CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2006

November 28, 2006

In attendance: Allen Ratliff, Debbie Krahmer, Pat Tetreault, Barbara DiBernard, Azure Wall, Ignatius Nip, Robin

UNL Diversity plan update (Debbie)
Jan emailed the planning committee. Debbie followed up with another email to Linda Crump, who responded via email and encouraged the Committee to wait until after the Chancellor's announcement. Groups will be given a chance at that time to meet and respond.

Treasurer's report (Ignatius)
Account Balance: $4,284.92

There has been much activity in the last month because of Sue Rankin's visit and GLBT History Month. Travel money and the honorarium for Rankin have already been paid. Ignatius is still waiting to hear from CSAD about Allen’s and Ignatius's travel funds from the Creating Change conference.

Bastian fund proposed new budget and forum plans (Pat and Ignatius)
$5000.00. Group met with Dr. Franco about the use of the funds. Meeting is scheduled Wednesday at 5:00pm in the Union (room posted) to go over those proposals. Jan and Ignatius will present the plan at that time. They would like to have a student worker working in the QSA office to have regular office hours and start cataloging books, etc. Other funds will go to pay for the phone line, the conference in the spring, a printer/scanner, etc. Pat discussed questions about whether the office space will remain a student organization office, become a resource center, etc. There is some question about what resources are institutional and what resources belong to QSA. Pat pointed out that QSA needs to give permission for the student worker, etc. Allen asked if we’ve talked to Charlie Francis about finding more space; Pat thinks that Linda thinks that the QSA office should become the resource center and that QSA should find other space. Allen expressed concern that QSA would have control over the new resources. Pat suggested that people come to the Wednesday meeting to discuss all of this. Allen and Ignatius will meet with Charlie Francis for direct dialogue about spatial issues. Allen will email him about attending the Wednesday meeting. Barbara asked what role Dr. Franco plays in the question of the resource center. Pat answered that their focus had been more on short term goals and solution. Barbara asked if Allen and Ignatius could approach Charlie Francis with the implied backing of Dr. Franco; the consensus seemed to be that they could. Discussion about having an advisory panel had been tabled until the spring.

* Allen will email Charlie Francis about attending the Wednesday planning meeting

Gender Neutral bathrooms on campus update (Pat)
Pat has lists and maps of where gender neutral bathrooms are currently located. There are more than we realized. She's going to be emailed a PDF file that lists the locations, which she will add to the GLBTA Programs and Services website. The problem is that some of them are not well-marked or are out of the way. Some are not up to code (the types of locks on some of the doors needs to be changed, etc.). They're going to work on posting signs to mark them. Existing single occupant bathrooms could be designated gender neutral in Seaton.

* Debbie will email the CGLBTC listserve for volunteers to work on a gender neutral bathroom tour. Pat, Allen and Barbara volunteered for the tour (Pat will be off Dec.18-22 for vacation). The expedition is tentatively scheduled for finals week; it will be finalized after feedback from potential attendees.
* Allen will communicate with ASUN about having Senator O’Holleran join the tour.

Elana Dykewomon's visit and funding request (Barbara)
Amelia Montes taught one of Dykewomon's books last semester and received good feedback. Prairie Schooner offered to co-sponsor the visit. Barbara asked the Committee to consider pledging up to $500.00 for her visit. She is awaiting responses regarding funding from the Research Council. At least one hundred students will be reading Dykewomon's work in the spring semester, and she would be willing to have lunches and/or dinners with students. The target dates for the visit would be April 19th and 20th . Discussion ensued about the Pride Day, Day of Silence timing. Pat moved that the Committee grant the request; Allen and Ignatius co-seconded. All were in favor of it, no one opposed.

Chancellor’s Awards committee member volunteers
Debbie called for volunteers to serve on the committee. Pat suggested that the Committee begin asking for nominations in January.

* Debbie will email the listserve for volunteers

Spring Symposia ideas (shall we do one or more?)
Jan had brought up whether the Committee would like to sponsor events (besides co-sponsoring Dykewomon's visit). Meredith Bacon, a woman professor from University of Nebraska-- Omaha who transitioned, had been approached about a visit, but she has not been responsive. There was discussion about viewing the Logo documentary that featured Ryan Sallens. As yet, a copy has not been procured. Pat suggested Warren Blumenfeld. There was discussion about the upcoming publication of Hilda and Aaron's book (by the Nebraska Press). Barbara suggested that the Committee should pay Aaron a fee for his participation; Pat added that she thinks that Ryan Sallens should be paid if he makes an appearance. Barbara announced Tatiana de la Tierra’s visit to UNL in March for the No Limits Conference. Women’s Studies is going to ask if we’d be interested in co-sponsoring her visit.

