged better than previous ones. A proposal was offered to ask chairs to designate someone in their departments to report to us. This idea asks departments to take our request seriously and places more obligation than in the past, more informal requests on departments to report globally rather than individually. It was pointed out that the more formal request also might result in less direct accounts of departmental attitudes.

The 03/9/04 minutes were approved with correction: The Committee authorized D to explore possibilities for a visit by Diedre McCalla.

Treasury - No report.

Spectrum - Nominations for officers will be voted on at the next meeting, as well as planning for post-Drago. Membership has declined, but is being made a focus of attention. Spectrum will be represented at the meeting with the Chancellor, followed by the pancake feed: 8 PM on 4/15.


Drago - Provision for information tables is being made. Organizations will be invited to share informational pamphlets, etc. at these tables.
Dan and Gina met with Bill Behmer to talk about the setup for Interpreters. (Editorial Note from Gina: Spectrum students will help get the room ready as there will be 600 chairs set up that day and Union staff are quite busy with events. The students volunteered to help.)

Climate Audit - Jan and Bob displayed on screen completed responses to the audit worksheet. The committee completed and prioritize the third column of the form. (1st col. - what we're doing; 2 we'd like to do; 3 - future(long-term)) Jan proposed and then added a long range plan column. She further proposed that the committee identify individually and then collectively the top three priorities to present to Chancellor Perlman. Finally (proposal-wise) she suggested a small group to flesh out items the entire group identified for the April 15 meeting. (Everyone will have taxes done before 4/15!) As we pushed the deadline for ending today's meeting, Jan promised to convey to all the results of our prioritization process.

Remaining spring semester meetings: 4/06 & ?

NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! Meeting Date Change...

NEXT MEETING: 04/06/04, Nebraska Union, Room 200 - Green Room

March 9, 2004

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Dan Franks, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, D Moritz, Nancy Myers, Allen Ratliff, Joy Ritchie, Rachael Stern, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, and George Wolf.

Katherine Acosta, Sociology, was our visitor today. She told us that texts, readings, websites generally are not inclusive, though some contact is being made with publishers about GLBT issues. Diversity needs to be integrated into the curriculum because people don't have time to research issues not in texts. Graduate students (who teach 2/3 of the students) certainly don't have time with their own programs; faculty (as well as grad. students) are not rewarded for this sort of activity. GLBT issues are not valued as research topics.

General Announcements - D has info. about rainbow pins.

The 2/24/04 minutes were approved.

Treasury - $4141.25, with some of the total encumbered.

Committee Leadership - George pled for relief.

Nominations for officers and fund-raising plans are on-going. Also planning is being started for COW. Membership has declined, but is being made a focus of attention. Pancake feed: 8 PM on 4/15, with an international focus.

Assistant Director for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services
Forty-four participated in the recent workshop; responses to D's earlier presentation continue. Participation has been good. D is pleased that staff are willing to commit 2 hours to this effort. Toward mid-May D will write the Chancellor regarding departments and other pertinent information. Remember to send information for the calendar.

Pat made wonderful flyers.
Dan wants to be sure of AV equipment.

04-05 Symposium Series
Several names were suggested as visitors; further information was requested of those suggesting names.

Climate Audit
Jan and Bob distributed completed responses to the audit worksheet. Time will be devoted next meeting to complete and prioritize the third column of the form. (1st col. - what we're doing; 2nd like to do; future(long-term))

Sexuality Ed. Coord.
Pat reports that recent encounters have been positive, powerful experiences.

That Takes Ovaries: 4/2, 7:30 PM in Crib, NU.

Remaining spring semester meetings: 3/23, 4/ 13 & 27

NEXT MEETING: 03/23/04, Room 200, Green Room, Nebraska Union

February 24, 2004

Attendance: Bob Brown, Sandy Byrd, Jan Deeds, Ryan Fette, Dan Franks, Kris Gandara, Don Hanway, D Moritz, Allen Ratliff, Joy Ritchie, Rachael Stern, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, and George Wolf.

