May 2017 BCCJ Graduates with Distinction

The following  received the Bachelor of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice in May 2017 with honors:

Anderson, Kelsey                                  With High Distinction

 Bockelman, Blake William                With High Distinction

 Bolton, Laura                                        With Highest Distintion

 Cunnion, Katie Marie                         With High Distinction

 Denniston, Gregory Arnold               With High Distinction

 Kolvek, Patrick                                      With Distinction

 Leise, Eric James                                  With High Distinction

 Matthew, Gabrielle Rochelle             With Highest Distinction

 Padrnos, Morgan Lee                           With Highest Distinction

 Perez, Zurisadai                                     With Distinction

Steckly, Bryli Lauren                             With Distinction

Syfie, Abby Lyn                                       With Highest Distinction

Vinzant, Destiney                                   With High Distinction