CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2005

November 22, 2005

Cay Yamamoto, Debbie Krahmer, Emily Dvorak, Ryan Fette, Jan Deeds, Bob Brown, George Wolf, Deb Hope, Chuck Rensink, Gina Matkin

Revisions to the minutes -- submitted by George. [Change 135 to 185 on number of people in attendance at Dave Johnson lecture. A few English Professor editing changes.] All changes made to web version of minutes as well as being noted here. Thanks for your attention to detail, George.

Bob Brown was our speaker for "Victories and Struggles..."

Conference on Motivation Update from Deb:
March 30 and 31, 2006

Thursday - late pm, Reception with booths and tables with relevant groups displaying materials
Friday pm - Panel discussion with people from community. CGLBTC should send one person to represent UNL interests.

Luncheon speaker being sought to talk about GLBT issues and the law. Perhaps Lambda or HRC.
No fee to attend and folks can show up anytime, sit in on session when they want, etc.

Publicity will be out soon referring people to website where information on speakers, times, etc. can be found.

Ryan asked if QSA students could be involved. Deb suggested that students look at schedule when it comes out, think about how they would like to be involved and they can talk about it at a later date.
CGLBT can help publicize that the sessions are open to everyone and that many non-Psychologists will benefit from the sessions.

George asked if the Women's Studies minor and other faculty who teach GLBT courses have been invited.

Members are asked to check the website and let Deb know if there are any speakers we might want to have come in early to address our groups or classes.

Ryan talked about the Nebraska GLBT Student Conference ("slangily" called the Big Gay Get Together). Held sometime in April. Asked for speakers to come and talk or present workshops at the event. For example, Deb could come and talk about Lesbian families...

George asked what we could provide that students are not getting. Ryan suggested talking about curriculum issues. Practical information on ways to help change their curriculum information to include GLBT issues and make their campuses safer. Also could talk about how to form groups -- one college didn't even have a Women's Center. Many students did not even talk about faculty/staff mentors or allies.

Deb suggested considering the first weekend of April as it would be in the shirt tail of the Motivaion Conference. There could be some overlap or sharing of speakers, resources, etc. Emily suggested that publicizing a schedule of events might help increase attendance.

Jan - Awards Ceremony
Jan will post the list of tasks that need to be completed on Blackboard. Wants committee to look at list and let Jan know how people will be involved. Jan suggested perhaps seeing if we can have the awards ceremony at the beginning of he week of the Motivation Conference. It could be BIG GAY WEEK!

Chuck, Deb, and a yet to be named first year student will be on the selection committee. Jan will chair.

Jan asked for a volunteer to chair the Open House committee. Gina did this last year. Jan reminded us that even if you cannot attend meetings, you can still be involved in the work of the committee. Open House date set for April 4th. Jan will patiently wait for a volunteer to chair the committee...she's still waiting...

George suggested we need to think about how we reach out to new members. How can we break through, not only the Homophobia that might exist out there, but also the perception that people might have that they don't need to be involved b/c others are already doing this work. Jan also suggested that we might examine our policies and practices to see if we might be doing things that make it hard for some to be involved. Also talked about how to get more "junior faculty" involved by having work on this committee seen as their service to the University.

George thought that a DN story on the committee might help us to become more visible and seen as more legitimate as being an official University Committee. Debbie mentioned that her work on the committee appeared to be a "non-issue" in her second year faculty review.

Deb will check with Jeff in SOFS about getting monthly statements to be posted on Blackboard.

Jan mentioned that since George is stepping down as Faculty Chair, we need to identify a new chair or at least talk about how we can make sure that there is a faculty person to call upon when a faculty voice (or signature) is needed. George stressed that is might be important to have a faculty co-chair to add (unfortunately) credibility among faculty.

VC for Student Affairs search process - Chaired by Hauffman, Stan Campbell, Linda Major, Helen Moore, Ted Pardee all a part of the committee.

NOTE: December 13th meeting cancelled. Next meeting, January 10th, 2006, 3:30. Room 200 Nebraska Union (Green Room).

Meeting dates for Spring Semester -- Jan 10, 24; Feb 14, 28; Mar 14; April 4, 11, 25; May 9, 23.

November 8, 2005

Meeting called at 3:38 pm

Attendance: Art Garza, Kyle Burnett, Jan Deeds, Deb Hope, Bob Brown, George Wolf, Debbie Krahmer, Derek Robinson, Allen Ratliff, Chuck Rensink

George Wolf was our focus person for victories and struggles.

Dave Johnson contacted George to say thanks for his visit to Lincoln. He says he received "rock star treatment." There were about 185 people at the main presentation. George said that in one of Dave’s classroom visits the students demonstrated a great deal of understanding and were very engaged in the discussion.

Career services at UNL will be participating in a teleconference about career counseling needs of GLBT people. Jan will be attending the phone conference.

GLBT History Month Events Discussion. Suggestions from the Committee include having the MCs announce RestRoom breaks between the meal and the program. 112 attendance up from 91 last year and 85 from the year before that. Maybe make the seating chart more visible. It was also suggested that some music be performed during the reception or on the program. Stress the importance of the banquet as a real celebration of the month and of surviving in a hostile climate. People are coming who are rarely seen on campus. Get more department involvement to buy a table. Take a look at the MLK Breakfast (sponsored in the Lincoln community which usually brings in 600 people) and how we can get more people. Political and Entertainment aspects of the dinner. Jan would like some brownies at the next banquet. Get more information ahead of time to people who coordinate diversity events within departments, for example the Library contact person who sends out newsletters to the staff about diversity opportunities.

Time to decide when to schedule our next meeting with the Chancellor. We made a list of things we’d like to talk with him about, things we’d like to have him look into plus updates for him about our work (LGBT Minor and the work that has gone on in QSA.)
a. Start by determining what we want to tell him. Then fix the date.
b. Incident at the Oklahoma Football game: there have been no public comments from the administration about the incident. The brief time when we had a teachable moment has probably passed. The UNL police were very responsive to our questions and handled the incident well from the Committee's perspective. Deb offered to write a thank you note to Chief Owen Yardley for the chairs to sign, with a copy sent to the Chancellor. When we meet with the Chancellor we will offer suggestions about how we’d like to have future incidents handled from the administration side.
c. Where is the diversity plan? Who is on the committee? We want to know more about this, and to learn if GLBT issues are being included.
d. We'd like to emphasize the need for GLBT representation on Committees such as the search for Dr. Griesen's replacement and other searches.

Athletic Department
We discussed our questions about the status of GLBT people within the athletic department and the atmosphere there. We will invite representatives (like Dennis LeBlanc) to meet with us and bring us up to date on the situation and if we can be of assistance.

Wrapped up at 5:04PM

October 25, 2005

Meeting called at 3:42 pm

Attendance: Jan Deeds, Cay Yamamoto, Kris Gandara, Kyle Burnett, Alan Ratliff, Art Garza, Don Hanway, Vern William, D. Moritz, Derek Robinson

A brief overview on the new system of communication for CGLBTC was explained by Jan.

