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Ronnie Green


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Ronnie Green is the 20th chancellor of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Prior to being named chancellor in May of 2016, Green served for six years as the Harlan Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. In this role, he also jointly served as the Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of Nebraska system. In 2015-16, Green also was UNL’s Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the institution’s chief academic officer and responsible authority in the absence of the chancellor.

Green was raised on a mixed beef, dairy, and cropping farm in southwestern Virginia. He received bachelor's and master’s degrees in animal science from Virginia Tech and Colorado State University, respectively. His doctoral program was completed jointly at the University of Nebraska and the USDA-ARS U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in animal breeding and genetics in 1988.

Green has served on the animal science faculties of Texas Tech University and Colorado State University, and as the national program leader for animal production research for the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and executive secretary of the White House’s interagency working group on animal genomics within the National Science and Technology Council where he was one of the principal leaders in the international bovine, porcine, and ovine genome sequencing projects. Prior to returning to NU, Green served as senior global director of technical services for Pfizer Animal Health’s animal genomics business.

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Vice Chancellors

(arranged by vice chancellor area)
Katherine Ankerson
Katherine Ankerson
Executive Vice Chancellor

Academic Affairs
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Trev Alberts portrait
Trev Alberts
Vice Chancellor

Trev Alberts bio

Mary LaGrange portrait
Mary LaGrange
Interim Vice Chancellor

Business and Finance

Marco Barker
Marco Barker
Vice Chancellor

Diversity and Inclusion
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Michael Boehm portrait
Michael “Mike” Boehm
Vice Chancellor

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Bob Wilhelm portrait
Robert “Bob” Wilhelm
Vice Chancellor

Research & Economic Development
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Laurie Bellows
Laurie Bellows
Vice Chancellor

Student Affairs
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Chancellor's Staff

Michael Zeleny portrait image
Michael Zeleny
Chief of Staff and Associate to the Chancellor

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Deb Fiddelke portrait
Deb Fiddelke
Chief Communication and Marketing Officer

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Heath Tuttle portrait
Heath Tuttle
Chief Information Officer

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Michelle Waite portrait
Michelle Waite
Assistant to the Chancellor for GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY Relations

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Marc Pearce portrait
Marc Pearce
Associate to the Chancellor for Institutional Equity and Compliance

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Shelley Zaborowski portrait
Shelley Zaborowski
Executive Director of Nebraska Alumni Association

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