CGLBTC Meeting Minutes 2008

These are not a verbatim report of meetings, but they reflect the issues and decisions made. In some cases, formal minutes were not kept.

April 22, 2008

Present: Jan, Pat, Debbie, Lisa, Deb Hope, Jim & Amy H.

Treasurer Report

No change since last month.

UNL GLBT Needs and Program Assessment Discussion

Pat reported on the meeting with Dr. Franco. They let Dr. Franco know that they would like to have the Needs Assessment done again. Sue Rankin was too expensive. Bob Brown does not have enough time to take on the task. Chancellor agreed to provide a Graduate Research Assistant to help (a student already in a program—it will be a Student Affairs GRA from the College of Education), and approximately $5000 (or less) to do the assessment. Discussion also included noting that there are few GLBT resources in the community (off campus). Discussion included the use of Bob's survey and the plan for focus groups. Bob felt that not all parts of the evaluation program needed to be used. He recommended instead focusing on fewer elements.

Deb indicated that the Rainbow project research group could be involved in replicating what Bob had done. Could put the surveys online, and help develop questions and methods for assessing faculty and staff (since Bob's evaluation primarily focused on students). Deb asked what questions we wanted to focus on. Pat indicated that things have changed since the last survey and thus it would be interesting to compare past answers to current ones. Bob has given us his old IRB materials and his survey (which is also still online) so that we can use portions of that as are useful. Deb indicated that the Rainbow Project would also like to include some measures looking at mental issues. E.g., investigation of social anxiety related to the current climate, and other specific mental health impacts. Some of Amy's research has also looked at climate issues (e.g., likelihood of confronting prejudice).

Pat reported on the relevance of this assessment for upcoming changes that are going to be made in some of the programming and services, such as changes in the Ally/Safe Space cards. Deb indicated that we could also ask/survey about resources that are available, to assess how much people know about those resources, and their opinions.

Deb indicated that Survey Monkey has some low cost survey options.

Jan raised the question of "how broad of a net"? e.g., ad in the DN, links to other web sites. Deb indicated that the CGLBT committee will need to decide many of these issues, but that the Rainbow Project could take on the question and survey development, data collection and analysis.

Pat gave Deb a copy of "tips" that Bob had come up with for doing this sort of assessment/evaluation.

Pat indicated that since the GRA will be of/in Student Affairs, that the person might be housed with her.

Jan indicated that some of the current needs for a proposal (to be determined at a separate meeting in the summer):

  • Deciding what exactly to focus on
  • What methods and surveys exactly that should be used, etc.
  • time frame (which will depend partly on when things can get through the IRB).
  • look at instruments to see if there changes needed
  • what additional things do we want to add in terms of programs and services we might want to ask about.
  • When would the GA start (e.g., summer seems likely)
  • Deb noted that once the content is mostly decided upon, the IRB process could be started. Then change of IRB forms (which are quicker to process) can be submitted later if needed.
  • Also, Deb suggested that Bob look through the survey/evaluation plan once it is finished.
  • Availability of past data was discussed and Pat will email Bob and Valerie Gortmeyer about its availability and our potential use of it.

Summer Meeting to plan Needs Assessment: May 15 th, 3pm, in room 204 Union.

Chancellor's Letter

End of the year report and letter to the Chancellor.

Things to include:

  • history month
  • individual assistance with establishing the GLBTQ resource center
  • Chancellors Award for outstanding service to the GLBT community
  • award money was spent on: ?
  • coordination of the nominations and choices of the award recipients
  • needs assessment
  • We had lots of students involved
  • Greg kept us up to date on the +1 benefits
  • Ally education meeting today (4/22/08) – was advertised on Facebook and has already received 22 RSVPs
  • Use of the gender neutral bathroom findings in planning of other things, such as informing the planning of lactation stations
  • Issue: low attendance this year.
  • Debbie will also will look through last year's report of what we intended to do in the future, as well as past minutes, and will also send an email out asking what should be included: e.g., issues addressed, activities, speakers supported.
  • Debbie suggested that next year, for the 10th chancellor's award, there could be a slide show. Pat will contact Beth Griffin (Chancellor's secretary) for pictures from the award ceremony, or permission to make copies. Jan has the nomination packets too.


We discussed causes of low attendance. Could be that it is because +1 benefits has been stalled, and nothing else is pressing "to do." Needs assessment may help identify things to do.

