State of the University Address 2009 - page 5

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

My focus today on the life sciences does not imply that this is the only opportunity we face, or the only area that will receive attention. No one appreciates more than I, that the most important driver of success for any effort is the talent and leadership of the faculty. As I contemplate our growing reputation and as I look across the landscape of higher education, I wonder whether we are positioned to attract to Lincoln additional faculty who could contribute immediately to our success. In addition to our normal processes to build our faculty with young and promising faculty, I will explore with the Vice Chancellors the potential for engaging in some targeted searches for established faculty in identified priority areas across the disciplines.

On a daily basis, I see both significant accomplishments and intriguing prospects for the arts, for the humanities, for the social sciences, for the physical sciences and for our professional schools. All elements of the university are important if we are to reach our vision of 2020 by 2020. Before I invite you to enjoy the picnic, I want to reiterate how fortunate I feel to serve as Chancellor in this extraordinary time in the history of the university. I am grateful for the support you have given me, but more grateful for and proud of the contributions each of you have made to our success.

Someone, far wiser than I, told me that there were three rules to being a successful Chancellor.

First, keep your speeches short.
Second, never tell them everything you know.