Info for Students Affected by Reductions - FY 2003-04 & 2004-05 Budget Reduction Process

Information for Students Affected by Program Reductions

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1. Do the announced budget cuts mean my program will not be available in the fall?

Programs proposed for elimination will continue to provide courses for current students -- those already enrolled in the majors -- during 2003-04 and 2004-05. During 03-04, these programs will provide a normal course schedule comparable to previous years. During 04-05, the programs will provide a reduced course schedule.

No new students will be allowed to enroll in the programs identified for elimination.

2. Will I be able to finish my degree?

In nearly all cases, students will be able to finish their degrees. As noted, the eliminated programs will continue to offer courses for two more years. Each student, working with an advisor, should carefully plan what courses need to be taken in order to complete degree requirements.

The university is committed to working with every student to try to find a way for him or her to complete his or her degree. It is critical, however, that the student develop a plan for how he or she will fulfill any remaining degree requirements.

For some students, it may be best to transfer to a closely-related major. The college advisor can assist you in considering alternative majors.

3. Which, exactly, are the degree programs being eliminated?

• Bachelor of Science in School Health
• Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education
• Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
• Master's Degree in Exercise Science
• Doctoral Degree in Exercise Science
• Master's Degree in Health Education
• Doctoral Degree in Health Education
• Endorsement program in Physical Education K-6 and 7-12

College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Industrial Systems Technology:

• Associate of Science Degree
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology (major: Manufacturing Engineering Technology)
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology

Teachers College, Department of Health and Human Performance:

4. Are these program eliminations final?

No. The announcements made on June 17 are Chancellor Perlman's proposals for the fourth round of budget cuts. These proposals will undergo a mandated process of review and scrutiny by the Academic Planning Committee. That process will most likely not commence until the beginning of fall term, and might be expected to conclude by around October 15, 2003. However, it is very important that students not wait for final decisions before you begin preparing a plan by which you can complete your degree -- you need to make the best use of the fall term in completing degree requirements, in the event that after the APC review, the program eliminations are made final.

5. Whom can I email or call to find out more information?

Your best source for further information is the undergraduate or graduate advisor in your college of enrollment. You may contact the appropriate office directly, or through the University's information line: 800-742-8800.