State of the University Address 2012 - page 4

Delivered September 11, 2012

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor


In my script I see in bold letters the word "Conclusion." You certainly can't accuse me of jumping to a conclusion, but I hope I have reached it before you have. Actually, I have tried to avoid getting here because a faculty member dared me to top last year's ending of Joe Diffe singing "Prop Me Up by the Jukebox If I Die." I had hoped to have the Vice Chancellors dance and lip-sync to "Call Me Maybe" but they refused.

So let me just say this. I am extraordinarily blessed to have been allowed to serve as your Chancellor for these past 12 years. My enthusiasm has been sustained because of the quality of the people who work with me and the spectacular progress we all have made together. You have been restrained when I have erred and gracious when I have unfairly received the credit for your accomplishments.

Together we have done wondrous things. We now have the hard work of growing the university. What can I say that would inspire you toward this end? Not satisfied with my own thoughts, I have asked a good friend of the university and a powerful motivational speaker to have the last words.

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