CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2007

December 4, 2007

Attending: Debbie Krahmer, Pat Tetreault, Jan Deeds, Allison Reisbig, Greg Gifford, Drew Ramos, Heath Harding, Jonathan, Derek Robinson.


Evaluation of Campus Survey proposals (Rankin and Reisbig)
Allison withdrew her proposal so that the CEHS work group could concentrate on piloting the study before trying to expand it for the whole campus. The Committee examined the Rankin proposal, and it was decided that we would recommend it to the Chancellor for approval. Pat, as the institutional contact, will contact Harvey.

There will be a sub-committee of CGLBTC representatives, Pat, and someone either from the Chancellor's office or Student Affairs to lead the survey process. Names were suggested for the sub-committee.

New Officers - Treasurer, Secretary, Staff Co-Chair
The CGLBTC is sad to see Ignatius Nip go, but we are happy he is going on to bigger and better things. Good luck, Ignatius! In his place, we need a new treasurer and a secretary. Both positions are rather light, and will look good on your resume. Information is as follows:

Time requirement - less than 3 hours a month (including attending bi-monthly meetings).
- regular attendance at meetings
- getting regular statements from Jeff in SOFS about the status of our account (typically before each meeting)
- providing the committee with regular updates about the finances
- co-signing for purchases, transfers, etc.
- updating the annual-ish fundraising letter, update the fundraiser mailing list, and oversee sending out the fundraising letters (co-chairs and committee members will assist as needed).

Time requirement - 2-3 hours per month (including attending bi-monthly meetings)
- regular attendance at meetings
- take minutes at meetings
- submit minutes to CGLBTC listserv for corrections and to the CGLBTC webmaster to add it to the website.

Jan Deeds, who has served long and hard as the Staff Co-Chair, needs to step down from a co-chair role in order to concentrate on her doctoral work. (She is not leaving the Committee--not that we'd let her escape.) We are currently looking for a staff member to volunteer as the new co-chair. Duties are mostly dependent on abilities, but include following up on things between meetings, and meeting with the co-chairs to set the agenda. We're looking for someone who is interested in becoming more involved with the CGLBTC and who had the time to be a co-chair. Facilitating ability a plus. Please, please, please, please, please volunteer for this position if you're interested. For more information, email Jan Deeds at or Debbie Krahmer at Debbie will email the listserv asking for volunteers.

Update on ASUN Employee +1 benefits Committee - Greg Gifford
ASUN is forming an ad hoc committee to research Employee +1 benefits. The scope of their research includes what it means, and what kind of impact (both financial and on the people) it will have on UNL. Georgetown is the only University that we know of right now with +1 Benefits. Members of the ASUN ad hoc committee will be talking with many people on campus about it.

Revise CGLBTC Newsletter for Spring -
Heath volunteered to update the newsletter for the Spring. Sections to be updated will be the "important resources and upcoming events", the LGBTQ Resource Center section, and perhaps some other areas. Pat will send him updates on the Resource Center, and Drew will send him some information on the QSA. If you have updates or suggestions, send them to Heath at

Dorothy Allison Co-sponsor request - $500
Barbara wasn't able to attend, but she sent an email. Quote: "Pat and I have discussed bringing author Dorothy Allison in to be the History Month keynote speaker next fall. Allison has agreed to come Oct. 22-24. Because her dates needed to be nailed down right away (she has a new book coming out next year and will be very busy), I went ahead and tentatively booked those dates with her." Allison is asking for a $4,000 honorarium. Barbara so far has $1100 in pledges from various units and departments, and she is seeking grant funds. She requests $500 from the CGLBTC in co-sponsorship, with the knowledge that she might have to come back to the Committee to request more when more is known about funding. The request was approved with this understanding.

History Month dinner costs, update, and budget - Pat
Pat presented the 2007 History Month Banquet budget to the Committee, and requested $250 to help cover the funding. (Original funding from the CGLBTC for the 2007 History Month banquet was $100 for musicians and $160 for a table.) The request was approved. We will be looking at how the CGLBTC can better support the History Month Banquet at the first January meeting, to clarify what areas of the budget the CGLBTC will cover.

Remaining agenda items to be covered at the January meeting:
1. Brainstorm categories for CGLBTC online archive project
2. CGLBTC support for:
a. faculty/staff - should we have a social event each semester?
b. how do we try to develop resources for LGBTQ faculty and staff?
c. should we send letters of support re: the ASUN resolutions / initiatives and one to the Academic Senate?
d. how can we start encouraging more institutional support for WGS and the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor
e. should we request an alumni chapter be started?

Next Meeting: January 15, 2008, 11:30-12:30, Green Room in Student Involvement.

