SVU 2001 North American Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska, August 1-3, 2001

Artifacts from Nebraskans of Czech Heritage

On the occasion of the National Conference of Czechoslovakian Society of Arts and Sciences,the Lincoln Czechs, an organization of people of Czech and Slovak origin and or interest, decided to have an exhibit of family artifacts which represented the heritage of their ancestors.

As you look through these pictures you will not find them in any particular order, but rather in the order they were placed in the exhibit itself. Some of the items came from Europe, some from America, but they all represent the connection between the present and the past. Each one is precious in itself, put them all together and you have the Wall of Remembrance.

clothing & embroidered items


All from Velka nad Velickou, The Moravian-Slovak border area - Hornacko. Women would work in the field during the day and do fancy work in the evening. On loan from Cary Vyhnalek Goble

On loan from Eleanor and Albert Hamersky.

Old embroidered shirt with orange embroidery. On loan from Anne (Steckova) Callahan.

This lovely hand crocheted bed cover was in use for years. It was made by my great aunt and given to me by her son, Vladimir Koza of Potvorov, Czech Republic. On loan from Joan Hruza.

Traditional dress from the area of Pistany. On loan from Anne (Steckova) Callahan.

Moravian kroj (folk dress), over 100 years old. On loan from Eleanor and Albert Hamersky.

Traditional dress from the area of Pistany. On loan from Anne (Steckova) Callahan.

Moravian Kroj (folkdress), over 100 years old. On loan from Dorothy Stepan.


Used as pastry brush in kitchen, made of feathers. On loan from Anne (Steckova) Callahan.

Josef Caha of Wahoo, NE, used these to make wine from his vineyard.  He and his wife, Maria Caha, lived 1/2 mile from the local church (22 miles north of Lincoln, on 14th street), and would often invite the members of the church over for dinner and celebration in his vineyard.

On loan from Anne (Steckova) Callahan.


This purple velvet Catholic prayer book was published in Prague in 1876, and brought to America by Josef and Josefa Hanna Peterka, who married in 1868.  They emigrated with their seven children from Dolni Hradiste, Kraj Plzen, Bohemia, in 1881, and farmed near Dubois, Pawnee County, NE. On loan from Dorothy Stepan.

Jan Hus - professor, philosopher, priest and protestant reformer. He was burned at the stake for his beliefs in 1415, c. 1914. On loan from Evelyn Caha.

List Tovaryssky c. 1911. A diploma or certificate showing that Karel Hamersky successfully completed his training as a cabinet furniture maker under Frantisek Zak in Brno, Czechoslovakia. On loan from Eleanor and Albert Hamersky.

Map of Czech Republic, with color post cards from the Czech Republic along the top and bottom borders.On loan from Dorothy Stepan.

Slavikás or Citanka a grammar and penmanship primer for beginners, c. 1900. On loan from Evelyn Caha.

Thomas G. Masaryk. First president of Czechoslovakia after WWI.  "Masaryk o Sobe a Svem Dile," 3rd edition, 1928 by Arnost Caha. On loan from Evelyn Caha

Photo album, Daniel, Urban, Kubes and King families. On loan from Don Daniel.

Prayer book. Helen Daniel. Includes gospel hymns. On loan from Don Daniel.

Workbook of Karel Hamersky, c. 1908-1911. Every working person in Czechoslovakia during that time had to keep a workbook with a record of his or her history of employment.  The police would often ask to see the book. On loan from Eleanor and Albert Hamersky.