State of the University Address 2005 - page 5

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Before I conclude and answer questions, I want to thank Channel 21, KRNU and NET for making this program available to a wider audience, the Chiara Quartet for its participation, the hard-working sign language interpreters - Nancy Brt and Kelly Brackenhoff - and UNL Dining Services and its vendors for making the picnic possible. A special thanks to TIAA-CREF, which is sponsoring the dessert booth and handing out "N" pins to those who don't have one, making it possible for you to display your pride in what we have collectively accomplished.

Finally, I firmly believe no president or chancellor of any major university has had greater support from his or her faculty and staff or is better served by his or her immediate staff than I. It is for me, a daily wonder, at how well we are doing, given the challenges we have faced. I hope that each of you takes a full measure of pride in what you have accomplished. I hope that each of you will engage passionately in the important work before us. I hope that each of you will use wisely the power we have been provided - the power to give young people the skills, the experiences, and the perspectives to make their way in the world and to advance the frontiers of knowledge in service to our state and country. In short, I invite you to share in full measure, the pride, the passion, and the power of RED.