We need to update the newsletter by May/early June (due June or July 20th?). Put in the open house dates and the date of the dinner. Also could put in information about next fall's meetings.

Make sure to articulate the three groups that are involved (students, faculty, staff).

We will send an email asking about available times for meetings next fall.

History Wiki

Debbie was playing with tiddly-wiki which creates a wiki like format, and would provide a good way to collect information from a lot of people.

We'd need to find someone to take control of the tech-side, and exert some control over who can edit it. The library does internal wikis but so far doesn't want to have outside wikis, so we need a place to house it and support it from the technical side.

The goal is to have it set up so that it is sustainable. Once it is set up, we may have an instruction session going over how to use it, add to it, etc. Debbie indicated that she'd be willing to oversee this over time.

Award money

We need to ask for the money to be transferred by emailing Beth Griffin. So we need to decide/find out where it goes. If it is donated somewhere, we need the cost object number. Jan will email Amanda and Greg to find out where they would like their funds sent. Jan and Pat will email Debbie the account numbers for her award designations, and Debbie will send them on to Beth Griffin.


We will flesh out the descriptions of the officer positions, and have them on the web site. Also may put in a list of accomplishments so that new members will know what the committee does/has done. Also thinking about putting an announcement in UNL's E-News. Discussed having a new officer position for social networking. Or a list of sub-committees that people could work on (e.g., newsletter, history month, social networking).


April 25th Day of Silence – Note that QSA is selling shirts the 21st-25th in the union

Submitted by Lisa PytlikZillig

April 1, 2008

Attending: Debbie, Jan, Greg, Lisa, Pat, Allen, Drew

Treasurer's Report:

No Report/& No known changes since last month.

QSA Report:

Leadership selection Thurs night, and conference is the 12th from 12-5

ASUN (Allen, Greg)

Discussion about ASUN's new leadership took place. Next years senate is likely to be more conservative. Discussed who GLBT-friendly people might be on the senate and willing to attend CGLBTC in order to let us know what is going on in ASUN over time.

A diversity planning/development committee has been formed. It is a diversity plan for students by students. Committee is charged with long term strategic development of diversity, and charged with determining what diversity issues are important to students and figuring out how to implement them. Maria Moreno has been appointed to the committee for this term. Allen is on the committee but graduates next term. Applications for being on the committee will be available soon and if you know of anyone who might be interested let Allen and Maria know.

UNL GLBT Needs Assessment: (Pat)

Allen, Pat, Jan, Debbie will meet with Dr Franco and Susan Poser. Tentative date/time for meeting: Wed morning, 11-12. Likely to be held in Dr Franco's office.

Debbie will upload the CAS standards to blackboard to make them available before then.

Jan will send an email of what the key issues are beforehand, in order to get feedback before sending on to Dr Franco and Susan Poser.

Chancellor's Awards Update & Student Impact Awards

Announcements have been sent out.

Music for the event: Pat will forward Jan some information about a group of musicians that have performed for events before.

Note that QSA is also getting a student impact award.

Debbie got interviewed for the Scarlet regarding her award.

Agenda for next meeting (April 22nd)?

  • publicity for the committee and recruitment of new members
  • letter to the Chancellor: discuss it so that then it can be written over the summer. Jan will send Debbie the last letter that was sent.

CGLBTC History Project: Debbie

Debbie is considering a Wiki format for the history pages so that it can be easily added to and updated.


  • Next meeting will be April 22nd, rather than April 15th. The NE Symposium is on April 15th and conflicts. Next meeting is our last meeting of the semester.
  • Kinsey Sicks tickets on sale, the performance and fundraiser is on April 14th

Fundraising is to help fund the Resource Center (e.g., which helps with funding the History Dinner etc).

  • OPT IN Talent Show, April 17th: Pat brought applications for the talent show.
  • QSA Alphabet Soup conference is 4/12.

Submitted by Lisa PytlikZillig

March 04, 2008

Present: Jan Deeds, Pat Tetreault, Don Hanaway, Debbie, Greg, Drew, Allen, Bob, Derek, Barbara DiBernard, Lisa

UNL GLBT Needs and Program Assessment Discussion: Jan

Jan reported on a Gold standard for CAS – which includes a list of outcomes across programs. You can purchase the framework for outcomes areas, and there is a self-assessment guide too.