5 minute focus:
Bob could not make it today so Don gave his story.

Continued discussion on events for the future
Spring Semester:
These are events we are definitely planning for next semester.

Meredith Bacon (former president of UNO academic senate, transgender person): D reports that she has been in contact with Meredith since August trying to schedule a Student Affairs in-service and Housing presentation. We clarified that at our last meeting we discussed having a transgender speaker as part of our symposium series, and thought Meredith would be a good choice. Pat Tetreault was going to contact her, but we don’t know if that’s happened yet. D will call Pat and coordinate efforts.

Psych Symposium March 30 & 31: Visit this website for info about the symposium which has as its focus Contemporary Perspectives on Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Identities. ( We want to work with Deb Hope to collaborate in whatever way we can.

CGLBTC Open House Feb. [invite HRC regional Rep?]

Awards reception and ceremony (April – based on Chancellor's calendar)

Nebraska GLBTA Student conference - April-(include GSA's like last year) Some separate programming threads for college and GSA's?

Don Hanway - Book signing and reading (Perhaps he keynotes the Annual Dinner in October?)

Check the Blackboard site for Discussion threads about planning these events. Please indicate which ones you'd like to help with.

Future activities (Next academic year or later)
Building on GLBT minor - invite speakers from areas/disciplines not included yet (like Political Science, Anthropology). Have them stress why it's important to include their discipline in this minor. (D suggests Arthur Lipkin from one of the Iowa’s schools).

Bringing a lawyer/Legal Expert- Law college GLBT group collaborate?
- LAMBDA Legal defense
- James Esseks- ACLU GLBT

Judith Halberstam- November- Kris and Amelia will work together on grant proposals to bring Judith here during Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Possible learning community for the minor. Activities and classes are just one way to get this idea out there. Connect with LGBT Minor, Apply for a Teaching and Learning Initiatives grant perhaps? Jan and Bob are interested in this, and D has been talking with Deb Mullen about concerns related to a Learning Community. We will pull together a group to discuss further.

Focus on local resources for people who are experiencing discrimination and harassment. Who are the GLBT friendly law enforcement and other resource people in Lincoln.

"It's Elementary" Producers (Chasnoff?) – parenting issues

FCS faculty or other speaker to talk about GLBT families

Future topic for background work, not a speech: Adding a place on the housing forms assessing comfort with GLBT room mates. We will follow up with Chris Kaberline coming to a CGLBTC meeting to discuss what currently happens. D believes that if a GLBT student's room mate moves out because of their roommate's sexual orientation, there is currently a policy not to force the GLBT student to pay for a single because of the roommate’s decision.

Table for GLBT history month dinner. So far we have Jan and D. sitting at the table all by their lonesome.

Ends at 4:52 p.m.

Next meeting November 8th, 3:30 pm, 200 Nebraska Union (the Green Room).

October 11, 2005 -- Happy Coming Out Day!

Meeting called at 3:38 pm
Attendance: Derek Robinson, Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Cay Yamamoto, Kris Gandara, Pat Tetreault, George Wolf, Kyle Burnett, Ryan Fette, Alan Ratliff, Amelia Montes

Jan will be giving Blackboard classes for those who do not know how to properly use it or who are unfamiliar with the application.

As part one of our new "Victories and Struggles" portion of the meetings, Jan told her story about becoming involved in the struggle for GLBT rights. George Wolf will be the featured person at the next meeting.

We brainstormed topics/speakers for future Symposia and general committee activities.
Suggestions for legal expert to come and speak with the law students about constitutional issues involving gay marriage. Possible connecting with the Law school group and see if they wanted to be involved with us. Jan will see if Susan Poser is still the advisor and contact her. (Program for next fall)

Another speaker about being GLBT while being disabled, like Drago Renteria.

Curriculum speaker as far as the GLBT Minor. Just had the speakers panel and was well attended. New faces attended the panel with John Younger about the importance of having a GLBT studies minor. We discussed focusing on someone whose work is in GLBT sociology or political science.

Meredith Bacon from UNO. Could do a student affairs staff development, and perhaps could connect with our Academic Senate.

Classes or speakers on talking about raising same-sex families and the adoption process, broadening the definition of family.

World/international view of GLBT issues.
Female Masculinity/ drag king: author Judith Halberstone is interested in speaking at UNL. Amelia is going to be writing a proposal for this idea ?. For November 2006 possibly. Someone needs to coauthor. Volunteers?

Could we plan some kind of a social? Help build friendships within the committee. We need to find a place that's not noisy where we can look at each other. We will brainstorm location ideas on Blackboard in the Discussion section. Is there someplace with a party room, so we’re not just sitting, where it could be more like a cocktail party (with or without cocktails?)

GLBT History Month Review and updates
Barry Chung: Human Rights symposium audience gave him high marks, with 9 out of 10 participants giving him a 5 out of 5. Made good connections with career services people, and QSA has been contacted about having someone from CS come to a meeting to tell the group more about what Career Services can do. Dr. Chung enjoyed his time here, and was happy to have a chance to speak with so many students groups as well as with faculty, staff and community members.

Opening Ceremony: every thing went well. An ASUN representative and Senior Vice Chancellor Barbara Couture accepted the Mayor's proclamation. Signing of the ally card has gone very well.

Dave Johnson's visit the Tuesday 25th at 7:30. Remind people about this opportunity to learn about the anti-gay discrimination led by Nebraska Senator Wherry during the 1950's.

The CGLBTC will purchase a table at the Annual Dinner (Oct 27). Jan will contact Deb Hope to initiate the purchase.

Upcoming meetings: Jan will contact Dave Wilson and ask him to come speak with us about his perspective on GLBT status at UNL.(UPDATE: Jan has postponed Dave's visit so it doesn't coincide with the Dave Johnson day) Dave has moved from being a faculty member in Education to work with the office of Graduate Studies, and is currently working with Senior VC Couture and others on the Teaching and Learning Initiatives grants and other projects. We will meet with Dave for about 30 minutes, and then develop a list of activities and goals for the Committee for the remainder of this academic year. Please consider inviting someone to attend with you who you would like to have as a committee member.

Meeting ends at 4:57 pm

Next meeting: October 25, 3:30 - 5, Nebraska Union, Room 200, "The Green Room"

September 30, 2005
Opening Ceremony Agenda

11:45 MC identifies self, gives welcome, brief purpose of the Opening Ceremony and introduces the Mayor. (This should take 1 – 2 minutes.)

The Mayor steps forward, the Vice Chancellor and the Student Body President steps forward. The Mayor reads the Proclamation and presents to the Vice Chancellor and Omaid.

The Vice Chancellor gives brief words of acceptance.

Omaid gives brief words of acceptance.

ALLY Card person (Pat Tetreault) steps forward and makes brief remarks about card. Mayor, Vice Chancellor, and Student Body President are asked to step forward to sign card.