Submitted by: Debbie Krahmer

November 6, 2007

1. Successes for the past year
a. Dr. Franco noted that two big things that happened this year were increasing the AD for LGBTQA Programs and Services to full-time and establishing an institutional resource center
b. Also, a gender-neutral bathroom was established for the union, and a list of gender-neutral bathrooms across campus has been compiled and made available on the LGBTQ website.
c. In the future, he is looking at ways to accommodate transgender students in housing, specifically in the new residence hall being proposed at 17th and R
i. still in the process of being approved
ii. design to be completed next year with a projected Fall 2010 opening
iii. Dr. Franco wants CGLBTC input in the planning
d. Dr. Franco is looking to put together a proposal to be submitted to the Bastian Foundation to establish emergency financial aid for LGBTQ students at UNL
e. Jan will set up meetings with Dr. Franco to discuss housing concerns, likely with ASUN involvement
2. Resource Center
a. Pat updated the group on the resource center
b. getting people to drop in, and some ideas about collaborative programming have been discussed
c. the resource center is already outgrowing the allocated space
d. bond funds will be available in January to widen doorway so it is accessible
3. Needs Assessment
a. Rankin & Associates just submitted a proposal to examine needs for LGBTQ individuals at UNL, including staff, faculty, and students
b. there will be five phases:
i. focus groups (10 all together)
ii. development of the assessment tool and IRB application for approval
iii. Survey, data entry, and data analysis
iv. Reports, including executive reports, data, etc.
v. Facilitation of a planning retreat to come up with ways to act on the information gained from the study
c. Allison Reisbig, Asst. Professor (CYAF) also proposed doing a smaller-scale study to examine LGBTQ inclusiveness within CEHS, including student life, academic environment at CEHS, and LGBTQ Programs and Services
i. This will consist of an anonymous survey
ii. study is also designed to be a process to model inclusiveness of LGBTQ individuals and to develop a transferable needs assessment that could be used by other colleges, units, etc.
d. Chancellor Perlman noted that he is open to doing a needs assessment and that he will consider whatever the committee recommends
e. He further noted that he wanted the end result to be a number of actions that administrators could do to address the needs that emerge from the study
f. The CGLBTC meeting on Dec 4 will focus on the two proposals and developing a recommendation for the Chancellor. The proposals will be distributed through the listserve within the next two weeks.
4. Diversity Plan
a. Discussion about the diversity plan and where that is going
b. Faculty senate committee currently focused on hiring and recruitment of faculty
c. Chancellor Perlman noted that his primary focus is diversifying the faculty, as student diversity continues to increase at UNL
5. Family Friendly policies
a. an NU system-wide committee has developed a document of family friendly policies in place, and those that are needed
b. included is an “Employee Plus One” benefits plan that the committee feels should be offered
c. it is unclear whether this document can be more widely-distributed
d. Chancellor Perlman will check with President Milliken and will e-mail it to the committee, should that be allowed
6. Future needs, concerns
a. Chancellor Perlman noted that there will likely be a Ward Connerly initiative to prohibit race as being used a factor in making decisions at universities in Nebraska
b. Given the conservative nature of Nebraska, he thinks they will get enough signatures to get it on the ballot and that it will pass
c. Given that expectation, he is currently investigating ways to minimize the damage to our diversity efforts. He is looking at the impact on universities in other states where this has passed.

Submitted by Ignatius Nip

October 16, 2007

In attendance: Jan Deeds, Barbara DiBernard, Greg Gifford, Don Hanway, Heath Harding, Debbie Krahmer, Amelia Montes, Ignatius Nip, Drew Ramos, Allison Reisbig, Derek Robinson, Pat Tetreault, Robin Whisman

1. Needs assessment
a. Allison was thinking that if there is no grant, will do a needs assessment starting with a single college and then expanding to other colleges
b. Allison has an anonymous and longitudinal protocol in mind, likely starting with undergraduate student
c. She wanted to talk with the committee to generate research questions
i. The general goals will be to assessing the inclusion of LGBT students and LGBT concerns within a college, perception of all student, introduce students about LGBT resources
ii. How well are we meeting the concerns of LGBT students?
iii. How inclusive are we of LGBT students?
1. in classes, content
2. perception and utilization of university resources and programs
d. Don suggested asking how well are straight students aware of LGBT students and Allison mentioned that she has some questions designed for that
e. Jan mentioned that the chancellor may be interested in having some of the same questions from Bob Brown's survey in 2002 to measure progress
f. Greg suggested adding in questions about attitudes towards LGBT people
g. Barbara wondered how supportive the dean may be and Allison noted that
h. Don mentioned asking questions at different levels such as safety, and understanding of LGBT people
i. Greg mentioned that this would not cover student life, like housing, safety on campus, campus recreation
j. Pat mentioned asking about out students being comfortable in joining any student organization
k. Greg asked if a college survey can be generalized to the general student population
l. Allison will take suggestions and further modify the protocol so that it can be presented at the next meeting

2. Plan for meeting with chancellor at next meeting
a. General strategy will be to keep tone of being cooperative and this committee wanting to help him where possible
b. Start with things we are happy about
i. Thanks for bringing VC Dr. Franco
ii. At GLBT History month dinner, Dr. Franco mentioned plans to have emergency financial aid for GLBTQ students and housing options in the new 17th and R St. residence hall
iii. LGBTQ Resource center
c. Needs assessment
i. Let him talk about Sue Rankin suggestion
ii. Suggest Allison as a potential alternative who will discuss her plan and potential budget
1. copies, envelopes, boxes
2. grad student for data collection, data entry, qualitative piece
3. funding for time for CYFS administrative assistant
d. Diversity plan
i. ask chancellor to talk about what's happening with that
ii. We have talked to Dr. Moshman, know the faculty senate has a committee examining but they're taking a v. narrow focus (i.e., faculty recruitment) but what is the next step for the larger community campus plan
1. Mixed reactions to opportunity hires
2. Reinforcing idea that many LGBT students on campus are also people of color
e. Family friendly policy
i. talk about support for employee plus one benefits
ii. including LGBT families

3. Campus Men's Group
a. Pat contacted EAP who responded that they are understaffed and unable to help
b. options include
i. have a GA coordinate group
ii. offer space and reserve for the meetings but the participants will have to make the effort to organize and facilitate

4. GLBT History Month
a. Dinner went well
b. CGLBTC is the general sponsor of the dinner
c. Pat would like a firm number that CGLBTC will be donate every year
d. She will have that for the Dec. 4 meeting
e. We need to start planning for next year, and are thinking about bringing in Dorothy Allison.

5. ASUN update
a. Package of housing bills will be brought up next Wed. at ASUN
i. One resolution supporting Campus Life Committee and Housing working together
ii. Two bills specific to actions to be taken – investigating housing options for transgender students before Fall 2009 and an expediated roommate re-assignment protocol for GLBT students who are having difficulties with their roommate

6. Amelia is the Martin Luther King co-chair and has been looking in keynote speaker
a. Rev. Irene Munroe who is an African-American feminist lesbian minister from the Harvard Divinity School
i. She comes in on Jan. 20 and leaves the 23rd
b. She is getting her Ph.D., many scholarly publications, a religious columnist, and recipient of various accolades
c. She is also booked for a workshop to faculty, staff, and students on interpersonal relationships (Justice in the Bedroom), examining how abusive behaviors begin in the interpersonal relationships before moving into more broad power abuses.
d. Pat moved and Don seconded to provide $400 as funding to help bring Irene Munroe to campus. Motion approved.

