Introducing OneIT

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Ronnie D. Green, Ph.D

Introducing OneIT

Good morning,

I’m writing to you today to let you know about the creation of OneIT at the University of Nebraska.

Earlier today, we communicated with our information technology professionals to describe OneIT, a new way of organizing our information technology resources across all parts of the university system. Here’s how it will work:

  • We’ll align four of the five centralized Information Technology groups—teams from UNK, UNL and UNO, plus the NU ITS Enterprise Systems team—to a single, unified IT function serving us and the entire system in a more cohesive and collaborative manner.
  •  The chief information officers and their teams from UNK and UNO will begin reporting to Mark Askren, effective immediately. Mark is the vice president for Information Technology for the University of Nebraska system and is also the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chief information officer.
  • The University of Nebraska Medical Center is currently integrating with Nebraska Medicine IT, and OneIT will work closely with that new team on procurement and standardized technologies where they have common services.

Information technology impacts all of us across the university—from our computers to web applications;  telephones to data accessibility. Rapid advances in technology and increasing reliance on a growing number of technologies call for a more effective, proactive and progressive organizational model, as represented by OneIT.

Mark and the IT leadership team are creating—with input from our IT professionals and partners across the university—a thoughtful, thorough plan for transitioning to this model. I’m confident that our levels of service will not be interrupted by this change. In fact, I’m counting on the model to drive more robust capabilities in many IT areas such as cyber-security and strategic data analysis.

We’re at the very beginning of this transition, so as further decisions are made, we’ll keep the university community updated on any changes in day-to-day operations and service. To answer your questions now, I’m attaching a Q&A document that IT professionals received earlier today. Mark will attend ITS staff meetings across the university system with respective CIOs within the next three weeks to further the open and collaborative communication.

Thank you in advance for your support of OneIT. I’m confident this helps to improve our capabilities in support of ongoing growth and upward trajectory of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Is the Q&A document available?