General Budget Framework Document FY 2012 - Principles

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
General Budget Framework
FY 2012

III. Principles for the Budget Reduction Process

The principles governing the development of proposals for budget reductions are set forth in the Procedures Document. It previously has been approved by the Academic Planning Committee, Faculty Senate, and Association of Students of the University of Nebraska.

The Procedures Document requires that budget reductions be the product of considered judgments and relate to the priorities of the University and the goal of positioning the University to continue its upward momentum. Such judgments must be informed by relevant data but cannot be exclusively data-driven. Ultimately, these decisions, like those relating to budget enhancements, require judgments formed after broad consultation and discussion with the University community.

The ultimate principle in fashioning budget reduction recommendations is to leave the University in as strong a position as circumstances permit. Decisions should be consistent with the Strategic Framework adopted by the Board of Regents, UNL's Strategic Compass, and the strategic plans of the various units. Across-the-board reductions do not reflect thoughtful application of University priorities and ultimately have the effect of weakening all units of the University. However, budget reductions in recent years have reduced considerably the opportunity to identify units that are peripheral to the core missions of the University since many of those were eliminated in earlier budget reductions. The intention remains to effectuate targeted reductions in order to preserve the University's core strengths.