7. Pat Alderete is coming in late Feb.
a. Don moved and Drew seconded to donate $150

8. Campus Police
a. Pat had talked to Owen Yeardley
b. He let her know that he had listened to the tape of the phone conversations from the concerns brought up on Sept. 18, 2007
c. The phone call was a dropped call and the dispatcher had no way to phone the student back.

Submitted by Ignatius Nip

October 2, 2007

Attending: Jan Deeds, Scott Winrow, Debbie Krahmer, Greg Gifford, Heath Harding, Cay Yamamoto, Lisa Pitlik-Zillig, Dave Moshman, Bob Brown, Drew Ramos, Ignatius Nip, Amanda Garrett, Christine, Pat Tetreault, Barbara DiBernard, Amelia Montes, Waskar Ari.


Diversity Plan.
Dave Moshman, Chair of the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee, reported on the history of the Diversity Plan, the make-up of the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee, and their goals. The Committee is currently made up of 4 Faculty, 2 students, and 2 administrators. The Faculty Senate committee is currently concentrating on issues of recruitment and retention of faculty within the broad issues of Academic Diversity. They plan to come up with a report of recommendations.

CGLBTC members presented issues and ideas to Dave. There was discussion on the need of educating the Diversity Committee on things such as queer people of color and transgender issues. Discussion led into a brief outline of Sue Rankin's Diversity Assessment and Planning consultation. More information on Sue Rankin's survey will be posted on the Blackboard site.

CEHS Update
A new professor in the CEHS is looking into doing a climate study of CEHS. There will be a discussion about it on Friday, October 5th. More information on the CEHS survey will be available at the next meeting.

GLBT History Month Dinner
Tables need to be purchased by October 3rd, and tickets will only be on sale until the afternoon of October 3rd. Contact Pat.

Personal Growth group - Scott
Scott is starting up a personal growth-oriented group for students who identity as gay men. Contact Scott for information: 472-7450. This will be a therapy-based group for students.

Campus Gay Men's Group - Amelia
Amelia discussed some issues around the need for a campus group for gay men of color. Pat will call EAP and investigate ways of starting/supporting a group.

Next meeting: October 16.

Submitted by: Debbie Krahmer

September 18, 2007

In attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds (facilitator), Barbara DiBernard, Greg Gifford, Amelia Montes, Ignatius Nip, Derek Robinson, Pat Tetreault

Website: By acclamation, the committee approved the new website

New student co-chair: Drew Ramos has accepted the position of being the new CGLBTC student co-chair

GLBT History Month Dinner (October 8, 2007)

9 South Char grill will be catering. Tim Miller will be the entertainment. Maria Moreno (ASUN Arts & Sciences Senator) will be speak about progress made at the dinner. CGLBTC will buy a table for the dinner. CGLBTC members can RSVP for themselves (and one guest).

Campus Gay Men group: tabled until next meeting

Chancellor's report

Chancellor Perlman and Vice Chancellor Franco will be attending a CGLBTC meeting for us to discuss the report on Nov. 6, 2007

Points/questions that we may want to emphasize

  • having a needs assessment on campus done by Sue Rankin
  • domestic partner benefits
  • diversity plan
  • addressing obstacles for transgender students
  • financial aid for emergency funds for GLBTQ students
  • LGBTQ resource center

Chancellor Perlman noted in his State of the University address mentioned that there would not be a Gallup survey done this year but the money would instead be spent on training deans, directors, etc.

may want to suggest that doing a needs assessment would provide more current information to help make training specific

New business

Some concerns regarding campus safety was raised at the ASUN Campus Life committee meeting: Reports of racial and sexual orientation slurs were made to a student on the weekend. Reporting to the RA resulted in inaction. Reporting to the police resulted in inaction (hung up on student). ASUN Campus Life committee will be trying to work on this.

This is a concrete example of the need for a needs assessment on campus. How prevalent are these incidents?

Sept 4, 2007

Introductions: Twelve members attending

Treasurer's report: $3,324.34 currently in account. Fundraising letters will be going out soon.

Chancellor's report: Jan will send the report and try to schedule the Chancellor for one of our October meetings to discuss it. We will talk about the report at the Sept 18 meeting to prepare ourselves for the meeting with him.

ASUN: Oct 3 meeting they will be submitting a bill supporting domestic partner benefits.

Oct 24 they'll be discussing a bill asking housing to address GLBT student concerns that put them in dangerous situations. Maria Moreno will be authoring this bill.

Website: A revised version of our website is available for our review at testsite. Please visit the site and send your feedback, including corrected information, to Debbie Krahmer at The old website is still up at for comparison. We will be deciding whether to change to the new version at our meeting on September 18.

GLBT History month dinner: The annual dinner will be held on October 8 at the Lied Center beginning at 6 pm. Tickets will be available soon through the Nebraska Union Information Desk or contact Pat Tetreault for more information at 472-1752. More information about the History Month events is available at the Student Involvement LGBTQA website,

Other Announcements:

A new student co-chair needs to be selected because Allen Ratliff is going to London to study abroad. Jan will talk to QSA again to see if any student there wants to assume that role and we will decide at the Sept 18 meeting.

Amelia is the UNL Martin Luther King Jr. day co-chair. The speaker has been selected, Reverend Monroe, who is an out lesbian from the Boston area. Amelia is working on other events during MLK week to include GLBT issues.

Queer Student Alliance picnic is this Thursday at 6 pm at Trago Park, 22 nd and S street. Please join the students in celebrating the new semester.

Women's Center Open House and LGBTQ Resource Center Open House will take place Thursday September 6 from 3 to 5 pm on the third floor of the Nebraska Union. WC is room 340 and LGBTQRC is 342.

Several people indicated an interest in starting a campus focused gay men's group. We will discuss this again at the next meeting.

Submitted by Jan Deeds

April 24, 2007

No minutes available.