Jan asked for some ideas for how we might move forward.

Some suggestions/questions included: Bringing someone in as a consultant? How should we focus on students? Faculty? Staff? What could we ask for (e.g., from the chancellor) that would help us? We don’t want to overload Alverez. Do we want to have academic and student affairs look at this? Who would oversee the group that would be doing the work?

A major question is: Who would be the person to make sure that efforts on this project keeps going? Susan Poser? Tim Alverez (from Franco’s office)? Who is the "we" that would work on whatever is decided? Can we leverage other persons to help us? Some noted that student affairs tend to be responsive to these kinds of efforts.

Jessica Johnson might be a resource to utilize.

Another question regarded the Chancellor's view: We may need to ask the Chancellor how important it is to him, and what he would like to do or see done and how much he can invest in it. One idea would be to ask him if we could use some money to implement plans based on findings from the 2002 climate study. Can we identify the most important areas that we already see need to be attended to?

A main question is whether and to what extent do we need more assessment, vs. using/requesting money to implement programs. It was noted that assessment provides an opportunity to open up discussion and provide education, so that the assessment also has an effect. Thus, could we have an assessment and an action plan?

Action Plans:

It was decided that we (Pat, Jan, Debbie, Bob, and Allen) would meet with Susan Poser first to discuss these issues with her and strategize. We will try to meet during the week after spring break.

Jan will also consolidate some of the information she has been gathering for discussion, and asked that we share with each other any models that might be applicable for this. Bob mentioned an effort in Illinois we might look at. Debbie offered to scan (pdfs) of sections of the CAS book for people to share and look at to help plan what to discuss with Sue.

Alphabet soup conference

Went well and was fun. Art is one of the new representatives who gets to decide when and where it will be next year.

QSA donated $100 for the conference. The group will be looking for new advisors and will talk more about it next week.

Women's Week (Jan)

On the 13 th is a banquet, 6pm, at the Wick Alumni Center. Jan asked if the committee wants to buy a table. Many people are going with other groups, so our committee did not buy a table. Cost for individual tickets are $20 and $10 for students.

History Month (Pat)

Dorothy Allison is the keynote speaker. A date has been chosen, and a venue. Help is needed with fundraising to pay the rent. Pat noted that we might sell some ads in the program to help raise money. Pat will also send another email requesting for helping.

Nominations are coming in for the GLBT awards, but more nominations are needed. They are due this Friday to Jan.

Academic Senate (Allen)

Committee presented on employee+1 benefits. Right now Allen and an intern are working on asking the regents to implement the resolution.

Allen is on a Strategic Development committee, developing diversity plan for student government and will be needing student volunteers.


Deb Hope was unable to attend the meeting, but wanted to present a report on the "What is Transgender?" program.

Rainbow Project had Jillian Shipherd, Ph.D. here this past Thursday and Friday discussing her work with transgender veterans. She did a brown bag with Women and Gender Studies, a meet and greet with Pat Tetreault, and various meetings with research teams in the Department of

Psychology. She presented a talk entitled "What is Transgender?" for the general public on Thursday afternoon in the Union auditorium that was attended by approximately 240 individuals (several psychology classes gave extra credit). The students asked many good questions and it was apparent from the discussion that many, many people heard information that was new to them. On Friday morning she presented a 4 hour workshop for mental health professionals on clinical work with transgender individuals that was attended by about 20 graduate students in clinical and counseling psychology as well as 27 mental health professionals in the community. The workshop was well-received. This visit was funded, in part, by the Chancellor's award I received a couple of years ago.

Submitted by Lisa PytlikZillig

February 19, 2008

Attending: Derek, Jan, Pat, Debbie, Robin, Bob, Drew, Allen.

Treasurer's Report:

Previous Balance: $4018.35

  • $400 transfer for Pat Alderete + $100 donation from fundraising letter = New Balance 2/19/08: $3718.35

QSA Report: April 12, 12-5 NE GLBTA Conference, "Multiple Identities". Keynote: Ryan Sallans. @ Georgian Suite A & B, Resource Center & Women's Center.

12 students are going to the Alphabet Soup conference this weekend.

UNL GLBT Needs Assessment:

Bob talked about his discussion with the Chancellor; Bob was asked to redo the 2002 study, and Bob was unable to do so. He offered several other options. We discussed the Sue Rankin proposal again, as well as other options such as using the CAS standards and locating other consultants. Other standards were discussed; top level support, modeled after accreditation process or Gen Ed process with input and very public results.