MC member closes ceremony with words of thanks and invites others to sign the ALLY card. It now should be 12:00!

Questions, D. Moritz, 2-1752

September 27, 2005

Meeting called at 3:35pm

Present Derek Robinson, Allen Ratliff, Jan Deeds, Pat Tetreault, Amelia Montes, Ryan Fette, Cay Yamamoto, Bob Brown, Kris Gandara, Debbie Krahmer, George Wolf, Art Garza, Kyle Burnett.

Submitted by Kyle Burnett, who has graciously agreed to serve as recorder this year.


Amelia Left early to greet Dr. Emma Perez, who is speaking Thursday 3:00-5 in the Nebraska Union on the importance of ethnic studies. Women's Studies is completely prepared for her to be here, and asks Committee members to encourage people to attend.

QSA Report: Queer Student Alliance decided not to participate in fund raising to send two students to the "Creating Change Conference" in November. Reasons are they don't want to be repeatedly asking the same sources for funds, since they'll be looking for support to send two vans full of QSA students to the Midwest LGBTA College Conference that occurs in February. QSA used this opportunity to use their new consensus decision-making model, and the membership confirmed that they had confidence in and agreed with the decisions made by the Leadership Team about this issue.

Attended Almost Normal at the Ross. Jan led a Same Sexpectations activity at the QSA meeting last week and everyone thought it was awesome. Next Week table tent folding on Sept 29 for History Month, in conjunction with some Resident Assistants. The Bake sale is October 11th , featuring Gay baked goods; you'll be receiving an order form so you can preorder your QSA treats. QSA public relations chair Allen was invited to the Council of Student Affairs Directors' bi-weekly meeting with student leaders.

Treasure: Deb was ill, so no report.

D's report submitted her report by email:

A.D. Report 9/27/05
September 15, 2005
Attended UNO’s "Safe Space Initiative" committee meeting.

Gave packets of information about our various areas under the "umbrella".

(I.e. QSA, CGLBTC, ALLY Program, "Safe Space" training, Executive Summary of Dr. Brown's Campus Climate Survey, etc.)

UNO is only in the talking stages of starting a "Safe Space" program. They do not have a "Safe Zone" or "Safe Space" in place at this time.

2005 GLBT History Month
All PR printed and out. Will have website add the college for David Johnson. (Editor’s note: the agenda for the Opening Ceremony this Friday is included at the end of this document.)

"Creating Change" Conference
QSA Leadership Team discussed attending the conference. After considering the cost of sending 1 ($850) or 2 ($1750) to "Creating Change" versus QSA's desire to send as many QSA members to the Midwest CGLBTQ, the Leadership Team voted not to support funding. This decision was taken to the QSA meeting on Sept. 22, 2005 and the membership was in agreement with the Leadership Team. There was discussion regarding scholarships from the National Task Force. Upon checking, application deadlines for scholarships have passed. Based on all the information I have gathered, I withdraw the proposal to pursue any further funding.

Pat Tetreault: Participated in a community group working to reduce hate crimes. Educating LPS teachers on GLBT issues being worked into the curriculum. We discussed how this connects/supports Bob Brown's summer class and our efforts to support CEHS in developing LGBT friendly environment. In October the HIV testing site will change the times to 2:00-4:30. Pat will update this data on line. Looking for help staffing the up in coming events like Ally card celebration. Contact Pat for more info 472-7447.

Jan: Career Services staff is meeting with Barry Chung at 9 on Monday Oct 3. Everyone is invited to a brown bag lunch with Barry on Monday at 11:30 in the Women’s Center. Be sure to attend his presentation "Career Success for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students" Oct 3 at 7 pm. He is speaking at the Lincoln Human Rights Commission Employment Issues Symposium on Oct 4. CGLBTC will meet with him @3:30 pm Tuesday, and then QSA is sponsoring a pasta/salad dinner with him in a room in the Union from 5 to 7ish. Call Jan for more info, 472-2598

Making CGLBTC a fun place: proposed to use blackboard to carry out the reports. Reasons Blackboard makes communication more accessible and would give more times in the meetings to focus on the important things.

Should we add Ally to our name it would make more people comfortable participating? Explain a little bit about one person at the next meeting to give it a more personable feeling. Jan is going to set up Blackboard, and have people send their reports through it and the list serve. Use the time in meetings talking about what we want to do, collaboration and creativity time.

Next Meeting: October 11, 2005

September 13, 2005

Present Bob Brown, D Moritz, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff, Cay Yamamoto, Ryan Fette, Linda Major, Chuck Rensink, Nicholas Kunz.

Minutes of August 23, 2005 were approved.

Allen Ratliff, PR Chair for the Queer Student Alliance reported that the group was gearing up for History Month.

Jan reported the Deb Hope, Treasurer, sent a note indicating there no changes in the account.

D Moritz, AD for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services passed out a handout, which included notation of the service learning volunteer fair, her discussion with Dean Kostelnik and Julie Johnson of CEHS about possible workshops, her pre and post survey evaluation forms, and planned meeting with UNO Diversity and Equity committee.

D. noted that the PR related to History month events will come out of her budget and this would include the posters and fliers.

D proposed that the Committee consider sponsoring a student or students to attend the "Creating Change Seminar" in Oakland, CA on November 10, 2005.

Discussion followed on the value of having two students attend and possible expenses (estimated at $1700). General consensus of the Committee was that everyone would explore possible funding sources and a decision would be made at the next meeting. Chuck Rensink volunteered to work on the application and selection process for choosing the two students.

Memos from Committee members not present:

Pat Tetreault reminds people of the Lincoln premier of the film "Almost Normal" at the Rose Theater on Friday, September 23 through Thursday, September 29.

Amelia Montes reminds us of the visit of D. Emma Perez. She will be talking on Thursday, September 29th in the Union on "Decolonizing the University for Ethnic Studies."

Barb DiBernard reminds folks of the Thursday, September 22 panel discussion facilitated by John Younger from the University of Kansas on "What is LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies and Why Does It Belong in a University?" It will be at 3:30 PM in the Union.

George Wolf notes that his term of faculty co-chair of the Committee ends after this term and folks need to be looking for a successor.

Jan Deeds noted that Barry Chung will be available for a "meet and greet" session on Tuesday, October 4th at 3:30-5:00 PM.

Bob Brown reported on his meeting with Dean Kostelnik and his query to her about how it would be nice if one day the College of Education and Human Sciences was given the Chancellor's Award for Contribution to the GLBT Campus Community. The Dean asked how this could happen so Bob proposed a couple of activities and promised her a follow-up memo. Copies of his memo have been sent to the Dean and other administrators and faculty in CEHS. Copies were passed out. Bob also reported that he has received word that his course/workshop proposal on "Meeting the learning and development needs of GLBT students and families" has been apparently cleared the hurdles in CEHS and has been forwarded to the summer session folks.

