UNL's fourth annual Homerathon to be held virtually

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by Paige Jennings Mon, 04/26/2021 - 10:33

The Department of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is running its fourth annual Homerathon online in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

Mark your calendar to watch the video on Thursday, May 13th at homerathon.com. The video will be posted on our website that morning to watch at your own leisure. A Q&A session will follow on Friday, May 14th at 6 p.m. All detailed information will be found on the website.

This year’s Homerathon will be a reading of the Homeric Hymns spanning a couple of hours to match the virtual format. As with previous years, there will be guest speakers reading passages. This year is a continuation of the descaled 2020 virtual Homerathon that featured selected reading from the Iliad, Oedipus Tyrannus, and Thucydides. When in-person, the Homerathon is normally a marathon reading of an entire Homeric epic. The intention of this year’s event is to continue bringing ancient texts to life for the community while continuing the momentum of the past years.

The Homerathon started as part of an Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research Experience (UCARE) project, which is designed to help develop job skills for students through research and leadership experiences. To create and organize the event, students worked in teams to implement original ideas and make contacts with local businesses.

By watching the virtual Homerathon, you support undergraduate students, make research such as this possible, and help us maintain our momentum until we can be in person.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please email unl.homerathon@gmail.com.