General Budget Framework Document FY 2012 - Budget Timeline

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
General Budget Framework
FY 2012

UNL Budget Reduction Process *
TaskBy WhomParticipantsDate for Completion
Discuss budget problem with general amounts and general time frame Chancellor SAT, APC, FSE, DD, UNOPA, UAAD, ASUN 1 Complete
Develop "preliminary general budget framework" to include: Reduction total; reduction assignments to units; time lines; restraints, guidelines Chancellor and Vice Chancellors   Complete
Present "preliminary general budget framework" to Senior Administrative Team and APC. Chancellor SAT, APC, FSE, DD, UNOPA, UAAD, ASUN April 6, 2011
Review "general budget framework and make recommendations to Chancellor." APC   April 6, 2011 - April 8, 2011
Adopt "final general budget framework and make recommendations and make public." Chancellor   April 8, 2011
Specific budget proposals developed and submitted to Vice Chancellors DD Vice Chancellors Complete
Tentative budget proposals presented Vice Chancellors SAT,Chancellor Complete
Budget proposals adopted Chancellor   Ongoing
Briefing on budget proposals (meeting or electronic) and made public Chancellor APC, FSE, DD, UNOPA, UADD, ASUN April 14, 2011
Proposals formally forwarded to APC and made public Chancellor   April 14, 2011
Hearings for affected units APC   May 1, 2011 - June 1, 2011
Recommendations on proposals APC Chancellor June 1, 2011
Discussion of recommendations Chancellor APC/SAT June 1, 2011 - June 9, 2011
Announcement of final budget recommendations Chancellor   June 10, 2011

* To be determined as external budget process unfolds

1 "Cabinet" is referred to in the current Procedures Document. For purposes of this procedure, Cabinet was replaced with the Senior Administrative Team (SAT). Also referenced is the President of the Faculty Senate, the President of ASUN, the President of UNOPA, and the President of UAAD. APC is the Academic Planning Committee. FSE is the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. DD is the Deans and Directors.