Establishment of the Enrollment Management Council

Policy Memorandum 2004-01

The Enrollment Management Council is hereby established. The purpose of the Council is to provide an integrated, university-wide coordination of efforts to manage enrollment and to enhance recruitment and retention of students.

The Council shall be co-chaired by the Dean of Enrollment Management and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. The committee shall also consist of Associate Deans appointed by each ofthe undergraduate colleges and the University Libraries and representatives from Communications, Institutional Research, Online and Distance Education, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Registration and Records, Student Involvement, University Housing, Academic Planning Committee, and the Chancellor's Office.

Other members may be appointed by the co-chairs of the Council as desired.

The Council shall develop and periodically review a plan for managing the undergraduate enrollment of the campus and shall make recommendations to enhance the recruitment and retention of undergraduate students. The Council shall, from time to time, invite the Chancellor to participate in its meetings.

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Approved: November 27, 2004
Revised: December 10, 2012