The meeting concluded with an open discussion about ways to make the CGLBTC meetings more efficient, productive, and fun. Jan kept notes on the ideas and more discussion will follow.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Brown

August 23, 2005

Present: Jan Deeds, Debbie Krahmer, Kris Gandara, D Moritz, Allen Ratliff, Pat Tetreault,Barbara DiBernard, Amelia Montes, Deb Hope, George Wolf, Chuck Rensink, Bob Brown, Ryan Fette

Minutes of the April meeting were approved without changes.

Allen, who is the PR chair for the Queer Student Alliance, reported on the activities and plans for the student organization. The students had a "cool" booth at the Big Red Welcome events. The organization's regular meetings are Thursday at 6PM. Everyone is invited to the Bake Sale on September 11 at 10-2 P.M. Leadership team meetings are on Tuesdays at 5PM. Allen reminded those present that the group's organizational structure is different this year with several committee chairs rather than a president-vice president structure.

Allen also reported on his experiences and the aftermath of his "outing" on the Tommy Lee TV "reality" show. Some of these have been positive; some have been negative.

Deb Hope, Treasurer, reported that current balance is $3507.72. She has a bill that looks like it is for an IPOD, which is somehow misplaced and should not be credited to CGLBTC. This will be straightened out. Discussion followed on good dates for the annual fund raising letter. February 1, 2006 was put forth as a target date for the Committee’s letter and April or May for the student letter.

Deb also reported on the success of her summer reading course, which had nine students. The students were enthusiastic. The money earned from tuition will go toward special services related to GLBT concerns in the Psych Clinic.

Deb indicated that the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, which will focus on GLBT matters, is scheduled for March 30-31. Prominent speakers will be here,

D, AD for GLBT and Ally Programs and Services, handed out a schedule for History Month events. The Committee agreed to order 11" x 17" posters. D reported making progress in getting a workshop for Deans and Directors, but it will be limited to 30 minutes because of their busy schedules. She noted that the Office of Admissions had a booth at the Omaha Pride gathering. Her handout also noted the numerous works she has offered for RAs through July and August

Pat, Coordinator of the Sexuality Education eXchange & PERSUNL, passed out several handouts regarding related activities such as the Transgender film on September 1. She also noted the revised, enlarged Ally Cards.

Discussion followed on a variety of upcoming events:
September 22. John Younger from Kansas will be here to consult on the GLBT minor
September 25-30. Professor Emma Perez, a historian will be on campus.
October 3. Barry Chung will be here. The Committee authorized $500.00 to cover his airfare.
October 4 is the day of the Lincoln Human Rights Commission annual Employment Issues Symposium where Barry Chung will speak. This is the first time this symposium will include GLBT issues.
October 11 Jennifer Kittrick from Philosophy will be presenting
October 25 Professor Dave Johnson will talk on the "Nebraska Lavender Scare."

Valerie Gortmaker is facilitating a discussion group for women who are lesbian, bisexual or questioning their sexual orientation. Presence and discussion are confidential and non-UNL students are welcome. The group meets at the Women’s Resource Center from noon-1: 30 P.M, Saturdays: Sept 10 & 17; Oct 8. & 22, Nov 5 & 19, and Dec 3. Contact

Bob spoke about his efforts to meet with Dean Kostelnik of CEHS as a follow-up of his meeting with her last year. The purpose of the meeting is to garner her advice and support for a variety of efforts to make the College safe for GLBT students and educate the future teachers and family professionals.

The meeting ended with Bob noting Valerie's academic and athletic accomplishments the past few months: winning a marathon in Kansas (April), placing third in the Lincoln Marathon (May), winning a half-marathon in Iowa (July) completing her dissertation in April, and presenting her GLBT related research at the American Psychological Association in August, and getting a manuscript accepted for publication in 2006. (Bob said he gets his aerobic workshop just enumerating Valerie’s efforts.)

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 13, 3:30 pm. Nebraska City Union, Room 200 (Green Room).

April 12, 2005

Present: George Wolf, Bob Brown, Cay Yamamoto, Robin Whisman, Debbie Krahmer, Gina Matkin, Ryan Fette, Pat Tetreault, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff

Minutes approved (and stupendous, according to George)

Treasurer Report: No change in treasury

D's Report (reported by Gina reading D's e-mail message): Admissions will be present at the Pride Event in Omaha on June 11th. A rep from Admissions and D will be present at the booth. D would also like to have students present. Any volunteers? Contact D if you are interested in volunteering.

Convocations proposals are due today. Jan is working to bring Barry Chung in on October 3rd and 4th. George worked on a proposal for David K. Johnson author of "Lavendar Scare: the Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government" later in the month of October, 2005.

Spectrum Report: Nebraska GLBT Conference, about 30 in attendance, less than expected, but a great event for those who were there. Jan did a "prototype" of Sexpectations for GLBT folks; Bob presented on the Climate Survey; Vern presented on "Being an Ally"' Pat did a safer sex presentation and there were other workshops as well. Ryan complimented the UNLPD on their response to GLBT-related incidents at UNL after hearing the situations and responses on other campuses. An e-mail contact list was established so groups could share information in the coming year. UNL will host again next year. The "Before we are Silent" concert drew about 200 total. Day of Silence events will kick off with a clergy speaker at 9:00 am on the Plaza. APU held a speak out and invited Spectrum members to the event. Allen and Ryan attended the event. They spoke about collaboration and common issues between the many groups in attendance. Culture Center Coalition -- organizations working on trying to make the dream of a new Culture Center a reality -- has been meeting. Spectrum has been included in these meetings. April 14th will be the 35th anniversary of the GLBT student org at UNL. It started in 1970 as the "Gay Action Group." Sacha Sacket wil be coming in for a concert on October 11th.

Pat's Report: Pat will be SPEAKING at the Day of Silence tomorrow at Lincoln High. Health Center test site has been going very well. Planning on moving the test site to UHC for the summer since Cornerstone is not air-conditioned. The move will occur mid-May, hours will be 10 - noon. This week on Thursday at 2:00 will be the first meeting of the planning for the Ally Card 10 Year Celebration. Meeting will be held at the Women's Center.

Proposal: Allen and Ryan made a proposal to start an annual "strategic planning" session that would include all groups and departments working on GLBT issues to coordinate, collaborate and clarify GLBT issues, events and responsibilities at UNL. We will talk about potential dates for this at the next meeting. Suggested the meeting might need to happen over the summer since GLBT History Month happens quickly in the Fall semster (October).

Chancellor's and Student Award: Congratulations to Joy Ritchie and Kris Gandara on their recent GLBT awards. Also thanks to the selection committee (Robin Whisman, Vern Williams and Emily Dvorak) for their hard work on the difficult task of selecting the recipients.

CGLBTC End of the Year (FOOD) Event: Next meeting will be an end of the year dinner at 5:00 (instead of 3:30) at the Oven. We will NOT be meeting at 3:30 and will meet AT the Oven!