* Pat will contact Hilda Raz about an event in the spring or fall.

Other announcements:

Pat would like to start planning for next fall. She would particularly like to begin work on next year’s GLBT History month banquet (the fifth one). She would like for the theme to be UNL’s history. She has already begun working on a timeline that reflects it.

The Lied contacted Pat about bringing in Tim Miller, a gay comedian. She thinks that would work well in GLBT History Month.

There was some discussion about new GLBT faculty members. Pat brought up the idea of having biographies of out faculty members highlighted online (with their permission). She also suggested contacting medical practitioners to find out whether they would be willing to be listed as GLBT-friendly. Pat also brought up the idea of offering training to allies; they would perhaps receive an ally card that reflects their training. Pat announced that you can now request a Speaker's Bureau panel through the Student Involvement website.

November 14, 2006

Herb Howe, Associate to the Chancellor, discussed the Gallup Survey results with the Committee.

October 24, 2006

Meeting cancelled for CGLBTC Open House.

October 10, 2006

Sue Rankin discussed her research on GLBT campus climates and Transgender people with the committee. We did not have a formal meeting.

September 26, 2006


Introductions and welcome
Sign up new members for Blackboard site and listserve

QSA report (Kyle and Ignatius)

GLBT History Month dinner and opening ceremony updates (Ryan or Pat)

Update on Sue Rankin visit (Debbie)

Update on transgender work group (Jan)

Announcements around the table

September 12, 2006

In attendance: Jan, Cay, Don, Kyle, Ignatius, Scott, Debbie, Shannon, Pat, Mandie

Called at 3:35pm

Presentation of GLBT History Month Marketing Plan (Tom Workman)

Three goals for the marketing:

* Increase awareness across campus of GLBT History Month activities.

* Create a visual presence across campus for GLBT issues and concerns.

*Increase student, faculty, and staff participation in key History Month activities.

(See the marketing plan in full, on Blackboard)

Budget: Printed celebration cards 200@.25each $50.00, 2x3’ Posters on Foam Board 10@27.00each $270, 11x17 posters 50@1.20each $60.oo, Birdperch Banner 3’x8’ $68.00, Union Banners 2@41.00each $102.00. Total cost $550.00

Motion made that the Committee pay $300 of the $550 and the rest would be covered by Pats office. Motion passed.

QSA Report
Members attended the queer slam poets and had a lot of fun. About 100 people attended the poetry event.

QSA benefit at the Q with a drag show and a dance to follow on October 11 th, for 19 and older.

Membership and attendance at meetings is high, 30 plus people generally.

GLBT history month event is an art exhibit at the rotunda gallery.

GLBT history month dinner and opening ceremony updates (Ryan) Jan , Pat and Ryan will meet on Friday to make sure all the details have been attended to.

Bastian Foundation Grant Proposal for GLBT Resource Center (Ryan, Ignatius, Pat)
Dr. Franco initiated a grant proposal to strengthen the QSA office as a GLBT Resource Center, with a future goal of establishing a Resource Center similar to to the Women’s Center model. A general draft has been written and being filled in by a group of people. Key requests are funds for books and other resource materials, support for the phone and data port, funds to develop a training manual for volunteers, and support for students attending the Creating Change conferences. The grant will be submitted by September 15.

Update on Sue Rankin co-sponsors and schedule for her visit (Debbie)
Co-sponsors, English, Psychology, Ed-psych, funding is up to $2,000 needing about $300. Haven’t heard from the College of Education and Human Sciences or OASIS about funding. Jan will contact Jamar Banks at OASIS.

Meeting called at 4: 30 pm. Early !!!!!

July 25, 2006

Attending: Jan Deeds, Debbie Krahmer, Julia , Amelia Montes, Juan Franco, Harvey Perlman, Allen Ratliff, Greg Gifford, Ryan Fette, Ignatius Nip, Bob Brown, Don Hanway.

After introductions Chancellor Perlman and Dr. Franco offered their responses to the Committee’s report on the status of GLBT people at UNL.

