General Budget Framework Document FY 2012 - Timeline

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
General Budget Framework
FY 2012

II. Timeline for Implementation of Procedures

The timeline contained in this document is designed to initiate the process for permanent reductions so that an initial set of recommendations can be submitted to the Academic Planning Committee before May 1, 2011. The Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Deans and Directors have been working through potential budget reductions throughout this academic year. We believe it is important to make some progress this Spring so that the Academic Planning Committee can begin its processes. The sooner budget reductions are implemented, the less costly it is to cash flow transitions. If any academic programs are implicated, it is important to give students the earliest possible notice. UNL makes every possible effort to assure that students are permitted to complete their course of study. Thus, many of the formal steps in the required procedures - those involving internal administrative conversations - have been completed. The proposed timeline preserves the opportunity for the APC to review and comment on this Framework before it is implemented and provided notice to appropriate groups before any proposed reduction becomes public.