Happy Birthday to Bob Brown!

March 22, 2005

Present: George Wolf, Gina Matkin, Debbie Krahmer, Scott Winrow, Ryan Fette, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff, D Moritz, Bob Brown, Robin Whisman, Vern Williams, Deb Hope

Minutes: Kris Gandara clarified that the Curriculum grant mentioned in the last minutes was for Women's Studies and that PART of it would go to developing the GLBT minor. Minutes approved with this correction.

GLBT History Research Project: Allen presented a proposal for research sponsorship for the GLBT history project he is conducting in conjunction with Barbara DiBernard. Allen and Barbara would maintain intellectual property rights, but the committee would be acknowledged in any future publications or presentations. (Ryan pointed out that some of the people Allen needs to interview are "getting on in years" and that this is a good time to conduct the research.) The committee approved this proposal.

Spectrum Report - Ryan reported that the GLBT conference proposal was received by St. Cloud. Spectrum is in the process of reorganization to be a more egalitarian organization.They are also working on the GLBTA Nebraska Conference to be held April 9th from noon to 6. It will be followed by a pre-Day of Silence concert in the Culture Center. Day of Silence planning continues as well as other programming.

Treasurer's Report: Treasury has not changed from last time. Thank you notes for contributions are in progress. No additional donations have been received since last time. Total donations have been around $1100 or $1200.

D Moritz' Report - Deans and Directors have been presented to a second time. D may be conducting a workshop for this group.She is working with Barb Couture and may be presenting to Senior Administration Team. Meg Lauerman has agreed to a workshop on "safe space" for publications staff-- language issues (55 minutes). Still collaborating with Admissions/NSE and "planting seeds." Ally cards will be placed on the back of NSE notebooks. D suggested that if the banner posting spot on the spiral staircase (North entry to the Union) is available, she, CGLBTC and perhaps Spectrum could fund a banner with information about Day of Silence. Ryan offered to check on this and approach Spectrum for funding. CGLBTC approved to pay for 1/3 of the banner. D also mentioned that there would be an RA train the trainer to get more student trainers working on training on GLBT and Ally issues. (NOTE: Ryan stuck his head back in the door after exiting and notified us that the Banner space was available and had been reserved. Thanks, Ryan!)

Letter from Pat -- Recruitment booth for PersUNL next week encouraging students who are interested in being peer educators. Peace bracelets still on sale and will be for sale at Pancakes for Peace.

GLBT Awards -- About 7 nominations (3 for the student award, and 4 for the other) have been received. Committee is meeting tomorrow. Ceremony for the staff award will be Friday, April 8th at 3:30 pm in the City Union. Jan suggested the addition of music to the reception. This was received well. D and Jan both offered to contact some musicians to seek their participation. The student award will be given at the Student IMPACT awards on April 12th. It was suggested that we contact the recipients of the awards ahead of time to allow them to invite family members, etc. D suggested talking to Sean Morrison in Student Involvement regarding the process for the student awards. It was agreed that D would check with Sean and let him know that we would like to let our GLBT recipient ahead of time for the student award. Jan suggested also letting Sean know that GLBT Committee members will be in attendance. Committee agreed to contact the faculty/staff recipient ahead of time and let Sean know that we intend to also let the student award recipient know as well. Jan offered to MC for the faculty/staff award and introduce the Chancellor.


Deb talked about her recent trip to Oregon and the weekly GLBT newpaper. The two top stories when she was there were horrific bashings. Another story talked about the marriage issue in Washington. The paper was quite positive about the issue.

D, George and Vern attended the Democratic party session on bullying. Four of the six GSA's were represented and did a wonderful job.

Jan asked about the need for funding from Faculty Convocations. Deadline for this is April 8th. Jan suggested bring Barry Chung in about career counseling for GLBT students. Jan will get more info on this and report back.

Bob mentioned a section in the APA Grad Association publication on how to apply and select graduate schools. He wondered who he should make this information available to. Career services was suggested as well as Spectrum, and departmental advisors. Debbie suggested that if it was released as a monograph, the libraries would carry it as well.

Debbie announced that Jason Schultz from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (from California) will be coming to talk about rights to digital information. Presentation on April 5th at 1:30 in City Union.

Deb (Hope) announced the Psych of Motivation conference (theme this year on Race and Prejudice) will be held this Thursday and Friday here in the City Union. Don't have to register but all are encouraged to attend sessions that are of interest.

Ed Psych 205 Lecture Series includes sessions on bullying and also on gender and aggression.

Meeting adjourned at 4:44 pm.

March 8, 2005

Present: Jan Deeds, Ryan Fette, Vern Williams, George Wolf, Bob Brown, Cay Yamamoto, Allen Ratliff, Pat Tetreault, Debbie Krahmer, Deb Hope, Kris Gandara

Minutes: George declared the minutes "beautiful" with one minor addition. Add the word, Card, to the paragraph that describes the Alcove Reservation for Ally Information. It now reads "Ally Card Information."


MBLGTACC Conference bid has been submitted (barring any further technology complications). Dr. Griesen has issued a letter of support. The proposed dates may have to be changed since the current dates conflict with the Big 12 Black Student Conference.

GLBT Nebraska State Conference (formerly known as the "Big Gay Gathering") -- April 9th, inviting GSA's in addition to University based groups from across the state.

Tonight -- big important meeting talk at Spectrum meeting. Considering changing structure of group to a less hierarchical one. Tonight will be to talk about it, the week after Spring Break will be to vote on possible changes.

Pancakes for Peace -- April 15th on Plaza. Amnesty International is sponsoring.

Culture Center Group -- Ryan attended meeting to try to raise awareness about getting a new Culture Center built on the East side of the Union. Conversation will be held in the near future with this group to talk about the definition of diversity.

Treasurer's Report -- Total of $1150 in donations so far from fundraising letter. Current balance is $2720.

Pat's Report -- Another year of sold out performances for Vagina Monologues. Quite a success!!! Meeting set for Ally Card 10 year anniversary celebration committee meeting April 14, 2 pm. City Union. PersUNL will have a booth in Union March 28 - April 1. HIV testing is going very well. Will be testing in the Union, April 11th in the City Union.Pat will meet with Charles Johnston at Nebraska Wesleyan. They are sponsoring the Nebraska ICONS performance on March 28, and Pat will help with publicity. MPow er contacts Pat occasionally to ask for feedback on how to reach out to men who have sex with other men and how to do outreach for safer sex. If anyone has any ideas, contact Pat. "Crooked Codpiece" Theatre Group is doing a performance called "Pelvic Variations" which explores gender disputes and differences. It will be at the Loft at the Mill on April 28 - May 1 and May 4 - 6.

