State of the University Address 2013 - Conclusion

Delivered September 17, 2013

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor


In conclusion, I can only thank you – thank you for the contributions each of you make to our collective success, thank you for your service to the State of Nebraska, and thank you for enduring my 14th State of the University address.

I know there are hundreds of individual success stories throughout the campus where students are conditioned, counseled and cajoled toward success in their adult lives and the prospects for new discovery are proposed, pursued, and often accomplished. Some reach my attention and the attention of others; some follow a quieter path. All are important and I salute you for each one, known or unknown. My personal objective for this year is to reengage as much as time and energy permit with as many of you as possible.

I now ask only for a brief extension of your patience while we play one "Perls of Knowledge" video I made just for you.