April 10, 2007

Attending: Debbie Krahmer, Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff

Toilet Tour:

The next Toilet Tour will be May 2nd. Debbie checked on the finals testing schedule, and there are exams from 1-3pm on Wednesday May 2nd. It will be at 2pm--hopefully giving people time to be done with their 1pm test, but not going over into the next testing time. We will be visiting at least four restrooms around the union that we haven't been to yet. There will be a third tour, possibly consisting of the "outlying" bathrooms on City Campus, plus the four bathrooms on East Campus. It was suggested we could do them over the summer, and have ice cream at the Dairy Store. It was also suggested that the Toilet Tour would be an excellent subject for a conference presentation or something similar. Pat, Debbie and Sindu are working on a way for us to have t-shirts or hats for the tour to advertise the locations of the gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

End of Year Round-up:

Jan will review what we hoped to accomplish this year and what we have accomplished, then she will email it to the listserv for feedback. She would like to have this done in time for the students who might be leaving for the summer to get their input on it. Bob recommended that we turn the year-end review into a newsletter of some sort to better advertise and share the work that is being done on campus to a wide audience. He will work with Jan on this. It can be included in the New Faculty Orientation package (instead of the one-page flyer we now include), in which case it would be due by mid-June. Debbie will forward a summary of accomplishments of the year to Jan. Allen will send Jan a list of ASUN accomplishments.

GLBTA Programs & Services/University Health Center announcements - Pat via email

April 12: Meth & HIV program starting at 6 pm in the NE Union. Sponsored by PERSUNL.

April 19: Pride Resource Fair, 11 am - 1 pm on the Union Plaza (Centennial Room if weather moves us indoors)

Doane Panel on 3/29 went really well.

History Month Dinner will be Monday, October 8 with Tim Miller at keynote, Dinner at the Lied.

The Train is at the Johnny Carson Theatre and is about surviving the Holocaust. Opens 4/11.

update on the listing of the public all gender restrooms (list has been provided to SI marketing staff to add to the GLBTA P & S web site) and it will be put on the site as soon as they can get to it.

Pride Survey:

Allen brought up the Pride Survey that appeared in a DN article this past week. No one had any further information on it. It was suggested that we talk to Pat about it, and see if we can suggest it to the Chancellor. We need more info before we can move on with it--how can we get it here? what will it measure?

There was no update of the full-time AD of GLBT Programs and Services position at this time. There was no update of the Chancellor's Award other than that the Chancellor will definitely be there.

The final meeting of the Semester will be April 24th. Debbie will not be able to attend, due to being out of the state until May.

Submitted by Debbie Krahmer

March 27, 2007

Attending : Pat Tetreault, Debbie Krahmer, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff, Bob Brown, Linda Major.


No additions were made to the minutes of the March 13th meeting. Any additions or corrections should be sent to Debbie.

"What Become You" Reading - Pat
The reading was well-attended: around 75 people came. Extra chairs had to be brought in for the reading.

Jan pointed out that there was a rather strange and somewhat negative review of the book in the Sunday, March 25th Lincoln Journal Star. She suggested we read it for ourselves.

GLBTA History Month Banquet - Pat
A decision was needed to be made regarding the format of the Banquet in October. There were two choices: dinner and performance by Tim Miller on the same day (17th) and no keynote speaker, or dinner on the 18th with Tim as the keynote speaker and a discount offered to banquet attendees for the performance on the 17th. Pat had solicited responses from the CGLBTC listserv on the 13th, but received only a handful of responses. After some discussion, it was decided to have the dinner and performance on different nights, so we could have Tim as our keynote speaker. Pat will contact the Lied and let them know of the decision.

Jan has joined the GLBTA History Month planning sub-committee, bringing the grand total of committee members to two. Please, if you are at all interested or have GLBTA History Month programs planned, volunteer to join the sub-committee. You can contact Pat for details.

Chancellor's Awards Update - Linda
The Chancellor is out of town, and won't be able to make it to the April 4th date originally set. The Awards ceremony has been changed to April 11th. There will be a reception from 3:30-4, and the ceremony will begin at 4. The Union is booked up for the 11th, so Linda was able to secure for us the Great Hall in the Kauffman Center. Way to go, Linda! Beth Griffith at the Chancellor's Office is coordinating the food. The Nominations Committee has the packets and will have it in on Thursday. They'll also have the press releases, announcements, and award announcement letters out soon as well.

The idea of having a rolling powerpoint slideshow with the details of the award winners and their nominations was brought up. It was seen as a great idea, as it can play while we have the reception before the award ceremony. The Nominations Committee will work on this. We are still unsure of the music--Jan is working on contacting them. The Chancellor's Office still needs Debbie's signature for the plaques--Debbie will go over as soon as possible.

The Wall of Honor outside Student Involvement is being updated, and will have the recent award winners added, as well as spelling errors fixed. A question was brought up as to whether all the names of the QSA leadership group would be on the little sign (they'd need really small type!), but it seems that it will just read "QSA Leadership Team" as it was on the plaque.

AD of GLBTA Programs and Services Position Update - Linda
Due to a happy intersection of events, Student Involvement will be able to expand the Assistant Director of GLBTA Programs and Services position into a full-time position, starting July 1.

Linda is looking for feedback on the course SI should take in filling the newly expanded position: 1. do a full external search to fill the position, or 2. extend the offer to Pat if she agrees.

What do you think? If you have a strong opinion one way or the other on how the full-time position should be filled, please email Linda Major at as soon as possible. She looks forward to hearing from you, and welcomes your feedback.

CEHS GLBT Special Interest Group meeting - Bob
It's official! The College of Education and Human Sciences met to talk about GLBT issues in the department.

About 15 people showed up to the CEHS GLBT Special Interest Group lunch meeting, including some students and the Dean of CEHS. Bob shared his list of things the department could do with the group. There was talk of inviting the faculty of the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor to talk to the group about what they're doing and what can be done. It was suggested that the special interest group be invited to the Learn Over Lunch program April 6th, where the Psychology faculty involved in the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor will talk about what they're doing. A listserv has been created for the CEHS GLBT Special Interest Group.