June 27, 2006

Attending: Tom Workman, Jan Deeds, Bob Brown, Ryan Fette, Allen Ratliff, Linda Major, Pat Tetreault, Gina Matkin, Greg Gifford, Ignatius Nip, Don Hanway, Robin Whisman


The focus of this meeting was to discuss publicity for the 2006 GLBT History Month events.

1. We agreed that our shared goals are visibility and helping our audience connect the individual events with the overall Month.
2. We agreed that the Committee is the central information source for publicity, and that SIIS will create a template for potential partners to use to publicize their individual events.
3. We agreed that it is time to develop a new banner and symbol for GLBT History Month.
4. Our printed materials will include only the larger events that focus on attracting a larger audience. Those events must be finalized by early September.
5. Our website can include all events, and can be updated more frequently and closer to the actual events. We still encourage groups to plan ahead and provide adequate notice for audience members.
6. We will use listserves to reach specific audiences.

The events we know of so far for the GLBT History month are:

- Opening Ceremony September 29, 11:45 am. Mayor Seng has agreed to read the city GLBTHM Proclamation.
-"Fish Can’t Fly" documentary, Oct 4 (Culture Center?)
- Sue Rankin October 10, evening speech open to campus, smaller meetings with Athletic Dept and other groups.
- Oct 14 PFLAG Better Living Conference
- QSA/CGLBTC Welcome Barbecue October 24, (6 pm?)
- Banquet October 26 6 pm

Ryan Fette is coordinating planning for the GLBT History month dinner and opening ceremony. He wants to be sure everyone who wants to participate in the planning knows they are welcome. You can email him at to be included in the planning group.

Linda Major is working with the Thompson forum planners on Azar Nafisi's visit to Lincoln on Sept 19 and 20. Nafisi is the author of "Reading Lolita in Tehran". Linda is organizing a discussion related to the book that also connects with oppression of GLBT people.

Other Updates:
Bob Brown reported that his GLBT course was very successful from the students’ perspective and his own. The Committee members who participated as speakers added their positive experiences with the class. Bob hopes that an active faculty member will take on the course so that it will continue to be offered.

Ignatius announced that QSA has a table at the Grad Student Orientation on Friday, August 18, from noon to 1, and invited CGLBTC to collaborate. Jan, Greg and Ignatius will revise the CGLBTC "Who we are" flyer to speak more directly to Grad student interests.

Jan, Gina and Debbie will be meeting to discuss updating the CGLBTC website.

The first fall meeting of CGLBTC will be on August 22, from 3:30 to 5 pm.

UPDATE since the meeting:

Dr. Juan Franco, the new Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Chancellor Harvey Perlman will meet with available Committee members on Tuesday, July 25, from 3:30 to 5 pm in the Student Involvement Green Room. We will focus on the report submitted to the Chancellor by the Committee in May. All Committee members are welcome to attend.

May 9, 2006

Attendance : Debbie Krahmer, Jan Deeds, Linda Major, Cay Yamamoto, Ignatius Nip, D Moritz, Don Hanway, Allen Ratliff, Robert Brown, Greg Gifford

Victory and Struggles – Jan read a victory letter from Amelia Montes regarding her Gay and Lebian Literature class and the many successes of the students in that class

Debbie and D announced that CGLBTC received a convocations grant for Sue Rankin’s visit in Fall 2006
- Discussed possible dates for visit, mostly in October

Discussion on GLBT History Month
- D clarified that she wasn't in charge of GLBTHM
- D's office has "taken on" convening GLBTHM dinner and opening ceremony
- D would like everyone to honor the deadline of August 8 th for getting an event on publicity for the month, except for the website (maybe?)
- D's office is at this time unable to afford material publicity, and stresses that evaluations from last year showed word of mouth being a stronger publicity asset than flyers and posters
- Linda Major suggested asking Tom Workman to discuss marketing strategies at the next meeting – (Follow-up Note from Jan: Tom has been scheduled to attend our meeting at 3:30 on June 27)
- Keynote speaker is Kevin Komishira, who is the GLBT trainer for the National Education Association

Cay discussed that she is putting together the invitation list for the GLBTHM dinner, and if anyone had contact information for people who should/need to be personally invited, she would like that information ASAP with the final deadline of September 5 th.

Letters will go out September 29 th. Greg requested current list of names be put on Blackboard so that people can review the list and hopefully not send in duplicates (Cay said not to worry too much about it, but that would help her nonetheless).


