General Budget Framework Document FY 2009-2010 - Timeline

General Budget Framework Document
FY 2009-2010
Preliminary Draft
March 5, 2009
II. Timeline for Implementation of Procedures

The timeline contained in this document is designed to initiate the process for permanent reductions, should they become necessary. Initial steps required by the Procedures Document, including publication of this general budget framework document and preparation by Deans and Directors of draft budget cut proposals, should be completed by March 9, 2009. At that point, or earlier if appropriate, we will reassess and develop the timeline for the additional steps required.

A critical step in any budget reduction process is when the Chancellor makes public his recommendations for cuts, which permits the Academic Planning Committee to conduct the public hearings required by the Procedures Document. Public identification of a cut has serious consequences for the employees and any clients associated with that unit. These consequences can include loss of morale and reduction in the effectiveness of that unit, even if the cut ultimately is not required. Thus, the plan is to delay public announcement of any recommended cut, until there is greater certainty that a cut is required. At the same time, those associated with any proposed reduction are entitled to a thoughtful hearing before the Academic Planning Committee, and hearings held too close to the end of the academic year or in the summer are less effective and can create an appearance of unfairness. This presents a significant dilemma, given that any budget reduction will not be absolutely certain until June 12, 2009, when the Board of Regents adopts its budget.

The Chancellor will consult with the campus constituencies identified in the Procedures Document for adjusting the timeline.