We will look into options and revise our recommendations, and discuss it again at the March 4th meeting. Then we will approach the Chancellor with new recommendations.

GLBT History Month: Pat

University Dining Services deal with the catering at the Union, so an outside caterer would be impossible at the Union. Pat would like to raise money to have it at the Leid again. It would cost about $900. Fundraising can be done over the summer, possibly some events or talent shows. Scott said he would help. One option could be to sell ads in the program for the Banquet.

What Pat needs from the CGLBTC : help with fundraising, donations, ideas of what do. If you have any input, ideas, or are willing to help, please contact Pat: 472-1752,

Pat also submitted a correction to the previous meeting's minutes--the minutes will be amended to reflect that the Champion Club is a nice place for an event, but it is not well marked for accessibility.

Student Impact Awards: Jan

QSA needs to nominate people.

Chancellor's Awards Update: Jan

Nominate people! The forms are online at the website Chancellor's Award with easily marked Facult/Staff and Student award forms. Download, fill them out, and send them in. Deadline is March 7th!!! Hurry!

CGLBTC "Yearly" report: Debbie

We've decided to modify the letters we've sent to the Chancellor as a sort of report of what we've done over the year. They are a very good summary of our accomplishments and our goals. Debbie contacted the Chancellor and he is okay with this. Jan volunteered to modify the report. Debbie will post it online when it is done.

CGLBTC History Project: Debbie

Debbie has collected some more information from Archives on what they will accept for the Archives, as well as what they have there about Lou Crompton and queer history on campus. The Digital Commons does accept student papers--many of the departments have a section in the Digital Commons for student papers to be uploaded. Debbie will work with Archives and the Digital Commons to put together some sort of easy-to-follow guidelines we can pass around to help encourage faculty, staff and students who have written on the queer history at UNL, taught a course in GLBTQ studies, or related topics (domestic partnerships, inclusive housing, bathrooms, LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Minor, etc.) to donate information to the Archives or put their papers in the Digital Commons.


Pat Alderete: Tuesday, Feb 19, 7:30 @ Dudley Bailey Library, reading & reception

Dr. Jillian Shipherd: "What is Transgender?" Thursday, Feb 28, 3:30-4:30 @ Nebraska Union Auditorium.

Deadline for GLBT Awards: March 7th

LGBTQ Study Abroad: March 5, 11:30-1pm

Student Leadership Brownbag: March 13, 11:30-1pm

Outspeaking update/training: March 27, 5-8pm.

Submitted by Lisa PytlikZillig

February 5, 2008

Attending: Debbie Krahmer, Pat Tetreault, Lisa PytlikZillig, Greg Gifford, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff, Drew Ramos, David Barmore

LGBTQA History month dinner budget

Pat presented a list of the costs of the dinner last year (2007). Total costs don’t include cost of the speaker (Tim Miller last year).

Current Balance in Dinner Account: $263.86—but CLAS-Culturally Linguistic Appropriate Services grant (CLAS grant)—may have some money in the LGBT dinner account total listed.

CGLBTC Will cover:

It was decided that CGLBTC will provide $600-to cover programs, posters, tickets, musicians, flyers, and our table(s) + additional costs to cover the speaker

Location of Dinner?

  • Lied? Note that it would cost about $883 cost to have dinner there next year, and the Lied cannot waive it this year due to budget constraints.

Other options for location:

  • Wick $220, but may be too small (fits 180, and last year the dinner had 200 people attend)
  • Champions club $550, nice place for an event, but not well marked for accessibility.
  • So….we may have it at the Union pending better ideas

David Barmore (visitor)

March 5th are ASUN elections and David is one of the members of the Ignite Party who is running for ASUN. He asked about the goals and purposes of the committee, and connection to ASUN – few years ago we restructured to include a faculty and a staff and a student chair.

Drew asked about how ASUN is reaching out to students of color. Alan and David note that ASUN is highly Greek. One option David said they are exploring is to get rid of the party system and have people run independently to open it up to more people.

Awards Ceremony

Jan will update the nomination forms (e.g., to make separate ones for student and faculty/staff). Kelly Payne, Barbara, and Jan are on the committee.

Date for ceremony will be: April 9th, and there will be musicians.

