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Major in Classics and Religious Studies

The Classics and Religious Studies major offers a wide range of courses in the civilization, religions, and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world, as well as ancient and modern religions broadly conceived. It is an interdisciplinary major with two areas of emphasis, one in Classics and one in Religious Studies. The major serves as excellent preparation for careers in any number of fields, such as law, medicine, journalism, ministry, business, and education. Depending on your chosen emphasis, this major also provides you with an excellent background to pursue graduate work in classical languages and literature, classical archaeology, ancient history, religious studies, literary scholarship, and other disciplines in the humanities.

Major in Classical Languages

The Classical Languages major is intended for those interested in deepening their study of the Greco-Roman world by reading ancient authors in their original languages. Additionally, intensive study of ancient Greek and/or Latin contributes to your ability to clearly express your own thoughts and ideas, and it further equips you with the skills to categorize, organize, and analyze the kind of information you encounter on a daily basis. This major is especially recommended for those interested in teaching Latin or Greek at the secondary level (although certification cannot be claimed), or pursuing graduate work in classical languages and literature or related fields, such as linguistics or ancient history, or professional school for law and medicine.