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Education abroad opportunities

Advanced undergraduates are strongly encouraged to further their studies abroad. The Education Abroad Office at the university offers study, research, internship, and service learning opportunities for students of all disciplines. Students of Classics and Religious Studies can find all sorts of opportunities relevant to their studies, from faculty-led trips to semester-long exchange programs in the summer, winter, or fall.

Fund your abroad experience

Going abroad is an important experience, and there are a number of scholarships available to help you. Check with the Education Abroad Office for more information. Here are two scholarships of note:

Find your next adventure

The department will usually offer at least one faculty-led Education Abroad program each year, and oftentimes more. Take a look at some of our current and recently led programs, and start planning your next adventure!

Czech Republic

  • Faculty Leaders: Prof. Stephen Lahey, Dr. Hana Waisserova, Prof. Jiri Adamec
  • Last Offered: Current (June 17 - July 22, 2017)
  • Next Offered:
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Trip Description

This study abroad experience will involve an extensive tour of the Czech Republic with special attention to Czech Culture, History and Language. In addition, through a Global Studies course students will also focus on topics of technological research related to Water Resource Management and Nanotechnology. Courses will be presented as a series of lectures examining the country and its various technological inventions, it's long tradition in nanotechnologies, environmental protection and water related research. Lectures will be introductory in nature, and the instructors will understand that students will have had, at the most, elementary biology or chemistry. The aim is to provide the student with an understanding of the range of possible venues in which advanced scientific research can address problems on regional and global levels.


  • Faculty Leaders: Prof. Michael Lippman, Prof. Michael Hoff
  • Last Offered: May 2016
  • Next Offered: May 2018 (tentative)
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Trip Description

The Greek Odyssey education abroad trip is led by scholars specializing in Greek Archaeology and Classics, and promises to be an in-depth introduction to the monuments and culture of Greece from the Bronze Age through the Roman Empire. You'll visit several of the most important sites of the Byzantine period in Greece to gain an awareness of their religious heritage. Students will participate in orientation meetings and field trips to archaeological sites and museums.


  • Faculty Leader: Prof. Stephen Lahey
  • Last Offered:
  • Next Offered: Unknown
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Trip Description

This trip takes students to the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.


  • Faculty Leaders: Prof. Matthew Loar, Prof. Anne Duncan
  • Last Offered: Current (May 7-24, 2017)
  • Next Offered: May 2019 (tentative)
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Trip Description

This program will begin in the Bay of Naples, home to the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both of which were buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE. Given the unique preservation of these two cities, they offer an unparalleled glimpse into what life might have looked like in an ancient Roman town during the height of Rome’s supremacy in the Mediterranean.

From Naples we go to Rome, which has often been called the “eternal city.” Continuously inhabited for nearly three thousand years, the city remains one of the world’s best open-air museums. Through a combination of conservation and appropriation, each successive era in Rome’s history has seamlessly integrated prior iterations of the city into the remade urban environment. The result is a living palimpsest: everywhere that visitors turn they are confronted with a unique juxtaposition of past and present. Ancient, medieval, and modern buildings sit comfortably side-by-side, while the city’s museums are filled to bursting with unrivaled works of art spanning millennia. This study abroad course is designed to introduce students to Rome in all its glory, using the city, its monuments, and its art as a way to tap into these many layers of Rome’s rich and storied history.


  • Faculty Leaders: Prof. Yaroslav Komarovski, Prof. Ikuho Amano
  • Last Offered: Current (May 15 - June 2, 2017)
  • Next Offered:
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Trip Description

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the diverse aspects of Japanese religions and popular cultures to deepen the understanding of the country. The program is designed for students interested in exploring those dimensions of Japanese culture which are influenced by Buddhist and Shinto traditions, pre-modern and contemporary cultural practices, and points of their intersection. The course consists of a week of intensive pre-trip orientation and two-and-a-half weeks in Japan. Prior to this program, the instructors will provide students with a survey of Japanese history and culture, focusing especially on multiple forms of Japanese religions in traditional and modern contexts, and their relations with popular culture. One of the unique features of this summer program lies in its emphasis on exposing students to a variety of environments that intriguingly reflect Japanese people's design of spaces. In addition to staying in unique accommodations, students on this program will observe a number of Japanese rituals, join meditation sessions, and attend lectures. Students will also visit medieval castles, Zen gardens, Shinto shrines, traditional theatre, and so on.


  • Faculty Leaders: Prof. Simon Wood, Prof. Abla Hasan
  • Last Offered: Current (July 1 - August 6, 2017)
  • Next Offered:
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Trip Description

This program will begin immediately after Ramadan and will last five weeks. The program will consist of four weeks of classroom instruction and one week of cultural exploration, Arabic language practice, and community engagement. The program is offering two new courses designed exclusively to be taught abroad on this program! These courses are RELG 398: "Special Topics in Islam and Politics" and MODL 298: "Amreeca: The U.S. in Arab Eyes".

In addition to taking these two courses, students who have Arabic experience will have the opportunity to meet with volunteer conversation partners to improve upon Arabic language skills. During weekends the program will organize field trips to include panel discussions, guest speakers (Islamic scholars, politicians and government representatives) and Arabic calligraphy and Arabic cooking and Henna workshops.