Next week an announcement will go out for nominations.

Due date is March 7th for nominations.

The week after March 7th the awards committee will go over the nominations and get plaque-making under way.

Committee Needs from CGLBTC? Send in your nominations!

Trans-issues Update

Someone contacted Pat for information about the trans-issues group.

History of this group

Council of student affairs directors (CSAD) had asked our committee to come speak about what we could do to make the campus more trans-friendly.


We discussed "What are issues that are still in need of focus?" Housing, campus recreation facilities? Someone noted that we should also tell the person (or anyone else that is interested in the trans group) that the Rainbow Research Group is bringing in a speaker who will speak some on trans issues.

Feb 28th - "What is Transgender" presentation by Jillian Shipherd, 3:30-4:30 @ Union

Feb 29th - training workshop Psychosocial treatment with trans clients

Debbie will reply to the person's email.


Conversation about +1 benefits

On Feb 13th the ASUN Conversation about the +1 benefits bill will take place. Letter of support to the senate can be written by the CGLBT to support +1 benefits.

Pat will write a draft and send to Debbie and Alan and Greg for edits.

Committee for Fee Allocations

The CFA (Committee for Fee allocations) will meet soon too, so it is a good time to bring up things to (or harass…) administrators for wants and needs.

Note that David (our visitor from Ignite) is the chair of Academic fees advisory committee.

Pat notes that, in terms of requests that could be made to administrators, whenever remodeling takes place, that is when it would be a good time to put in the gender neutral/family bathrooms (e.g., if there were a new rec center built on east campus)

Budget report

Total balance today is: $4018.35

Next meeting is Feb 19th, 11:30-12:30, Green Room in Student Involvement.

Submitted by Lisa PytlikZillig

January 15, 2008

Attending : Debbie Krahmer, Pat Tetreault, Lisa PytlikZillig, Robin Whisman, Derek Robinson, Greg Gifford, Jan Deeds, Allen Ratliff, Barbara DiBernard


New Officers - Positions still open!

  • The committee still needs a new staff co-chair, and new treasurer. Debbie is still offering homemade cookies (or other sugar-free or gluten-free alternatives) to anyone who is willing to fill one of these positions. (See below for the positions descriptions from last month’s minutes).
  • Lisa PytlikZillig volunteered to take notes at the meetings, and was thus dubbed secretary. She accepted no cookies or other payment for the position; being in a position where she had the power to remove the hyphen from her last name was reward enough. ;o)
  • Someone asked if we have a student co-chair. It is assumed that Drew Ramos is still the student co-chair.


Time requirement - less than 3 hours a month (including attending bi-monthly meetings).


  • regular attendance at meetings
  • getting regular statements from Jeff in SOFS about the status of our account (typically before each meeting)
  • providing the committee with regular updates about the finances
  • co-signing for purchases, transfers, etc.
  • updating the annual-ish fundraising letter, update the fundraiser mailing list, and oversee sending out the fundraising letters (co-chairs and committee members will assist as needed).

Staff co-chair:

Duties are mostly dependent on abilities, but include following up on things between meetings, and meeting with the co-chairs to set the agenda. We're looking for someone who is interested in becoming more involved with the CGLBTC and who had the time to be a co-chair. Facilitating ability a plus. Please, please, please, please, please volunteer for this position if you're interested. For more information, email Jan Deeds at or Debbie Krahmer at

Time of meeting

Debbie asked if people felt this was a good time to meet. There are some committee members who cannot make the 1130-1230 Tuesday time. It was decided that finding a time that will work for everyone will be difficult and that, for now at least, the committee will continue to meet at the Tuesday 1130-1230 time. It is hoped that others will both let it be known if they'd like to attend but the time is bad for them (so that we can keep a count of how many people we are losing), and that people who cannot make the meetings will still stay involved by responding to the minutes, announcements, and discussions on Blackboard.

Chancellor's Awards

  • Jan agreed to chair the sub-committee to start planning for the Chancellor's Awards Ceremony. Barbara volunteered to be on the committee as well.
  • Jan will put out a call for more sub-committee members, figure out what the deadlines need to be for this year’s awards and update the nomination forms. She will also will communicate with the chancellor to see what the possibilities are for dates for the awards ceremony.
  • Dates to consider: April 7 th-11 th (perhaps a Wed or Thursday afternoon). Last year’s meeting was on April 11 th.
  • Location under consideration: The Union. Committee members felt that it was likely that we had enough time to reserve it.

