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Homerathon 2022

Homerathon 2022

Greetings and Χαίρετε!

We are excited to announce that the video for the 5th annual Homerathon—Homerathon 2022: Trojan Women—has been released at homerathon.com! Countless thank yous to all of the readers who volunteered this year.

Rather than a compilation like last year’s Homeric Hymns, we chose to go with the Euripidean play Trojan Women. Situated chronologically between the Iliad and the Odyssey, the play focuses on the laments of Queen Hecuba of Troy after her city has fallen. The pandemic offers a unique lens for understanding the play's tragedies, making it an appropriate choice for this year. Just as Hecuba learns the fates of all the Trojan women and must cope with their tragedies, so too has everyone had to adjust to and overcome the obstacles brought about by each wave of Covid.

We are also excited to announce that our very own Chancellor Ronnie Green has recorded another introduction this year! His support of the project is highly valued.

We intend for this to be our last year online and look forward to next year when we will be live and reading the Iliad. Here’s hoping to see you all there, and in the meantime, enjoy the play!

Paige Jennings and David Fanta

Homerathon 2021

Homerathon 2021 graphic

May 13, on demand: Readings of the Homeric Hymns, including guest speakers and commentary by Dr. Hart and Dr. Lippman, available online at homerathon.com.

May 14, 6:00 p.m.: Q&A with the student organizers and professors via Zoom.

The Homerathon is normally an in-person, marathon reading of an entire Homeric epic. The video event continued bringing ancient texts to life for the community, keeping the momentum of previous years going.

Homerathon 2020

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Dr. Michael Lippman and Dr. Rachel Hart lead "A Panhellenic Pandemic Performance"!

After an opening by Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird, a host of readers takes you through selections from The Iliad, Oedipus Tyrannus, and Thucydides!

Stephen Cass, Alex Markey, Andrew Malesker, Ellie Churchill, Dr. Gil Renberg, Vanessa Larsen, Ian McGovern, Archer Mumm, Ellen Kratzer, Dr. Julia Schleck, Dr. Matthew Loar

Oedipus Rex
Dr. Mike Lippman, Prof. Laura Lippman, Dr. Stanley Lombardo

Dr. Rachel Hart, Brooke Mott, Dr. Matt Joeckel, Nichole Brady, David Clawson, Steven Winston, Cameron Ramsey, Dr. Amy Goodburn

Homerathon 2020

A Homerathon is a marathon reading of a Homeric poem​, the way the ancient Greeks intended for it to be experienced. Classics Club students bring the ancient epic to life for the university and extended Nebraska communities.

See why Homer's work​ remains relevant to our contemporary discussions of violence, heroism, and justice.

Homerathon 2019

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April 18, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.
Nebraska Union, Meier Commons

Support provided by

  • Department of Classics and Religious Studies
  • Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research Experience
  • The Mill Coffee and Tea
  • The Parthenon
  • Ichiban Sichuan
  • Jimmy Johns

Guest readers

  • Jeff Kirkpatrick, Lincoln mayor candidate
  • Charlie Foster, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • June Griffin, Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dave Richards, Dean of UNO Libraries
  • Leirion Bard, Lincoln mayor candidate
  • Twyla Hansen, Former NE State Poet
  • Mike Boehm, UNL Vice Chancellor Institute of Ag and Natural Resources
  • Laurie Bellows, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Richard Moberly, Dean of Law College
  • Monty Stoakes, Indigo Bridge Bookstore
  • Justina Clark, UCARE Director
  • Joe Bronwell, Director of Military & Veteran Success Center

Homerathon 2018

Homerathon poster

April 19, 2018 at 7:00 a.m.
Nebraska Union, Meier Commons

Guest Readers

  • Clayton Naff, Director of Lincoln Literacy
  • Carl Eskridge, Lincoln City Council Member
  • Michael Zeleny, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Amy Goodburn, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Michael Boehm, Vice President and Vice Chancellor of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Pat Leach, Director of Lincoln Libraries
  • Amy Struthers, Interim Dean of the Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Donde Plowman, Executive Vice Chancellor (UNL)
  • Richard Moberly, Dean of Nebraska College of Law
  • Leirion Gaylor Baird, Lincoln City Council Member
  • Lance Perez, Interim Dean of Nebraska College of Engineering
  • Charles O'Connor, Dean of Nebraska College of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Stanley Lombardo, Translator of Homer's Iliad
  • Katherine Ankerson, Dean of the Nebraska College of Architecture

Generous supporters

  • Department of Classics and Religious Studies
  • Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE)
  • Humanities Nebraska
  • Classical Association of the Middle West and South
  • The Mill Coffee and Tea
  • Ichiban Sichuan
  • The Parthenon