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Chancellor Ronnie Green delivering N|150 State of the University Address

Chancellor Ronnie Green delivers the N|150 State of the University Address

State of the University Address

2020 State of Our UniversityChancellor Ronnie Green
“It was a year where we both celebrated and renewed the commitment of our university’s tri-fold Land-grant mission of access to highest quality education for the 21st century, research and innovation that is changing the world, and engagement with the full citizenry of Nebraska.”

N|150 State of the University AddressChancellor Ronnie Green
“Today I will ask each of you to collectively dream with me and take up the “N150 challenge” -- to reach for greater heights in UNL’s next generation through a “doubled-down” transformative, integrated three-part mission as a world-leading 21st century Land Grant University – a University truly without walls.”

2017-2018 State of the University AddressChancellor Ronnie Green
“This mission has never been more important in our 149-year history than today – in all three mission areas. Higher education has never been more needed for career success, nor research and innovation to better understand and improve the human and natural environmental condition. And I would dare to wager that there have been few times over the past 15 decades where understanding the benefits of higher education and the academe’ for the general public – i.e. translating our value – has been more in demand than today.”

2016-2017 State of the University AddressChancellor Ronnie Green
“It’s a real privilege that we have, as we settle in to the 2016-17 year for us here, to take a breath, to step back, to assess, to take stock of the progress of our university and, this year in particular, I would say perhaps equally importantly, to look out to the future of our great university.”

TEDxLincoln Talk: Sustainable Food Security for 11B: THE Millennial Grand Challenge

One of the biggest issues facing us today is how we’ll feed the ever increasing population of the earth. In this talk, Ronnie Green discusses how he believes this can happen.

Latest Interview

KRVN Chat with the ChancellorSaturday, July 4, 2020

Ronnie Green talks about plans for the upcoming fall semester; construction that continues across the UNL campus; how some new initiatives and commissions on campus work to make UNL a more open and inclusive environment for everyone; and what the 4th of July means to him.