General Budget Framework Document - Appendix A - FY 2002 Budget Reductions

Budget Reduction Process Time Frame

The "Procedures Document" establishes a process for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for arriving at decisions relating to final budget reductions. It provides that the Chancellor shall establish a time frame within which the procedures are to be implemented. The time frame for these reductions is as follows:

Task By Whom Participants Date for Completion
Discuss budget problem with general amounts and general time frame Chancellor Cabinet, APC, Senate Exec., Deans and Directors, UNOPA, UAAD, ASUN Completed
Develop "preliminary general budget framework" to include: Reduction total; reduction assignments to units; time lines; restraints, guidelines Chancellor and VCs    
Present "preliminary general budget framework" to joint meeting of Cabinet and APC Chancellor Cabinet & APC
(joint meeting)
November 19
Review "general budget framework and make recommendations to Chancellor APC   November 27
Adopt "final general budget framework" and make public. Chancellor   November 28
Specific budget proposals developed Deans and Directors Vice Chancellors December 21
Tentative budget proposals presented Vice Chancellors Cabinet
January 21
Budget proposals adopted Chancellor   February 4
Briefings on budget proposals Chancellor APC
Senate Exec., Deans and Directors, UNOPA, UAAD, ASUN
February 5
Proposals formally forwarded to APC and made public Chancellor   February 5
Hearings for affected units APC    
Recommendations on proposals APC Chancellor March 3
Discussion of recommendations Chancellor APC/Cabinet March 10
Announcement of final budget recommendations Chancellor   March 15