Historical photos

man wearing military uniform Woman in long dress holding a handkerchief while standing behind a chair.

Woman wearing a lace blouse and a necklaceTwo men in suits and woman in white outfit - possibly skirt and a long sleeved shirt

Portrait of man by Chicago photographer, Hartley, on 309 Madison, Chicago.Woman in portrait taken at Brands Studios

Charles M. Wilber age 2 or 3 at Brands StudioYoung girl approximately 5 years only wearing a dress and necklace leaning against a couch. Photographer is Taylor.

woman with hair in bun, earrings and what looks like a chokerman with a beard

three men and one woman

woman and man in half profileWoman with young girl wearing white dress and ribbons in hair.  Young boy wearing white suit.

man and woman


Carnival                                                                                                     Roosevelt - Wilber

Historical photos of Wilber and of other various places

University of Nebraska