Open House in coordination with committee recruitment letters
- set date for October 24 th, 2006 at 3:30 p.m. during the regularly scheduled CLBTC meeting date/time

Allen suggested a seminar/workshop on including GLBT issues for faculty/staff in curriculum/programs. Linda Major and Allen volunteered to have a meeting with Dave Wilson to discuss his thoughts and ideas relevant to this suggestion.

Fall program ideas:
- a Homecoming event with GLBT Alumni
- Recommend Angela Clements be invited to participate in Masters Week , a program that brings several outstanding alumni to campus to speak.

Discussed and amended Report to the Chancellor
- Added mention of Admissions table at Pride, re-arranged D's revision
- Linda and Cay addressed which issues would be most pertinent and/or appropriate for them to bring up and present upon at the CSAD retreat with the new VCSA Juan Franco
- Discussed timing of Report so that the Chancellor is aware of issues for his cabinet retreat

Next CGLBTC meeting set for June 27 th at 3:30 (Tom Workman will attend to discuss GLBT History month publicity planning)

Adjourned at 5:08 p.m.

April 11, 2006

In Attendance:

Discussed the report to the Chancellor and updated on various projects. April 4th Open House and meeting was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

March 14, 2006

In Attendance:

Chancellor's Award ceremony will be on the 28th, instead of a CGLBTC meeting.

February 28, 2006

In attendance: Kyle Burnett, Shannon Sillman, Jan Deeds, Pat Tetreault, Cay Yamamoto, Bob Brown, D. Moritz, Ryan Fette

Queer Student Alliance Report
Queer Student Alliance presented on the great things they learned from the Midwest Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Ally College Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ryan and Jan presented and did a wonderful job and had a turn out of 75 people at both presentations. Got great ideas as what we want to while hosting the Nebraska Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally Student Conference. They are working on an advisory board for the conference because of the numbers of people who have been attending (over 1000!). We made a lot of great connections from other schools, and met some great speakers. There was a great turnout at all the programs. Ryan said that QSA has received money from the Vice Chancellors office for the trip, so they will not need as much from CGLBTC as originally requested. Ryan will notify Pat Tetreault (treasurer) of the amount needed when they receive the check from the VC’s office.
ACTION REQUESTED: We would like CGLBTC members to present programs at the Nebraska Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally Student Conference here in the Nebraska Union on April 1. Please send a short description, title and info about your audio-visual needs for the presentation to Ryan Fette, Contact Ryan if you have questions.

Treasurer's Report
Current balance not including funds from the fundraising letter is $2,253.62. The prior amount in our account was $3,570.62. We have raised $1,300 so far from the fundraising letter we sent recently. Thus our new balance is $3,303.62. There may be an outstanding bill pending the money from the Vice Chancellors office for Queer Student Alliance's conference trip. Herb Howe, the Assistant to the Chancellor, contacted Pat and asked why we weren't using campus mail instead of paying for postage. She told him that in the past we were told that because the academic senate cannot use campus mail for fundraising that we weren’t eligible either. Time for another opinion?
ACTION: Pat will ask the Herb Howe to help us clarify our status regarding campus mail and fundraising. Correction to Feb 14 Minutes: the Treasurer’s report was inaccurate and an updated report will be posted on Blackboard March 1.

Psych Symposium
There will be a display table for the Committee for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns and Queer Student Alliance to advertise the two groups and raise awareness.
ACTION: D, Kyle, Jan and Shannon will work on what all will go on the Table. We have some signs from the past and decorations from the Committee, the ALLY display in October, and Queer Student Alliance. After the group decides what will be on the table they will be asking people to staff it (especially Queer Student Alliance members who do great work at display tables, but staff and faculty are needed to step up and recruit faculty/staff members for the Committee.)

Open House
We revisited the purpose of the Open House and the logic of having an additional event at this time in the semester. The original intent was to draw in new faces to the Committee for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns from the advertising at the Symposium (where interested people could be expected to attend). It was suggested that faculty and staff are less inclined to attend an event that seems only social during the last month of the semester.
ACTION: The April 4th Open house has been postponed until the fall. Committee members are encouraged to invite potential CGLBTC members to the March 28 Chancellor’s awards ceremony and reception, which will be a better demonstration of what we do than a punch and cookies event. Jan will send an email invitation to all CGLBTC members when she sends the press release, and the invitation can be forwarded by other members to their potential guests. Deb Hope, is it possible for the Symposium organizers to send out a note to UNL attendees inviting them to participate in the CGLBTC?