Upcoming April Events

Add these to your calendar!

April 6, 11:30-1. Brown Bag "Learn over Lunch" presentation at Love Library, room 110 (the Library Instruction Room). Psychology Faculty Jenn Hunt, Deb Hope and Lisa Crockett will speak on GLBTA issues and the courses they teach as part of the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor in the Women's & Gender Studies program.

April 10th, 3:30-5. Join us for the next CGLBTC Meeting. Just two left in the Spring Semester!

April 10th. Student Award Dinner, by invitation only. There will be an announcement and acknowledgement of the student GLBT Award winners at the dinner, just as has been done every year. The students will not receive their plaques until the GLBT Awards ceremony the next day, but it's a way to recognize student achievement in a wider audience.

April 11, 3:30-5. Chancellor's Award Ceremony for Outstanding Contributions to the GLBT Community, at the Great Hall in the Kauffman Center. There will be a reception followed by the award ceremony.

April 19, 7pm. Elana Dykewomon at the Great Plains Art Museum. Free and open to the public. Reception and book signing to follow.

April 19. Pride Resource Fair in the Union Plaza (or Centennial Room should the weather turn bad).

April 24, 3:30-5. Last CGLBTC Meeting for the Spring Semester.

ASUN Update - Allen
Allen is no longer a senator. We are all sad for him. However, he gets to study abroad, so that takes away some of the sting.

He only had a few updated: In his inauguration speech, David talked about domestic partnership benefits. FCLA Dodgeball Tournament proceeds this year will go to the Global AIDS Fund. The Gay Caucus of ASUN survives, though Allen has left them, and he reports that the senate continues to be a very progressive one. In all, things look good.

Toilet Tour 2007 - Debbie
There will be another Toilet Tour. Suggestions have been collected that we do it during Finals Week once again. Debbie will send out an email to the ever-increasing list of people who are interested in joining the Tour, so we can coordinate efforts.

Pat updated us on what Facilities is doing with the unisex bathrooms list. The unisex restroom on the 3rd floor of Seaton will be turned into an officially public restroom. Barkley restroom on East Campus doesn't have a number or the right kind of lock, but they will be changing it soon. Overall, there has been progress made on updating signs and things for the unisex restrooms on campus. Pat reported that they're waiting for these changes to be made and Facilities to send her an updated list and brochure of where the publicly accessible gender-neutral bathrooms are on campus before they can be added to the website. She hopes by this summer, but can't be sure, as Facilities reported it will take a long time.

Treasurer's Update - Ignatius by email
The balance in our account is $3894.34. He will be transferring $500 to the English department for the Elana Dykewomon visit in the next day.

Allen commented that he needs to contact Ignatius about the Buddy Wakefield event funding.

Submitted by Debbie Krahmer

March 13, 2007

Attending: Pat Tetreault, Debbie Krahmer, Ignatius Nip, Don Hanway

GLBT History Month - Pat
Volunteers are still needed for the planning and banquet subcommittees! Contact Pat asap if you want to be involved.

Tim Miller will be doing a residency with the Lied in October, with two performances. The CGLBTC is co-sponsoring his visit.

Pat presented an option for the 5th annual history month banquet--we can have the banquet at the Lied and combine it with Miller's October 17th performance. Attendees who want to attend both will get a lower rate on the ticket to his performance. You can also choose to just attend the banquet. The banquet would be on the orchestra level of the Lied, followed by the performance at the Johnny Carson Theatre. Pat will email the CGLBTC listserv to request feedback, and will report back at the next meeting.

For more information on Tim Miller, please see his website:

LGBTA Resource Center - Pat
The Advisory Board will be meeting April 9th at 3:30. The board was drawn from volunteers and those who were involved in the Bastian grant. Unofficially, we have a room (342 Nebraska Union) for the Resource Center--Pat is waiting for the official letter, but the room is approved.

"What Becomes You" Reading - Pat
Don't forget, Hilda Raz and Aaron Raz Link will be reading from their new book at 11:30 in the Nebraska Union, March 26th. The Bookstore will have books available to buy and sign. Pepsi and cookies shall be provided.

Learn over Lunch: LGBTQ Programming series - Pat
April 6, 11:30-1pm in the Library Instruction Room (room 110) at Love Library, there will be a panel of psychology professors who are teaching in the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor. They'll be talking about their class. Speakers include Deb Hope, Lisa Crockett, and Jenn Hunt.

Pride Resource Fair - Pat
April 19th is the Pride Resource Fair. Art is contacting organizations to be at the event. Want your stuff there? Contact Art Garza. It'll be from 11-1pm.

CGLBTC Website - Debbie
We haven't had many volunteers for the Website subgroup. If you're interested in working on the website, or if you have suggestions of resources and groups on campus we should be connecting with, please contact Debbie Krahmer.

Other Announcements

Don Hanway - Don spoke about his busy schedule since his book was published last semester. He has averaged about 2 presentations a month since publication, and is booked through April at the moment. He's spoken to clergy groups, GLBT groups, and ally groups.

Fundraising - Ignatius is rounding up the information needed for the fundraising campaign. Debbie will send him the copy of last year's fundraising letter. Pat thinks she has the most current mailing list information.

Submitted by Debbie Krahmer

February 27, 2007

NOTE: February 27th meeting is cancelled, due to a conflict with the Awards Ceremony for the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women.

February 13, 2007

NOTE: The meeting was cancelled due to the weather. Below are reports and updates that were gathered for the meeting.

Jan 23rd Minutes Approval/Corrections (Debbie):
So far, no one has submitted any corrections for the minutes. Please send them to Debbie by the next meeting. They'll be posted to the website as is, to be changed as needed.

University Slam Update (Allen):
Buddy Wakefield - Monday, March 5 at 8pm in the Union Ballroom.

In response to the message Allen sent out, Allen received all positive votes for CGLBTC co-sponsoring and funding of $500 for the event. He will make sure that CGLBTC and Women's Week are cited as co-sponsors in all of University Slam and Star City Slam promotional materials. And Allen would like to say thank you for the support. If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions, Allen would welcome them. Also, if anyone's programs would like to have materials at a booth or table at the event, just let me know.