Campus Survey Update

Due to the cost, Sue Rankin's proposal, previously recommended to Harvey by the committee, will not be used. Instead the Chancellor is offering a stipend + GTA support for conducting the survey. Pat reported that Chancellor Pearlman will likely contact Bob Brown and ask him to conduct the survey. Bob had a surgery recently and may or may not be willing to take it on. The committee is hoping Bob can do it, however discussion focused on other possibilities in case Bob could not. Other possibilities considered were to ask Deb Hope and her Rainbow Research group if they could work on the survey, or to approach Oksana Yakushko and/or the GLBT special interest research group that is in CEHS.

CGLBTC Online Archive Project – Debbie

Debbie handed out an outline of the CGLBTC online archive project that included description of the background and scope of the project, resources that might be used in the project, and categories that might be included as part of the archive.

  1. Report. Debbie noted that Harvey has no problem with posting our report.
  2. Histories area. We discussed adding a histories area to the website—Pat has the beginnings of a history, but it has large gaps in it. Additional information could be added from Pat’s files, CGLBTC’s past minutes, and the archives from the Daily Nebraskan. Interesting things to include in that history could include:
      • Information on Chancellor's awards: Who nominated the past recipients and why?
      • History of the GLBT Resource center
      • History of domestic partner benefits
      • Other recorded achievements including recent progress on safety, bathrooms, and housing.
      • Curriculum: It was also noted that UNL was one of first (1970) to have a class on homosexuality
      • Awards: The above course was a course taught by Lou Crompton, who got the pink triangle award one year and then the Lou Crompton lifetime achievement award was created the next year.
  1. Support information for Faculty . Sometimes new or potential faculty have contacted UNL for information about it GLBT-friendliness and there is currently no source of information to which to refer them. This area could include information about LGBTQA programs, services, and resources.
  2. Digital Commons, University Archives . It was discussed that the UNL library has a digital commons area that can serve as a repository for UNL faculty publications, presentations, book chapters, videos, student dissertations and papers, and course syllabi. The digital commons area would be a good way to collect the works of GLBT faculty and allies and make them easily accessible. The commons area offers accessibility to, dissemination of, (and thus citation of) faculty works because users don’t need a subscription to access the works. It also offers electronic longevity because materials stored there will be updated in format as needed (e.g., from pdf to future formats if pdfs are replaced by a different format). Other advantages include monthly reports of the number of downloads of the publications disseminated via the commons area and the capacity to include additional information (e.g., additional tables, graphs, etc.) that may have been cut out of the original publication due to journal constraints.
    There is more information at . The committee will encourage GLBT faculty and allies to share their work and course syllabi via this mechanism. They can send their vita or papers/presentations to Paul Royster ( Paul’s students will find the faculty publications if they are in print, secure the rights to post the documents so that copyright is not violated, scan and post them to the digital commons.
  3. Climate survey/needs assessment . Survey history and findings could become part of the history section as well.

Help needed to advance work on the Online Archive project includes:

  • People with access to history needed to come forward and provide it/write about it, make it accessible. E.g., regarding the chancellor's awards: who won, why they were nominated, who has some pictures of the events?
  • Copies of papers of GLBTQA faculty and allies and related to GLBTAQ issues are needed for inclusion in the digital commons archives.
  • Students interested in helping with the project, gathering and organizing information, are needed.
  • Faculty that have taught or included GLBT info in their classes, need to be encouraged to send information, CVs, and syllabi to Paul Royster as described above, for inclusion in the digital commons area.

Serials Review Project & its effect on queer journals – Debbie

Summary: The news isn’t bad. At least not yet.

Longer version: Debbie reported that the UNL libraries are conducting a review project to decide what journals/periodicals to cancel. UNL libraries budget for 5% increase in costs of subscriptions to journals and periodicals. However, this year the rises in prices have been larger than usual and have taken most of the libraries funds.

Debbie reports that only a few GLBTQ-related titles are on the list for possible cancellation. Because many of these journals are interdisciplinary, the library will probably not be canceling many of them. Right now, departments are reviewing lists of journals in order to give their input about cancellations. Debbie will keep the committee posted as the process progresses.

