Aristophanes’ political comedy, co-translated by Lippman, published

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Wed, 03/15/2023 - 11:25

Aristophanes' Men and Their Horses, first performed in Athens in 424 BCE, has been adapted for a contemporary audience and published by Theran Press.

Michael Lippman, associate professor of practice in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies, translated the work with Wilfred E. Major of Louisiana State University.

The ancient political comedy demonstrates the power of theater to express dissent against a public figure through dramatic mockery. Lippman is passionate about classical literature, and he and Major kept the accuracy, pace, and tone intact, according to the publisher's summary.

"The translators have succeeded brilliantly in their goal," Stanley Lombardo of the University of Kansas wrote in a review, "merging not only two languages but two widely separated cultural worlds."