Establishment of the Intercollegiate Athletics Review Committee

Policy Memorandum 2004-02

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's intercollegiate athletics program has an excellent history and tradition of rules compliance. With very few exceptions, student-athletes at UNL have been good representatives of the University and have comported themselves as good citizens within and without the University. The Athletic Department and its personnel have established high standards for behavior and have a tradition of self-reporting and self-investigation of compliance issues. Fans and other athletic department supporters and donors have not sought to interfere with the operation of the department or with student athletes. However, issues may arise with respect to rules compliance or student-athlete behavior that are best addressed by an external review, to assure both the perception and the reality of a thorough and fair investigation.

After consultation with the Athletic Director and the Faculty Athletic Representative, and with their full concurrence, I am hereby forming a special committee to be known as the Intercollegiate Athletics Review Committee. The Committee shall consist of:

  1. Faculty Athletic Representative as chair
  2. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  3. A lawyer designated by the General Counsel of the University
  4. One other member to be designated from time to time by the Chancellor

The Chancellor may determine in particular instances to expand the membership where appropriate.

The role of the Committee is to investigate and report to the Chancellor on any matter relating to Intercollegiate Athletics determined by the Faculty Athletic Representative or the Chancellor as requiring an external review. In conducting an investigation the Committee may proceed in any manner it determines to be both effective and fair to individuals involved. Members of the Athletic Department and student-athletes are expected to cooperate with the Committee.

The Committee shall conduct its review in private and report to the Chancellor shall be confidential. The Chancellor may determine if a part or all of the report should be made public.

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dated July 11, 2004