AD of GLBT Programs and Services/University Health Center Update (Pat):
My update is that the SI GLBT and the UHC Sex Ed web sites have been updated although they are not totally complete. Both sites have good information and a link to directly email me from the site. The Gender Neutral Bathroom List is in progress and we hope to have a basic list on the web site soon along with an event/programming list.

Meredith Bacon is scheduled for March 6, with a 3:30 pm staff and faculty development and a public presentation at 7 pm. If there are CGLBTC or other students, faculty or staff who would like to comprise a small group to go to dinner with Meredith, let me know.

A Learn over Lunch brown bag series is being developed for 2007 - 2008 academic year which will highlight the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Faculty. We will start this series off with an initial brown bag this spring on Friday, April 6, 11:30 am - 1 pm with the Psychology Faculty: Dr. Debra Hope, Dr. Jenn Hunt, and Dr. Lisa Crockett. The panel will share their area of expertise, information about the classes they teach, what it's like to be part of the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor faculty and answer questions from attendees. Cookies and Pepsi products will be provided. [Note: The brown bag for the 6th of April will be held at the Love Library "Library Instruction Room."]

April 19 there will be a lunchtime LGBTQ/Sexuality Resource Fair, 11 am-2 pm in the NU. More info as the event planning progresses.

Anyone interested in participating in GLBT History month and dinner planning, please contact Pat Tetreault.

Chancellor's Award Update (Linda):
Linda submitted the updated forms and flyers to Debbie. As soon as they're posted to the CGLBTC website, Linda will submit the announcement to Nformation and E-News. She'll post the nomination forms on the SI website, so feel free to add that information to your website.

The awards ceremony has been confirmed for April 4 beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the NE Union. Beth Griffin is making the room reservation and ordering the food.

Meeting with Faculty Senate Exec Committee? (Debbie):
We need to figure out if we are going to schedule a meeting with the Faculty Exec Committee to talk about Transgender issues and changes we would like to see on campus. Discussion postponed to later.


Elana Dykewomon's Visit (Barbara): Reading/talk by lesbian writer Elana Dykewomon, author of "Beyond the Pale," 7 p.m., Great Plains Gallery, Thurs., April 19. CGLBTC is a co-sponsor. Book-signing and reception to follow.

Library Update (Debbie): GLBT Life, an article database, has changed its name to LGBT Life. The library will be updating their pages soon. If you do not find the GLBT Life database listed under the G's, make sure you check the L's. You can also find it listed under the Gender Studies subject heading in the E-Resources list on the Libraries' website. If you have any questions, please direct them to Debbie Krahmer, the Women's and Gender Studies subject specialist at the library.

submitted by Debbie Krahmer

January 23, 2007

Attending : Allen Ratliff, Ignatius Nip, Jan Deeds, Debbie Krahmer, Pat Tetreault, Bob Brown.

Change of Chair Duties:
Due to an extremely packed semester, Jan is stepping down as facilitating chair, and Debbie will take over those duties. Agenda items can now be sent to Debbie.

Dr. Bacon's visit:
Jan has the final information about Meredith Bacon's visit, including titles and summaries. More information will be available soon.

Sexuality Education Report - Pat

HIV Test Site Grant renewed for 2007!
Free, anonymous and confidential HIV Testing will be in Room 164 of the University Health Center (to the south of Pharmacy), Thursdays and Fridays, 2:30 – 4:30 pm on a walk-in basis. Orasure (no needles); results in one week.

Expansion of HIV testing to East Campus and the Culture Center:
We are developing a plan to provide HIV testing on East Campus and the Culture Center (city campus) once a month during the spring semester. Testing will be on the 1 st W (11 am – noon at the ECU and 4 – 6 pm at the CC). Results will be in 2 weeks at the same site.

A special projects grant for outreach regarding Meth and HIV was obtained for use during the spring semester. Two DVDs have been purchased and plans are underway.

Brother – to – Brother will be shown on 2/7, (W) at 6:30 pm at the Culture Center for African American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The movie will be followed by a QPOC Speakers Bureau panel. Refreshments available (pepsi products and popcorn). HIV testing will be available at the Culture Center from 4 – 5 pm in the lower level multipurpose room.

1916 has changed its name to Students for Sexual Health. Meetings will be on the following Sundays during the Spring Semester:

Feb. 11, March 4, April 1 & 29, 5 – 8 pm in the Culture Center Lower Level except for 2/11, which will be in the NU (room posted). Meetings will consist of a potluck, educational program, and business meeting. The 2/11 program will be the victim advocate from the Women’s Center/RSACC: Marla.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) is Feb. 26 – March 2 and will have a variety of programming taking place, two which have particular relevance to the GLBT community. On Monday, Katie Rubin will present the autobiographical monologue "Insides Out!" and Wednesday, Ryan Sallans will present on "Sexuality, Eating Disorders and Body Image". Both events will be in the City Campus NU. For info:

Bastian Grant Funds
Collaborative efforts in developing the safe space/ALLY and speakers' bureau manual and refining outreach efforts and promotional materials will continue. Contact has been made with the ALLY programs at UNO and UNK to talk about a collaborative system-wide approach.

Student Involvement Assistant Director of GLBTA Programs and Services Report - Pat

Check out the updated SI GLBTA P & S web site. There is a request for information or panels that can be submitted from the site.

"ALL Gender Restrooms at UNL"
The NE Union "All Gender/Family" Rest room is open! It is located on the first floor of the City Campus NU on the west side of the building, near the Computer Use room. It has been re-opened with a baby-changing station installed.

We are working with UNL Facilities Management on developing a listing of the public "All Gender" restrooms on campus. Information about location, accessibility, and whether it has baby-changing facilities will be included. Once the information is compiled, the information will (eventually) be listed on the Student Involvement web site.

