APPENDIX B:Principles Governing Budget Reductions - FY 2003-04 & 2004-05 Budget Reduction Process

APPENDIX B:Principles Governing Budget Reductions - 2003
MARCH 3, 2003

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Principles Governing Base-Budget Reductions - 2003

A. There is a high degree of mutual interdependence among University programs, regardless of the source of funding. Although reductions will be in state appropriations, auxiliary enterprises funded from other sources may be asked to contribute.

B. Prior commitments will be subject to reassessment within the context of the current
budget situation.

C. Administrative consolidation and streamlined business processes will be high priorities where cost savings can be achieved.

D. Reductions in academic and support units that have the effect of shifting costs to other units will be avoided except in unusual circumstances.

E. Funds allocated to non-personnel expenditures, such as building repair, equipment, classroom improvements and library acquisitions will be scrutinized to determine where deferrals can occur consistent with our stewardship responsibilities.

F. Where possible, reductions will be taken first in academic and support activities that are more easily reinstituted if budget resources are restored.

G. Layoffs/furloughs will only be implemented to the degree necessary and in accordance with University policies and procedures.

H. Private funds designated to UNL by the University of Nebraska Foundation may only be used in accordance with the fund agreement.