Award Ceremony
Jan will be following up with the selections committee. Reminder that the nominations are due this Friday, March 3. We need to complete the CGLBTC info display in time for the Chancellor’s ceremony, which we will also use at the Symposium. Jan was told by the Chancellor’s secretary last year that they no longer send out invitations to guests for the recipients.
ACTION: Jan will confirm with Beth Griffin that they won’t send invitations, and we will ask the recipients for names and invite them ourselves.

Publicity and Membership Sub-Committee
We will create a discussion thread on Blackboard for anyone who is interested in working on membership and publicity outreach. Please post your ideas and indicate if you are interested in being part of a face to face subcommittee to create an outreach plan.

We will also create a discussion thread to post our ideas for what to include in our meeting with the Chancellor, and thus what to include in our written "State of the University for GLBT people" report that we plan to give him prior to the meeting. Please share your thoughts.

Other Announcements
Up in coming events debating the Ban…fighting the don't ask don’t tell policy Tuesday, March 21 at 6pm.

Meeting called at 4:54

Next meeting – April 4th due to the plethora of March events! See you then!

February 14, 2006

Attendance: Kyle Burnett, Ryan Fette, Travis Groves, Allen Ratliff, Debbie Krahmer, Don Hanway, George Wolf, Greg Gifford, D. Moritz, Jan Deeds, Ragean Hill, Chuck Rensink, Whitney Douglas.

Ragean Hill, Multicultural Coordinator for the Hewit Athletic Academic Center, came to discuss the status of GLBT student athletes and learn about our resources.

Ragean is working to make the environment as comfortable as possible for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender athletes. The teammates are great about respecting each other, but there are still challenges. What can the Committee for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender concerns do to help out Ragean? We can help with programming and training, going in with a positive out look about how a safe environment for the athletes makes them more comfortable and helps them to do better and win games. Ragean is working with the National Association for Athletic Academic Advisors (N4A), specifically with the GLBT subcommittee, to insure all diversity issues are met and taken care of. She also works with the UNL Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), which consists of student representatives from all sports. Since we know that students are more comfortable with GLBT issues than staff or faculty may be, one strategy would be to connect with Allies in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, get them to make it enough of an issue to request changes. Because the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender athletes are usually not comfortable coming out about their sexual orientation or gender identity, it may be more effective to start with the allies and create a safer environment. Committee members gave Ragean a lot of resource materials and websites, and we have added Ragean to the Blackboard and Committee listserve so she has access to all our information and she can share hers with us. Thanks Ragean!

Financial Update.
$3,076 is the current balance minus a $75.00 transaction being processed currently. With the financial issues being resolved the Committee for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns will be able to support the Queer Student Alliance and Kris Gandara with their requests for funding. Whitney Douglas from the English Department would like to bring in Dr. Zan GonÇalves, author of "Sexuality and the Politics of Ethos in the Writing Classroom" to speak about GLBTQ issues April 11th and 12th. Whitney is requesting $150.00 to help from the Committee. A co-motion was made by Allen and George and seconded by Kyle. Motion passed unanimously the Committee for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns granted Whitney Douglas $150.00. Whitney will share more information about Dr. GonCalves visit when it becomes available.

CGLBTC Feb 11 Retreat Retreat went wonderfully and was wonderfully facilitated by Jan Deeds. Thanks Jan! Minutes over the retreat are pending approval of those who attended to make sure they are accurate. Ideas mention were a possible "State of the University Report" be prepared for the Chancellor before we meet with him in April. A second retreat is needed to complete the review of our goals and to start work on the Chancellor's report. Watch for emails about your availability for that meeting.

Queer Student Alliance will be co-sponsoring an ASUN debate 8:00pm February 20, 2006 with the Honors program.

George announced that he is taking a year sabbatical from the Committee and will check in next year. George you have been great and will be greatly missed.

February 23(Thursday) at 11:30am-1:00pm Lunch Dialogue on Brokeback Mountain at the Pewter Room in the Nebraska Union. Bring your own Lunch (BYOL)!!!

The meeting scheduled for March 14th has been cancelled since it is during Spring Break.
The NEXT MEETING will be April 4th, 3:30, in Room 200 (Green Room) of the City Union.

January 24, 2006

In attendance: Allen Ratliff, Pat Tetreault, Jan Deeds, Don Hanway,D. Moritz, Chuck Rensink, George Wolf, Debbie Krahmer, Ryan Fette, Travis Groves, Rachael Stern. Kyle Burnett, Maria Moreno.

Victories and struggles from Ryan Fette.