General Announcements: Bob has been invited to present the climate study to the Emeriti Association on 3/18.

Rachael asked letters of support for the open letter concerning vandalism.

The 2/10/04 minutes were approved.

Treasury - No report

Spectrum - GLBT College Conference support by the Committee was acknowledged gratefully by Ryan and Allen, who reported on their experiences. Ryan reported a very positive experience. He shared a letter from Julie Dierberger describing what she gained from the conference. Allen was stimulated to plan connections with other Nebraska college groups.

Rachael was voted student co-chair for the CGLBTC.

Asst. Director for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services - Speakers Bureau is going strong; allies are powerful presenters. Oct 11: there is a proposal to wear purple hats. A keynote speaker from HRC has been identified, one who will come at no cost to us.

Teach-in - Positive DN coverage was noted, as were negative letters to the LJS editor.

Sexuality Ed Coord - Vagina Monologues raised $6400.


Awards - Joy distributed forms for the student award. Plans are proceeding for the Chancellor's Award event.

Curriculum - It is important to know what our visitors are told when they are invited. We recognize that this process is an exploratory one. We are seeking information.

Climate Audit - Jan and Bob distributed an audit worksheet. It will be sent out online. Committee members need to complete it immediately so we can identify priorities for the meeting with Chancellor Perlman.

Textbooks - Getting organized

Remaining spring semester meetings: 3/9 & 23, 4/ 13 & 27

NEXT MEETING: 03/09/04, Nebraska Union, Room 200 (Student Involvement Green Room)

February 10, 2004

Attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Ryan Fette, Dan Franks, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, D Moritz, Allen Ratliff, Joy Ritchie, Rachael Stern, Pat Tetreault, Vern Williams, George Wolf, and Cay Yamamoto

The 1/20/04 minutes were approved.

Treasury - Our current total is somewhat in flux.
A request was presented by D Moritz for $150 to support Spectrum students' attendance at the Midwest GLBT College Conference in Ames, IA. This was approved.

Spectrum - Execs now meet at 2:30 on Mon. in the office. As a reminder, everyone is welcome at Spectrum Exec. Board and organizational meetings. The fund-raiser on 2/14 to clean Devaney after the basketball game is going ahead.

Asst. Director for GLBT Programs and Services - Even though the snow reduced attendance, the Student Affairs GLBT training workshop was held on the last Sunday in January. Thirty-five attended the presentation. Requests continue to come in for workshops.

Vandalism - Further vandalism has occurred and was reported and documented. Biology has requested information for a bulletin board there.

Teach-in, 2/12-13 - The schedule was distributed, and it was noted that a number of committee members are on the program

Meeting with Chancellor - has been set for 4/15, 3:30, in the Conference Room. As noted in the last minutes, the overview committee's report should provide guidance for the report.


Awards - As a reminder, the deadline for nominations was 2/11/04. The committee met on 2/13 to consider nominees and procedures for the student award.

Symposium Series - Needed funds now have been secured for Dragonsani Renteria. Plans for the visit appear to be progressing well. For 2004-2005 Barry Chung and Deidre McCalla were suggested.

Remaining spring semester meetings: 2/24, 3/9 & 23, 4/ 13 & 27

Curriculum - Mark van Roojen, Philosophy, shared his observations about including GLBT issues in his own curriculum, as well as those of other departments at UNL.

NEXT MEETING:2/24/04, Nebraska Union, Room 200 (Student Involvement Green Room)

January 20, 2004

Attendance: Joy Arbor, Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Dan Franks, Don Hanway, Deb Hope, D Moritz, Allen Ratliff, Rachael Stern, Vern Williams, George Wolf, and Cay Yamamoto

Those present introduced themselves to start the first meeting of the spring.

The 12/09/03 minutes were approved.

Treasury – Our current total is $3604.25.

Don Hanway's note was read thanking the Committee for its recognition of his contributions on the occasion of his retirement.


