2010 Budget Reduction Proposals QA

Q: How many staff positions will be cut, and in which departments?
A: CIT/ IANR: The $1.4 million reduction in IANR will result in the elimination of 12.52 state-funded FTE positions in IANR's Communications and Information Technology unit, 5.66 of which are filled and 6.86 FTE which are vacant positions. Eight individuals are in the filled positions to be cut. Eighteen total positions are being cut including the vacant positions.

  • IANR: 12.52 FTE
  • Lentz Center: 1.65 FTE
  • Academic Affairs: 1.0 FTE
  • Total positions cut: 15.17 FTE

Q: Have those staff members whose positions are being eliminated been notified?
A: Yes, they have been notified this morning.

Q: How much advanced noticification will employees have before their last day of employment with UNL?
A: Staff are being given 90 days' notice, subject to the Academic Planning Committee (APC) review process and approval by the chancellor. Upon completion of the review process, staff will be notified in writing with confirmation of their final date of separation.

Q: What is the university doing to help those whose positions were cut?
A: Each affected employee is partnered with a transition coordinator from Human Resources. Transition coordinators provide individuals affected by a position elimination with a single point of contact for information and resources. They also connect affected employees with programs such as individual career assessment and counseling services provided by the UNL Career Services Program, confidential counseling services for employees and their families provided by the University Employee Assistance Program, and individualized retirement and insurance counseling, provided by UNL's Benefits Office. Human Resources also assists affected employees with writing cover letters and resumes, mock interviews and assistance with seeking employment both with UNL and other employers. Human Resources also connects employees with outside resources such as Nebraska Workforce Development. Eligible employees are also given priority with UNL job openings.

Q: Does this affect any faculty positions?
A: This eliminates 1.2 FTE vacant administrative faculty positions and 13.97 FTE staff positions.

Q: Where might the remaining $1,642,000 in cuts come from yet this spring?
A: The process is ongoing to determine the remaining cuts that will be necessary.

Q: What is on the horizon for more cuts going forward?
A: That is not known at this time. We hope to complete $5.2 million of reductions by the end of this semester.

Q: What will be the result of the Lentz Center reduction?
A: The Lentz Collection will no longer be on display on a regular basis although there will be occasional exhibits by guest curators. There are private endowment funds with which to preserve the collection, and the contents of the collection will be digitized and available online. The collection will remain accessible to the university community for study and teaching purposes. The chancellor, in collaboration with faculty and staff on campus, is working on a plan that will provide specifics and will be in place by July 1st.

Q: What will be the impact in the Office of Research?
A: The Office of Research will provide $2 million per year from grants and contracts facilities and administration monies to cover a corresponding $2 million cut in state support for the Library. This will reduce the ability of the Office of Research to support research activities. This will result in periodicals and books being purchased with Research F&A funds rather than state funds.

Q: What will be the impact in Academic Affairs of the reduction of one associate vice chancellor position?
A: Elimination of one associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs will result in a savings of $80,000. Work formerly performed by the third associate vice chancellor will be absorbed by the two remaining associates and the assistant.