General Budget Framework Document FY 2009-2010 - Allocation

General Budget Framework Document
FY 2009-2010
Preliminary Draft
March 5, 2009
IV. Allocation of Reductions to Divisions and Units of the University

The intention of this administration is to make strategic vertical reductions if significant cuts to the UNL budget are required. However, in order to make careful comparisons among alternatives, it is essential that each unit surface, in a confidential manner, a percentage of its budget for review. This percentage may be larger than the announced percent required for the overall university reduction because some categories of expenditures, such as utilities, insurance, opening of new buildings, and assessments are not available for reduction. On the other hand, given the uncertainties in the overall economy and how they will affect UNL, this percentage could also be smaller than what is ultimately required.

Given the uncertainties, we will pursue a budget reduction exercise with a tentative target of identifying potential budget cuts of at least 5% of the FY 2009 base budget. Each unit will be given a dollar amount that represents its share of what would be required to achieve this reduction, plus the amount of their current assigned minus. Each unit dean or director should develop scenarios reflecting a cut of this amount in accordance with the directions of the appropriate Vice Chancellor.