President's position has been filled. Congratulations Allen Ratliff. Nominations are currently open for Vice President, but the elections for that position are delyed until the role of the VP has been clarified. Spectrum presented the proposal that the vice-president serve as co-chair of CGLBTC. It was suggested that this should be approved through Spectrum and the committee would agree to their decision.

Spectrum is seeking means of collaboration with other groups. They would like persons who have been involved in GLBT work to come to their meetings to discuss those persons' work, as well as to give Spectrum members a chance to get to know them as persons. Meetings this semester are 6:30-8 PM, Thursdays (room posted). Execs meet 1-1:45, Tuesdays in the Spectrum office (Room 234 Nebraska Union). As a reminder, everyone is welcome at Spectrum meetings.

Spectrum members will be cleaning Devaney after the basketball game on 2/14 as a fundraiser for the organization. Help needed!

Rachael noted that Spectrum hadn't been credited for its support in a few instances. She asked help in determining what they could do to avoid the problem in the future.

Teach-in, 2/12-13 – Focusing on GLBT issues and growing out of the recently publicized GLBT bulletin board vandalism in Andrews Hall. The event will include speakers, panels, films with break-out sessions all during both days, 9-3 in Bailey Library, Room 228 Andrews. A Read-in will be held from 11:30 to 1 on both days. All are invited. Faculty are especially encouraged to bring their classes. A diverse audience is sought. Information: In the discussion Jan suggested the idea of departmental representatives to the GLBTC Committee.

Asst. Director for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services

Copies of the Spanish version of ally card information were distributed. D's meeting with deans & directors in Student Affairs to discuss her position resulted in a number of requests. She is meeting/has met also with the recruitment and retention group. The GLBTA speakers bureau has been reorganized. It now has three components:

1. an increased education element in the general presentation
2. a classroom panel presentation
3. ally training

General Speaker's Bureau training is to take place Sunday afternoon, Jan. 25 in the Union. Also, Speakers Bureau information also will be available at the Volunteer Fair. D shared the poster regarding reporting discriminatory acts against GLBT students (but most parsimoniously). Student Involvement has paid for 50 more. D has had conversations about a more effective monitoring system in the Union for destructive acts. On 2/6 at 7 PM the Pride Players will be on campus (Webmaster's note: this has been postponed). UPC is funding the visit and will ask the Chancellor to request that faculty attend to learn something of high school students' experience.

Some UNL students (Spectrum members) will be attending a Midwest GLBT conference in Ames, IA on 2/13-14.

Three UNL students and a staff member will talk about their lives with students at the Med Center on 2/16.

Gay History Month Committee for 2004 will be organized this spring. D asked for events to be listed. The dinner is scheduled for 10/28 in the Union. D asked for a proclamation from the governor; she will ask one from the mayor and chancellor as well.

Martin Luther King Celebration
The Chancellor's remarks about the bulletin board in Andrews were noted with gratification. D is co-chair for 2005.

Meeting with Chancellor - We need to establish a date and begin to identify items.

Staff Co-chair for CGLBTC is needed.

Diversity Learning Communities - Rachael noted the need to include GLBT concerns. D indicated that discussion is on-going regarding GLBT inclusion.


Textbook Subcommittee - Has developed a plan; more forthcoming.

Awards - The date for the faculty/staff award tentatively is 3/24. Forms are available and announcements were placed in the Scarlet and campus-wide email. As a reminder, the deadline for nominations is 2/11/04. Procedures for the student award will follow last year’s precedent.

Overview Group - Is working on a model, which will provide organization for the meeting with the chancellor as well.

Symposium Series - Fees Allocation Committee decision on support for Dragonsani Renteria’s visit is imminent.

George asked for ideas about next year's series between now and next meeting. Jan suggested that ideas be posted on the listserv. D is seeking funds from UPC for programs.

Remaining spring semester meetings: 2/10 & 24, 3/9 & 23, 4/ 13 & 27

NEXT MEETING: 2/10/04, Room 200 (Green Room in Student Involvement) Nebraska Union