Allen's History Project -- Researching the history of GLBT issues at UNL since 1869 for a UCare Project. Cannot get a grant since it is being done as an individual. Allen asked if the CGLBTC might be willing to "sponsor" the project so grants could be applied for. The question becomes, who owns the research if it is published, etc. Allen suggested the Committee consider the request, perhaps explore the consequences of this and bring it to a vote at the meeting after Spring Break. Deb Hope suggested that Allen and Barbara become a sub-committee of the CGLBTC to pursue the project and that they (Allen and Barbara) would maintain intellectual property rights. Asked Barbara and/or Allen to submit a proposal at the next meeting. Deb also generously offered to help with the IRB process since she has a plethora of experience in this area.

Speaking of research sponsored by CGLBTC, Bob said that the GLBT Climate Study publication and design is now being used by several other institutions. Congratulations to Bob and the team!

Dorothy Allison Event -- Visit went extremely well. Very generous and warm. Auditorium was filled and book signing went until about 10:30. She spoke to everyone who wanted to speak with her. Thanks to Spectrum, the CGLBTC and others who helped sponsor this event. Allen and some other students were able to go to lunch and go to the Novel Idea bookstore to talk for awhile with Dorothy. Very powerful experience for Allen and the other students who attended. Dorothy's last words at the airport were, "I had a good time, and I don't always have a good time." Ryan shared that he enjoyed hearing her tell her stories. They are well told when written, but even more real when you hear her speak them. George mentioned her comment to the young people in the audience, "you have to prepare yourself for a dark decade." Some discussion on what that meant. Alan Yates taped the presentation so after Spring Break the tape should be available for check out in Women's Studies or from Barbara.

Awards Committee Report -- Robin send word that no nominations have been received so far, but she is expecting to get a couple of them. They are due this Friday.

Miscellaneous Reports and Announcements

May 21st GLBT Summit meeting sponsored by CFEP, PFLAG and some other groups. Will be at Mahoney State Park. Pat e-mailed and asked for additional information but has not heard back yet.

March 30 and 31 2006 Nebraska Motivation Conference. Deb will send more information as she has it. Theme is "Contemporary Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Identity."

Kris Gandara announced that the GLBT Curriculum Grant was funded for $23,000. Congratulations to Joy, Kris and others involved in this.

Deb also announced the Summer Reading Program focusing on GLBT issues. She mentioned that if graduate students are interested in enrolling, she will negotiate that with them.

PFLAG Omaha and Lincoln went to the legislature to lobby for the Bullying bill this morning. Vern Williams was among them. Said it went well.

Allen announced that the "O-Team" won the ASUN election. This is a very GLBT friendly party. Allen is on the Arts and Sciences advisory board.

Jan reminded us that Women's Week (or Month, or Quarter) is still happening. Please come -- learn and have fun!

Congratulations to Pat Tetreault for receiving the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women award. The ceremony will be this Thursday at 9:30. Everyone is invited.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

February 22, 2005

Present: George Wolf, Bob Brown, Allen Ratliff, Robin Whisman, D Moritz, Erin Bain, Ryan Fette, Gina Matkin, Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Vern Williams, Pat Tetreault, Chuck Rensink, Guest: Barb Baier, secretary for GLBT Democratic Caucus

Minutes: D asked, for the record, that her her reasons for initially voting against Spectrum funding for the GLBT conference be clarified. She feels that we don’t have a consistent process for voting on things and that she did not have an opportunity to ask questions before the vote was taken. After clarifying with the students, she felt that funding from the committee was appropriate.
Minutes approved with this addendum.

Treasurer: Checks are coming in from the Fundraising Letter. More information at our next meeting.

NGLBTA Student Conference will be on April 9th, with a "before we’re silent concert" that evening to precede April 13th Day of Silence. Next week Melissa Finlaw-Draper will speak about homosexuality and religion at the Spectrum meeting.

MBLGTACC Conference – Ryan and Allen reported there were wonderful speakers (Terry Tafoya, Mandy Carter, Troy Benacort, etc.). Theme was Building Bridges and connecting communities of oppression. Pro-life GLBT session was very controversial; Spectrum brought away lots of ideas: being less hierarchical in group structure, getting more Allies involved in Spectrum (perhaps to coincide with the 10 Year anniversary of the Ally card).

Warren Blumenfeld was at conference. Is now a faculty member in Curriculum and Instruction at Iowa State. Pat and Jan attended session on Lesbian Sexual Health that was good.

Ryan announced that Spectrum is considering putting in a bid to bring the conference to UNL in 2007. Not yet confirmed, but they are discussing it this Thursday at 5 pm in the Spectrum office. Everyone is invited.

Everyone in attendance said the trip was enjoyable as well as enlightening.

Guest: Barb Baier – She and Lyn Quenzer have advocated for LGBT issues to be on the Democratic platform. Got great support – much from outstate Nebraska. Worked on by-laws and then worked on campaigns during the last election. In process of developing "Issue Forums" to educate other Democrats and the public in general about GLBT issues. First one was last night. Victory Fund is a national network of donors who help candidates with funding, etc. March 20th forum will be held at 25th and N (Communication Network workers Union Hall),featuring a panel from Lincoln Public Schools Gay/Straight Alliances.The Caucus is asking for Spectrum representative for the panel. Talking about anti-bullying and harassment issues, and a safe learning environment for all. Amy Miller will be there to talk about legal issues. "Patriot's" dinner this Saturday (26th). Want a good showing at the dinner. If anyone is interested, let Barb know ($50 per person) ASAP. If you can't go but want to donate to someone else attending, that is great, too.

Pat Tetreault's Report -- Peace bracelets "cultivate peace" flyers passed out. Booth this week in Union. Vagina Monologues info passed out and other flyers, and announced 2nd site for HIV testing again.

Alcove is reserved for the week of October 10th, 2005 for History of Ally Cards at UNL information. First one identified to be distributed was at Ball State in 1992.

Also looking for students interested in PersUNL – all peers are graduating. Please help spread the word if you know anyone interested in sexuality or sexual health.

Dorothy Allison – Regency reserved for reception. Books are in with a display at the UNL Bookstore. Event is at 7:30 on March 3 in the Nebraska Union Auditorium.

D Moritz' Report – Kinsey Sicks has been contracted by UPC and will be coming. D has discussed her concerns with Amanda. Was told that they tailor their act to each University and that campuses where they have performed have seen an increase in interest in GLBT issues and decrease in harassment, etc. March 22nd performance – City Union.

D asked Robin to talk about the presentations at the Med Center. Groups were very quiet and did not ask questions well. Panelists used questions from cards or prompted group to see what information they might want/need. Went well. D said that there has been an increase in doctors' wanting info on how they can better serve the GLBT population. The questions are more advanced and complex – not just GLBT 101 questions.

D (on her own time) went and testified on LB 627; (bullying bill). Dept. of Education came and testified against the bill. D invited others to educate themselves on the bill and the issues (check out the legislative website) and get involved. Ten GSA students from Fremont showed up to testify as well.

FYI: Fair employment bill (sponsored by Ernie Chambers) will be debated tomorrow at 1 pm. March 2nd is the housing bill (sponsored by Dave Landis).

