Title IX Compliance

Policy Memorandum 2015-06

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is committed to creating a safe, diverse and inclusive work and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and violence. Pursuant to this commitment and the requirements of Title IX (which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex/gender in any of UNL’s programs or activities), UNL is taking proactive steps to provide awareness and programs aimed at preventing, eliminating and redressing discrimination and other forms of sexual misconduct. The purpose of this Policy Memorandum is to clarify the operating procedures necessary to assure UNL responds appropriately to Title IX issues, particularly those involving sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.

  1. UNL has employed a full-time Title IX Coordinator to coordinate all Title IX campus compliance. The Title IX Coordinator resides in the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.
  2. The Title IX Coordinator will, under the direction of and reporting to the Chancellor, exercise the authority necessary to carry out duties essential for ensuring campus-wide Title IX compliance.
  3. The Title IX Coordinator has primary jurisdiction for overseeing and coordinating efforts to comply with and carry out UNL’s responsibilities under Title IX, including:
    1. UNL’s responses to all complaints involving possible sex discrimination/harassment, even if a complaint or report is initially received by another department or office or includes other potential violations of University policies or codes of conduct. Where alleged Title IX conduct is intermingled with other non-Title IX conduct, investigation of alleged Title IX conduct takes precedence and no investigation of intermingled non-Title IX conduct may proceed without the Title IX Coordinator’s approval and coordination.
    2. Design, coordination and operation of all aspects of a Title IX investigation, including but not limited to, the establishment and utilization of interim measures, resources, determinations and recommended sanctions.
    3. Review and development of Title IX complaint administrative resolution and appeal processes to ensure compliance with Title IX requirements.
    4. Drafting and revision of campus-wide policies and procedures relating to Title IX, including sexual misconduct complaint procedures.
    5. Campus-wide training relating to Title IX.
  4. The Title IX Coordinator will have access to any information necessary to identify and take steps to address behavior patterns or campus climate concerns.
  5. The Title IX Coordinator will oversee proper compilation and maintenance of Title IX complaint records, compliance records and other Title IX files.

In exercising the authority granted herein, the Title IX Coordinator and other units or personnel who may have responsibilities that relate to Title IX compliance are expected to work collaboratively in achieving a coordinated response. With respect to general policy matters and the design of programs and general procedures, the Title IX Coordinator will consult with other appropriate units in their formulation. Such policies or programs and procedures applicable to the general campus, where appropriate, should be reviewed by the Senior Administrative Team and approved by the Chancellor.

In the course of a specific Title IX investigation, any dispute between the Title IX Coordinator and another unit or official of the University that cannot be resolved by negotiations between the parties, shall be submitted to the Chancellor for resolution. This provision is not intended to provide an avenue of appeal for any claimant or alleged perpetrator relative to any matter related to a Title IX investigation.