I contacted Owen Yardley, UNL PD Chief, about whether there is a protocol for responding to reports of gender variant individuals in a designated male or female restroom (given the limited number of public "all gender" restrooms available). Owen said that it would be handled on a case-by-case basis. Officers would be low-key and try to figure out what the situation is and how to respond. Safety would be a priority and officers would then contact their supervisors after ensuring safety needs. Owen said he would also bring this up at a staff meeting so that officers would be aware of such a situation occurring.

April 19 will be Pride Day at UNL. A lunch time "fair" is being planned.

What Becomes You : Reading by Hilda Raz and possibly, Aaron Link Raz, from their soon to be published book, What becomes you…..Aaron requests a $500 honorarium for the reading and while he would appreciate travel assistance, he understands if that is not do-able. Aaron's bio is on the page that follows.

History Month Planning : Do individuals want to establish a planning committee now?

There are a variety of ways that those interested can participate, from fundraising, event planning, and event implementation!

OCTOBER 2007 – 5 th Annual GLBT History Month Dinner Celebration!
Tim Miller will be brought in for a 2 week residency at the Lied Center, Oct. 8 – 20. The Lied staff is excited about our collaborating with them on this event. The history month dinner will be scheduled during this residency so we can tentatively plan on having him as our keynote speaker. While here, Tim will provide workshops and performances. Students in his workshops may also be able to perform a developed performance piece. For more information about Tim Miller, visit:

Submitted by Pat Tetreault Note: Aaron Link Raz Bio follows

Aaron Link Raz

Aaron Raz Link is a writer, performer, teacher, and curator.  Trained as an historian and philosopher of science, he worked for more than a decade as a scientific educator with organizations including the University of Wisconsin Zoological Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Oregon Zoo, and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  After the sex change, drag queens sent him to clown school, making him a graduate of the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.  

Link is co-founder of the Transgender/Identity Resource Center, the only center for transpeople in the Northwest.  As a performing artist, he has appeared at the TBA Festival, the EL Festival, and the Q Center in Portland, Oregon, the Marsh Theatre and the New Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, on stages in London, Newcastle, and Vancouver, B.C., and in a dress on the high school lawn of the Hoopa Indian Nation.  He has taught at venues including the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, Sojourn Theatre, the 2005 GenderOdyssey Conference, QLAND Gay Men's Health Network, Lewis and Clark College, and the TRANS Visual Culture Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He has been a professional clown, museum preparator, HIV tester, butterfly wrangler, theatre teacher, social worker, forensic entomologist's assistant, object puppeteer, sex educator, and consultant.  His work has been honored with awards from the Equity Foundation, Oregon's Regional Arts and Culture Council, Outside In, and the Pride Foundation.  Based in Portland, Oregon, Link creates exhibits and public education programs as director of the Museum of Nature, and is the co-author (with Hilda Raz) of What Becomes You, a memoir in Tobias Wolff's American Lives series from the University of Nebraska Press.              

From What Becomes You:

About The Author

Aaron Raz Link creates theatrical shows and exhibits. His most recent exhibit, Other Visions, documented the art and culture of the extremely little-known Outremer people.  Aaron has performed and toured internationally, taught and created with the object theatre company Lunatique Fantastique, the Clown Conservatory of the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, Hand2Mouth Theatre, Tabuki Theatre, 2Gyrlz Performative Arts, Sojourn Theatre, and enough festivals, conferences, schools, and LGBT community venues that the list won't fit in this space.  He's been a maskmaker and street performer in Portland, Oregon, and is happy to say that drag queens sent him to clown school, making him a graduate of the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre. 

From the author's professional resume, 2006.

About The Author  

Sarah Link is a professional naturalist and historian of science (BA, Biological Sciences, Washington University, St. Louis MO, 1986, MA, History and Philosophy of Science,

There was discussion of possible dates for Hilda and Aaron's visit, and possible co-sponsors.

Treasurer's Report - Ignatius
The transfer for the December World AIDS day was made, and there was another transfer of $400 for the GLBT Dinner. In total, we have $3,948 and change.

ASUN update - Allen
ASUN voted nearly unanimously to remove the automatic exemption for religious RSOs and to require all student groups to update their constitutions within five years after changes are made by ASUN to things like the non-discrimination policy. Groups can still apply for exemption from ASUN.

University Slam - Allen
March 5th, Buddy Wakefield, a top-ranked Slam poet, will performing at 8pm in the Ballroom. Allen is looking for funding--$500 from CGLBTC. Allen will email Erica about having a Women's Week booth at the event. Allen will also email a proposal to the CGLBTC blackboard group to ask for an email vote, because of the low attendance at the meeting.

Toilet Tour
Allen said that there were about five ASUN senators interested in the Toilet Tours. He will keep them informed when we plan our next tour.

CEHS GLBT Group - Bob
There will be an interest group meeting for students and faculty within the College of Education and Human Sciences to discuss GLBT issues. If you know of GLBT and ally students and faculty who are in the CEHS who might be interested, please send their names to Bob.

CGLBTC Website Group - Debbie
The CGLBTC website needs an update! Last year, we discussed the possibility of finding a way to connect the website to more groups and resources around campus, to really make it a resource for the UNL Community. We would like to gather some interested people, especially those who have GLBTQA/Sexuality-related websites or resources in your department, so we can make sure that no matter where someone looks, they'll find the information they need online, anywhere, anytime. We see this group as a way to benefit all who are interested in GLBT resources, as all members share in the information and stay up to date on what the other groups are doing. Please let Debbie know if you're interested in joining this group, or if you know of someone who would be interested/should be involved.

Submitted by Debbie Krahmer

January 9, 2007

Those in attendance: Bob Brown, Jan Deeds, Debbie Krahmer, Amelia M.L. Montes, Allan Ratliff, Shannon Sillman, Pat Tetreault

Treasurer's Report:

So far, we have $4,348.78. However, Pat was not sure if the number may actually be $3,948.78 (a deletion of $400.00) due to cost of materials to help with publicity for LGBT History Month. Pat will find out from Ignatius.

Jan Deeds has THREE tickets left for the MLK breakfast (which is this Friday, January 12, 2007 at 7:30a.m., Embassy Suites Hotel. Linda Crump (Asst. to the Chancellor/Office of Equity, Access, and Diversity) will be the speaker for the breakfast.