GLBT History Month Banquet Budget - Pat

We began discussion of the History Month Banquet budget items that the CGLBTC might commit to cover every year. The LGBTQ Programs, Services & Resource Center covers the cost and coordination of most of the GLBT history month events. The CGLBTC Committee sponsors the banquet and in the past has covered costs of things such as invitation letters, programs, publicity, music, etc.

We discussed how helpful it was to have the Lied co-sponsor the banquet last year—they paid for Tim Miller’s appearance, and the GLBT publicity helped fill up Tim’s shows, etc.

Pat will define what items of the history month budget might be regularly covered by CGLBTC each year and present it for discussion at the next meeting.

QSA Report – Derek

Just before having to rush off to class, Derek reported that QSA will be having elections next month for a new chair.

Treasurer Report –Jan

Let it go on record that Jan is *not* the treasurer. Nonetheless she stood in for our future treasurer (and cookie lover?) and reported that the committee recently received donations of $1000 from fundraising letters. Note that the Chancellor made a donation.

Current Total is $4,018.35

Right now $500+ is committed to help fund Dorothy Allison’s visit for 2008’s History Month.

CGLBTC support for…Pat

We discussed what else the CGLBTC might do in order to provide more support for GLBTQAs beyond improving campus ‘climate.’ Pat had brainstormed a list of ideas. Some of the ideas or questions were as follows:

  • Sponsor faculty/staff social events?

There could be an event each semester, or a once a month event that gets faculty/staff together to meet the committee as well as other faculty and staff. Could do a spring event, since many come in the fall to history month dinner, they might also come to a spring event. Pat could arrange wine and cheese if committee can fund it. Scott from the Resource center is having a discussion group for faculty/staff that is a drop in event the first Friday of each month. We will wait to see how Scott’s group goes before deciding what the committee might do.

  • Faculty/staff support?

How might the committee develop resources for LGBTQ faculty and staff? What resources are available? We discussed how EAP can provide support if clients have problems with their partners, but that they do not offer special interest groups (perhaps due to low staff and budget cuts). CAPS seems similarly unable/underbudgeted to be able to conduct special interest groups.

  • Support of ASUN & the Academic Senate?

Should we send letters of support to the ASUN and to the Academic Senate regarding their resolutions / initiatives? (e.g., thanking them for their support of employee+1 benefits)

  • Support for the WGS and LGBTQ Studies minor?

How can we start encouraging more institutional support for WGS and the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor? For example, should we work to try to get a permanent faculty position for the minor? Committee discussed that the new Arts and Sciences Dean Manderscheid seems to be open to such efforts.

  • Should we request a GLBT alumni chapter be started?


Movie Talk: For the Bible Tells Me So

The Ross is showing “For the Bible Tells Me So” – On Saturday Jan 19 th, at 430 p.m. (following the 2:40pm showing of the movie) there will be a discussion led by Rev. Karen R. Moritz, Rev. Melissa Finlaw-Draper, Pat Tetreault, and Nathaniel Davis

MLK day event

There will be a Reception for the LGBTQA community after Rev Monroe’s keynote talk. The talk is at 2pm and the reception will begin at about 330 following her talk in the Nebraska City Union.

MLK Week event

There will be a LGTTQ Students of Color Panel on Tuesday Jan 22, also in the NE City Union. Pizza & Beverages start at 530, the panel begins at 600pm.

GLBTQA Resource Center Meetings/Gatherings

  • Mondays at 300pm the Resource Center staff and volunteers have a regular meeting: All interested students, faculty, and staff are invited. The meetings are held in the Student Involvement Resource Library.
  • "Campus Pride" offers free membership if we gather & upload photos and quotes from our campus. Monday Jan 28 th from 11-1pm there will be a gathering in the resource room to facilitate the gathering of more quotes and pictures.
  • Note that the door on the Resource Center has been widened! If that isn't a reason to come to these gatherings!...umm…well, then come for the fellowship.


  • Pat submitted a grant to Bastion, which included, among other things, a 3yr subscription to the International Journal of Transgenderism.
  • Work is ongoing on the website funded by the Creating Safer Systems Grant.

Queer Resources

Debbie has the beginning of a list of queer resources on a google docs page if you want to see it. A student is working on a more formal website for the information. Debbie will send url out so that people can see the list. Resources include, for example, how to find articles on GLBT issues.

Submitted by Lisa PytlikZillig