GLBT History Month – Will hold a meeting with past committee members and have them bring others who are interested in participating on the committee. Committee is open to new participants as well. D will let us know when the date of the meeting is. Let D know if you are interested in attending the meeting and getting involved. D is committed to having a good number of Allies on the committee as well. Important for Allies to take these issues on as their own. Ryan indicated he is interested in serving on the committee.

GLBT Awards Committee
Nominations are open and due March 11. Please tell everyone and make nominations yourself.

Tonight at 7:30 – Brother to Brother
Barbara has a student to work on the BB in Andrews Hall. Please send any information you would like posted to Barbara.

February 8, 2005

Present: George Wolf, Barbara DiBernard, Pat Tetreault, Allen Ratliff, Emily Dvorak, Jan Deeds, Gina Matkin

D Moritz, and Robin Whisman at Omaha Medical Center doing presentation. Bob Brown, Vern Williams and Deb Hope unable to attend today.

Approval of Minutes: Changes to last month's minutes: D Moritz expresses her support of the funding for the Spectrum students to attend the Midwest GLBT Conference. Deb offered the following clarifications: The course Spring 2006 is Psychology of Diversity and is 1/3 gender, 1/3 ethnicity and 1/3 sexual orientation. The summer readings course for Summer 2005 is Psychology of sexual orientation.
Minutes approved with above changes.

Fundraising letter is out! Database of names is being created future use. Deb unable to be at meeting today. No change in financials since last time.

Noon - Big Gay Get together, April 9th.
7:00 pm Day of Silence and "Before we are Silent" Concert at end of the Big Gay Get Together
Day of Silence activities – April 12th
PFLAG agreed to support Spectrum to the tune of $550 for the Midwest Conference
Volunteer Training this Thursday, 6 pm
Pride bracelets for sale for $2.

Dorothy Alison Visit:
Lunch with committee and students is being planned
Lecture March 3rd, 7:30 pm
Barbara – UPC gave $1500 for Dorothy Alison so the money is now all raised for her visit. Auditorium is reserved for the event. Books have been ordered to sell. Several classes are requiring their students to attend. Publicity is out for the event.

Pat Tetreault
Distributed cards for the Vagina Monologue.
Committee is granted two seats to a dress rehearsal. More on this later.
PersUNL has expanded their HIV testing sites. This will allow those being tested to get their results in one week instead of two weeks. Sites include UHC (Room 158D) on the 1st and 3rd Friday from 3 – 4:30 pm and Cornerstone 2nd and 4th Saturday from 1 – 3 pm. Testing was done on 145 people in 2004. MPHC (National Council of Black Franternities and Sorities will show “A Closer Walk” on 2/9 at 7 pm in the Auditorium of the City Union. The movie will be followed by a discussion.

National LGBT Health Awareness Week, March 13 – 19, 2005. A project of the National Coalition for LGBT Health.

This is the 10th year of Ally cards on campus. The original cards were in response to an outcry from UNL about the distribution of small pink triangle stickers to all faculty and staff. Pat brought the Ally cards as a way to distribute the symbol and the information along with corresponding education about what it means. Pat would like to do a 10 year celebration event in recognition of this anniversary. The even could recognize the history and the importance of having this program on campus for the past 10 years. Suggestions included a “huge” Ally card that people could sign or a way for people to submit stories of Ally’s who have inspired them.

Allen's UCARE Project – History of GLBT Issues at UNL
Allen is really excited. Research and interviews will be conducted to write a comprehensive history of Spectrum. Looking for grants and funding to support the project. George suggested that at the end and beginning of "In the Life" supporters are listed. Jan suggested checking he web for the supporting sponsors. Terry Watanabe from Oriental Trading Company has a foundation as well. Allen will check this out. GLSEN was suggested as well. Part of the project will involve working heavily with the archives of the library as well as the Historical Society and the Lincoln Journal Star. Allen will be contacting people for interviews. He is very open to ideas and suggestions.

Chancellor's Award Update
Press release and forms are done. Applications are due March 11th. Award ceremony April 7 at 3:30 (It’s on the Chancellor’s calendar) GLBT student award will be presented April 12th in conjunction with the Student Leadership award ceremony hosted by Student Involvement. Information will be posted on the website.

Melissa Rigney sent an e-mail to Jan -- Interested in a Panel event in March – GSA Panel with students. Thought she would be at meeting today but in her absence, Jan read a synopsis of her letter. March 19th or 20th possible dates. Is the committee interested in sponsoring? Should Spectrum and Women’s Center co-sponsor as well? Committee suggested March 19th or 20th would NOT work as it is the end of Spring Break. The Committee asked for more information and a representative from the group to come to a meeting so questions could be asked and further clarifications could be obtained.

GLBT ICON Performance -- March 28th at 7:30 pm. ODonnell Auditorium. Event is being sponsored by NWU Plains Pride. We all need to help get the word out since the O’Donnell holds about 1500.

GLBT Law Student Organization: Discussion of how we might support the GLBT Law Student Association. It was suggested that we make sure the students are invited to the Big Gay Get Together. Additionally, Jan suggested inviting the advisor, Susan Poser, to one of our meetings to see how we might better support the needs of these students.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 22nd, 3:30 – 5, Room 200, Nebraska Union (Green Room)

Check out the website for additional meeting dates and other information:

January 25, 2005

Present: Sean Morrison, Bob Brown, Robin Whisman, Deb Hope, Don Hanway, Allen Ratliff, Erin Bain, Ryan Fette, George Wolf, Pat Tetreault, D. Moritz, Vern Williams, & Debbie Krahmer.

Sean Morrison presented the Committee with suggested changes planned for the Chancellor’s Leadership Recognition ceremony, which recognizes staff and students who have a significant impact on the campus community. (This year’s awards are planned for April 12, 2005 at 4:30 PM). The plan is to focus on the "big awards" and to consolidate some of the awards.

Questions of Sean focused on the how the changes would effect the GLBT student leadership award. It appeared that the main difference would be that a broader committee of folks would select the awardee, rather than the CGLBTC or a subcommittee of CGLBTC.

After discussion (attempting to clarify the distinction between the Chancellor’s Award and the student leadership awards) further discussion was tabled.

Minutes of the January 11, 2005 meeting were approved with an addendum:
D. Moritz's department will take care of the remaining cost of the buttons.

Ryan Fette requested money to support students attending the MBLGTACC Conference on February 18, 2005. Ryan presented a detailed budget that included estimated expenses for students and staff attending.

After discussion, the Committee approved $235.00 be allocated for Spectrum student hotel expenses. It was understood that staff attendees would be seeking support from their respective office budgets or elsewhere.

Treasurer's Report: Deb Hope.
a) There are two charges for which the treasurer is seeking the source: 1) a 9/13 charge for $53.00. D. said she thought this was hers. 2) an 11/19 charge for $152. 38. Deb would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an idea what this charge is for.
b) Current funds available are approximately $1500.00
c) Fund raising letter is about ready to go out with a colored return envelope.

