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Majors and Minors



Major in Classics and Religious Studies

In this major, you will choose either an emphasis in Classics or an emphasis in Religious Studies, and most of your courses will be in your chosen emphasis.

  • Classics encompasses a wide range of courses in the civilization of ancient Greece and Rome—their languages, literature, and history.
  • Religious Studies will acquaint you with the world’s great religions, their history, sacred writings, and essential beliefs and practices. You can work with faculty who specialize in Buddhist Studies, Islamic Studies, Christianity, and Judaism. 

Major in Classical Languages

This major is intended primarily for those interested in graduate study of the Greco-Roman world. As competency in both Greek and Latin is requisite for graduate study, students must take courses in both languages to complete the major.

This major is also appropriate for students who wish to undertake the advanced study in related fields such as linguistics, or to teach high school Latin.