Amelia also mentioned that she will be next year's co-chair for the MLK week of activities. She said "yes" to the job in order to make sure that next year's MLK week will include LGBT activities (inclusion of students of color within LGBT communities) and LGBT speakers. Amelia hopes that in the coming weeks, we can put forward ideas for this week of events next year (January 2008).

The Resource Center. Shannon is starting to work on this (The Bastion Fund GLBT Resource Center). Shannon has LGBT books to donate and random single books. Shannon's title will be GLBT Resource Assistant. Pat mentioned that she met with the UNO faculty resource person. She's hoping for collaboration with UNO and UNK

Toilet Tour: The tour included 8 different bathrooms on city campus. The tour consisted of: taking note of campus directions on how to get there, taking pictures of specific areas, taking notes on the appearance of the bathroom, if there are room numbers posted, most especially looking at signage (is it well advertised or not?). The tourists observed and took notes on bathrooms which were designated with a handicap sign. They looked to see if enough bars were present in the bathroom. An example of the sign problem was Seaton Hall where there was no sign indicating the existence of a bathroom. Pat has contacted UNL Facilities. They gave Pat a list of gender neutral bathrooms. However, UNL Facilities did not give Pat a timeline as to when appropriate signs (or for some bathrooms—any type of signage) will be posted. Shannon mentioned that the bathroom in the Canfield Building—the one next to the Equity, Access, and Diversity Office is not labeled. In Kaufmann there are two bathrooms on the UNL Facilities list labeled as unisex but when you go there, the signage indicates that one bathroom is for women and the other for men. They are not labeled "gender neutral." Jan asked Pat to contact the person at UNL Facilities to find out their timeline for labeling the bathrooms appropriately. Debbie stated that she thinks it would be a good idea to have access to maps that indicate where the location of all these bathrooms. Jan noted that finding out the UNL website policy would be helpful in order to forward a proposal to have the UNL site include a link to "accessible bathrooms" and to the CLGBTC website. Jan also mentioned (or was it Pat?) David Cheney, from the Office of Students with Disabilities. Maybe David Cheney could assist us in our efforts here (or another representative from this office who could help). Pat would like (as well) to change all UNL forms on campus to include gender inclusive sections (a self-identifying section). There should be a uniform policy.

NEXT STEPS: a. check back with Dr. Franco in terms of forms
b. non-descrimination policy
c. financial AID—government requirements
d. asking the administration to change policy
e. finish looking at all bathrooms to have the complete list of problem areas
f. Allen will meet with the Accessibility Committee on this
g. Acquire all directions and pictures of bathrooms.
h. Debbie would also like to include a video for the website which would give viewers a multimedia map/tour of the accessible bathrooms
i. Need to talk with University Communications website. How do they want to communicate this to the people who need it?

Chancellor's Awards Update

Debbie invited the committee (via e-mail) to be on the Awards committee. These are the people who have volunteered:

Linda Major—volunteered to be chair

Bob Brown

Kyle Burnett

Vern Williams

Deb Hope

Jan will be sharing her timeline/"handbook steps" with Linda Major

Also discussed: when to have it. Usually it's at the end of March.

Spring Symposia:

Meredith Bacon: MtoF faculty member at UNO

Meredith Bacon's arrival: Pat is planning the dinner/staff development (topic: How to work with transgender colleagues)

--evening theme: gender and pop culture

Meredith does not want an honorarium.

Women's week: March 5-9

Hilda Raz: very happy to come and speak for the symposia (at no cost)

Maybe there would be an honorarium for her son, Aaron Link Raz. Aaron would be flying in from Oregon. We wouldn't have to pay for his flight, only his honorarium.

--We can ask English and Women's and Gender Studies if they would contribute to Aaron's honorarium. Amelia will be finding out the date the book is coming out (book title: _What Becomes You _) in order to plan the symposia date.

Elana Dykewomon: Barbara DiBernard and Amelia ML Montes have been working on this. Barbara wrote up grant proposals and we have some money already coming in for this speaker (April 19-20). More on this speaker soon.

Women's and Gender Studies NO LIMITS Conference speaker: tatiana de la tierra. Women's and Gender Studies Program may ask us for support to help fund their speaker.

GLBT AD update:

GLBT History Month planning group

Tim Miller at Lied

The Lied Center contacted Pat about Tim Miller (comedian/political humorist) and our collaboration with his visit. We could tie in to this programming by having Tim as our keynote speaker at the dinner for GLBT History Month. He also does workshops where students create a performance piece. Or he might do a residency in collaboration with the English dept. or Women's and Gender Studies. It could be a one or two week visit. Pat would like to put together a committee now. Funding questions: In addition to the Lied who is bringing this speaker, how much would CGLBTC be asked to contribute? Lied is inviting us to do programming with them. The committee agreed to go ahead and pursue this opportunity.

Other Announcements:

Alan announced that he will not be running for ASUN office (he will be studying abroad). Instead Maria Moreno plans to run for Arts and Sciences Senator. Allan also announced that he has introduced legislation for student religious groups to end segregation within these groups based on sexual orientation. As well, he submitted a bill which would require all student groups to revise their constitutions and include a gender equality statement.

Debbie announced that she is updating the Woman's Journal-Advocate Index so that it will be a searchable PDF. The Reference Coordinator in the library had found the Index. The index is only missing the last year. She is also working to digitize it as well. The Atlanta Lesbian Alliance Collection is the only one who has it partially microfilmed. Jan mentioned that Maureen Gallagher (former grad student) had done a thesis on the journal.

Bob Brown announced that his course in education (GLBT students in the classroom) will not be taught this summer. He experienced many obstacles in working toward getting it scheduled. Amelia offered to schedule a lunch with Bob and John Raible (a new professor in the Ed. Dept.) to see if something can be done—at least for the next summer.

That's it. Thank you. Please edit any and all areas you think were not properly recorded.

Respectfully submitted by Amelia ML Montes