Our Bold Vision

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N150 Vision

Leading up to our sesquicentennial celebration, Chancellor Ronnie Green tasked more than 150 university stakeholders to chart an imaginative future for our university. At its conclusion, the N150 Commission laid out a bold vision over the next 25 years:

“UNL is unparalleled among public research universities in access, opportunity, innovation, and lifelong experiential learning. A future where we attract bold thinkers in the quest for knowledge and the search for truth greater than ourselves.”

Read the N150 Commission Report

Aims of the N2025 Strategic Plan

The N2025 Strategic Plan outlines the aims, strategies, expectations, and targets for the first five years of the 25-year vision articulated within the N150 Commission Report.

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Innovate student experiences that prepare graduates to be life-long learners and contributors to the workforce in Nebraska and the world

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Establish a culture at Nebraska committed to increasing the impact of research and creative activity

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Focus research, scholarship, creative activity, and student experiences to foster innovative, interdisciplinary endeavors and solve challenges critical to Nebraska and the world

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Broaden Nebraska’s engagement in community, industry, and global partnerships

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Create a climate at Nebraska that emphasizes, prioritizes, and expands inclusive excellence and diversity

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Prioritize participation and professional development for all Nebraska students, staff, and faculty

Read the Full N2025 Strategic Plan

Journey for Anti-Racism and Racial Equity

UNL’s institutional commitment to anti-racism and racial equity is an extension of the University’s N2025 strategic aims to emphasize inclusive excellence, enhance the student experience, increase our research, creative activity and engagement, and provide professional development and learning experiences for faculty, staff, and students. The Journey will build on the work already occurring across our University, while advancing new knowledge and practice. The Journey website is our institutional hub to monitor and share progress of our collective Journey.

Journey Website