Congrats, grads, and thank you

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Ronnie D. Green, Ph.D

Congrats, grads, and thank you

As we draw to the close of our 16-17 academic year and prepare to award more than 3,100 degrees on Friday and Saturday, I want to thank you for your hard work and congratulate you on this landmark achievement.

Whether you are one who will proudly go forward with a Nebraska degree, joining 195,000 alumni living around the world, or you are one of the thousands of people making higher education accessible and possible, this is a moment to reflect on the myriad of ways in which the University of Nebraska-Lincoln touches lives.

Our graduating class of 2017 represents 52 countries from around the globe, 42 states from the U.S., and more than 250 communities from within Nebraska. The collective set of experiences, perspectives, cultures and knowledge in this group of people — and in our larger university community — represent the rich tapestry that is core to our mission.

If you are receiving this week what is still rare around the world — a university degree — we applaud your achievement, and encourage you to continue your quest for knowledge. If you are an undergrad who is eagerly anticipating receiving your Nebraska diploma in the years to come, we encourage you to recommit to that pursuit. If you are a member of our amazing faculty or staff, we thank you for your dedication to excellence, and encourage you to continue your passion for enabling critical thinking.

As a Big Ten land-grant university, it takes all of us — undergrads, grads, faculty and staff —to create a community of higher education, where we each have a unique contribution to make, and where we all benefit from one another. Thank you for making this the people’s University of Nebraska.

Graduates — now, use your Husker Power to impact the world.  GO BIG RED.