Deb Hope has resigned as the Treasurer.

Jan has checked in with SOFS and has checked with the current status of the Committee’s financial standings. $347.75. We have additional expenditures of around $380 that are outstanding, so we definitely need to fund raise.
Fundraising ideas: We will be sending our regular letter to people who have supported us in the past, plus any names committee members send to Jan at in the next 3 days.

Other suggestions for the future include a drag show, or garage sale

Send Jan ideas for other mailing lists from other organizations we might be able to access.
Identify a fund raising chair? (Suggested by Chuck).
Pat Tetreault said she would be willing to take the position of Treasurer pending a replacement at the end of the semester.

Suggested that every meeting for ten minutes that we discuss fund raising.

Kris and Queer Student Alliance’s requests for financial support for their events:
Given our current financial standing we are unable to commit funds despite our eagerness to support their work. When more funding is available we will revisit the opportunity to reimburse Kris and QSA.

Strategic Plan Review
A strategic planning session is scheduled for Feb. 11th, 9am-1pm at D’s House. We voted and agreed on the date and time. Bring food. We will establish goals for next year, complete with a timeline and specific people/committees responsible for reaching the goals. A budget will also be developed based on the expenses we know come up every year plus events we want to be able to host. Discussion will begin on Blackboard this week so we have some direction before we get to the session. We’ll be sending out a request for RSVPs in a week or so.

Bob’s Class (He has posted this information on the blackboard site.) It essentially says that undergraduates, particularly seniors, will be able to enroll in the EDUC 892 course this summer. Some paperwork will be necessary through the graduate office, but it won't be too painful.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs candidate search
LeeEllen Brigham from Wyoming was the only candidate for Dr. Griesen’s position who included GLBT issues on her resume and could speak about her work developing a resource center for GLBT students in the aftermath of Matthew Shephard’s murder. Jan has been attending the candidate forums and will attend the last one tomorrow afternoon.

Other Announcements
Remind everyone to nominate people for the Chancellor’s awards. More info is posted on Blackboard about the event.

Psychology of Diversity (Deb Hope’s class)
Deb asked students in her class “Have you ever-experienced discrimination?” She received that many were GLBT issues from among the 90 students in the class. We think these kinds of numbers suggest how important it is to reproduce the Climate Survey. We will talk about this with the Chancellor when we meet with him later this semester. We have not set a date for that meeting yet.

Round the table inspirational moments.
Meeting called at: 5:07 pm.

January 10, 2006

In Attendance: Kyle Burnett, Ryan Fette, Rachael Stern, Kris Gandara, Cay Yamamoto, Jan Deeds, George Wolf, Bob Brown, Debbie Krahmer, Allen Ratliff, Pat Tetreault.

Victories and Struggles: Kyle shared his story

Queer Student Alliance Funding request ($568.87)
a.) Funding to help pay for the lodging of the QSA delegates who wish to attend the Midwest BLGTA College Conference. QSA finds the MBLGTACC to be a major asset to the foundations of the group and it is a great opportunity for the new members to learn and become even more active.
b.) The decision was put on hold for finding information about CGLBTC's financial status. The Committee decided that if funding is possible that they were going to be able to cover the amount asked for in the amount of $568.87.

Kris Gandara's funding request ($250.00)
a.) Funding for the International Conference on Lesbian Lives in Ireland. Kris has had a proposal accepted, and will be Speaking on Coming out in the class room and on student resistance, and the relationship between scholarship and activism. The conference is held 10-12 February, 2006.
b.) The decision was put on hold for finding information about CGLBTC’s financial status. The Committee decided that if funding is possible that they were going to be able to cover the amount asked for in the amount of $250.00.

a.) the fundraising letter at this point is a must have because of a lack of funding and Debbie said that she is willing to edit it for CGLBTC and QSA is willing to help organize fold and stuff the letters. She will contact Deb Hope for the materials.

Bob Brown's Summer Course EDU 892: GLBT Students and Families
a.) asked the committee what they thought the activities should be and what topics should be addressed.
*addressing the Safe Space issues *Bringing in GLBT people to talk
*Gender Roles *GLBT parents
*Parents of students (Friendly/not)
*Language framing
* "family" and their roles
*What is the Law
*Political issues
*Risk Factors
*Identity development
*Other Minorities
*Separate (sex and sexuality)

Kyle Receives great praise from George over his stupendous minutes for November 22, which were approved unanimously with an "ARRRGH"