Report on upcoming curriculum offerings:
Deb Hope: The Strategic Plan for the Psychology Department will propose cross-listing courses with Women's Studies and the GLBT minor. A team-taught course will be offered in the Spring 2005 on the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and in the Spring 2006 on the Psychology of Sexual Orientation. Deb will be offering a summer readings course this summer.

Bob Brown: Bob received very positive reactions to his proposed workshop on "Meeting the Learning and Development needs of GLBT students and families" from Lincoln Public School folks, the graduate program in Student Affairs, Co Psych faculty, and others. Progress through the administrative and procedural labyrinth has been slow. The last he heard was that his proposal was forwarded to Janet Wagner, summer session director.

Ryan Fette: Ryan noted that students are already putting together GLBT minors through the University Studies program.

D. Moritz Report:
a) There was discussion of who should pay consortium dues.
b) Extensive discussion focused on the proposed Campus Pride book, "Best of the Best: Official Guide to Higher Education." Should UNL be put forward as the best of the best? Should there be a coordinated effort? Who should coordinate? What are the ramifications of being in the book; of not being the book? There were differing opinions on each of these questions.
c) Reminder to get thoughts in about next year’s GLBT month in early. George indicated he is working on a getting a gay historian to come to campus. D. mentioned other possible speakers including a gay former baseball umpire.
d) D. commented on how moving the MLK Opening Ceremony was with Ryan Fette, Rachael Stern, and others making significant contributions. The committee thanked D. for her good work.
e) D. noted she is seeking members for a panel for the UNMC presentation on February 8th. Please contact her.
f) RA training is moving toward having past RAs doing the training with D.'s involvement

Chancellor's Award
Robin passed out copies of past nomination forms for the Chancellor's award and the student award. Again, there was an effort to clarify the important distinction between the Chancellor's GLBT award (comparable to the Chancellor's Award for Contribution to People of Color, and his award for Contribution to Women on Campus).

The Committee suggested that the forms be updated for dates and names of the Award’s Committee members.

Several dates for the Ceremony were seen as problems (April 12,13) with April 5 & 7 seen as possible dates. The specific date will have to checked with the Chancellor's Office.

The CGLBTC suggested March 11, 2005 as the deadline date for submitting nominations.

Final comments: Bob Brown recommended the book, "We are all the same" by Jim Wooten, an ABC TV newscaster, which is about the South African 11 year old who died from HIV. As one reviewer commentated, "This is a lyrical, beautiful quote about life and death."

Before he died, Nkosi made several trips to the U.S. and spoke to a large conference in South Africa with these moving words:
"We are all the same.
We are not different from one another.
We all belong to one family.
We love and we laugh.
We hurt and we cry.
We live and we die."

Finally, Ann Brown and Bob wish to thank folks for their cards and flowers during their recovery from their bike accident. The sentiments and the flowers were beautiful. The good biking weather in 2005 has been limited, but they did get back on the bikes on one warm day to bike to their favorite destination, the Chocolate Outlet store in Greenwood.

Respectfully -- bob brown

January 11, 2005

Joy Ritchie, Kris Gandara, Amelia ML Montes, Jan Deeds, Robin Whisman, Pat Tetreault, George Wolf, Gina Matkin, Deb Hope

Minutes approved from 11/9. Minutes from 11/23 approved with one change – need to clarify that CGLBTC cannot use the University’s bulk mail system for our fundraising letter because it is a fundraising letter. Otherwise, CGLBTC is able to use the University’s mail system.

George asked for a few updates on items from past minutes:
- George will contact Allen to see if he has written letter thanking ASUN for their work adding gender identity/expression to the ASUN constitution.
- Robin has not received a reply from HRC re DP benefits.
- Joy gave George the contact name in the English department to inquire if we could co-sponsor Rita Mae’s (proposed) reading.

No Spectrum representation (except for two advisors) b/c their first meeting is tonight and they are preparing.

No treasurer's report since Deb did not expect to be here (another meeting "spiraled out of control" and she left to come and join us). Deb will have fundraising letter out before next meeting.

Vagina Monologues co-sponsorship for $100 was approved.

GLBT Minor – Joy
Cannot write proposal for minor until completion of departmental strategic plan. LGBTQ Minor will be an important part of the strategic plan when it is completed.

Barbara's course on Intro to LGBTQ studies is on the schedule for next Fall and it has a room!!!

Joy and Amy Goodburn (curriculum chair in Women's Studies) have written a Curriculum Grant proposal for the LGBTQ studies minor. This includes stipends for faculty and teaching buy-outs to help with curriculum development ($24,000).

Deb talked about Psychology's strategic plan – will try to include GLBT issues as well. (Document is short and it will be important to make sure it does not get cut.) Deb is also doing a summer reading course on "psychology of sexual orientation." Needs people to sign up. Special topics – 400 level, but could accommodate a graduate student if anyone is interested. Psychology of Diversity course will be taught in Spring 2006. 1/3 gender, 1/3 sexual orientation, 1/3 race. 300 level course with an enrollment (non-majors) of up to 100.

DP Benefits – George
Letter from Milliken re request – agreed to look into the issues. Letter very positive, friendly and upbeat.
Wes Peterson – DP benefits is still an objective. NU Benefits committee will be meeting (which has not happened for years). Steve Bradford is our rep and is willing to argue for DP Benefits.

Dorothy Alison – Kris Gandara
Need to raise about $1500 to get the remainder of funds. Dorothy be speaking to Lesbian and Gay lit courses and will do an evening presentation on March 3rd in the evening. Some concerns about the size of the City Union Auditorium. Suggested Kris talk to the Union about changing to the Centennial Room.

Guerilla Girls coming to East Campus February 12th. Started in the 70's to "shame the art community" regarding images of women in art. Also protested the Oscar's regarding the absence of African Americans among the recipients. They are doing a performance and a workshop. Look for more information from Kris via the listserv.

Odetta this Saturday – discussion with Odetta and Jan 11 – 12 at Johnny Carson Theatre. Performance at the Lied at 7:30. Must sign up to come to the discussion, but students who come get discounted tickets to the performance.
(Richie Havens is also performing – FYI.)

Deb – Psychology Department Nebraska Symposium on Motivation will be next March. Deb will bring more information next time and will solicit ideas for what may be happening around that time (other events) and how they can include GLBT issues. Jan suggested Barry Chung from University of Atlanta. Deb also interested in bringing in someone to work with counselors on Trans issues. Pat suggested Lydia Souza as a possible trainer or resource.

January 20th student march at the state capitol protesting the unfair treatment of GLBT people. People encouraged to go and support the issue and the students.

Next Meeting: January 25th, 3:30 – 5 pm. Room 200 (Green Room) Nebraska Union.
See our website ( for more meeting dates and other information.