Photography from 1870's - 1920's


Czech shop in Wilber 1875

This 1875 photo of Wilber shows the two-story woodframe building, located at the intersection of Third and Main Streets, owned by S. J. Herman. The sign "Cesky Obchod" means Czech Trading Post.

Czech Wedding in Wilber in 1880`s probably at home of Justice Peter Safarik just north of Catholic Church. Tom Pasek, Sr., is on viola at right.

Log cabin of Tom Jezinek, 1880's

Log Cabin of Tom Jezinek is located 4 miles west and 2 miles south of Wilber.

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1892

Stanislav Pospisil house, n.d.

Wilber Bottling Works of Frank Janouch in 1913,  located just east of Tracks.

Wilber Cigar Factory, 1914

Milos Pospisil, Frank Kacl, Mrs Joe Pospisil Rose Altman, 1914.

Czech Language Class, 1915-1916

Miss Anna Jelen - teacher, Verdigree, Nebraska.

Photography from 1920's - 1980's

J.G.Tobias - artist, 1930's

John Grant Tobias, artist who lived in Wilber from 1924 - 1939. 
Photo by Townsend Studio of Lincoln in 1930`s.

Wilber Train Depot, 1942

Wilber Train Depot in 1942 on occasion of men leaving for service in WWII. 
In 1976, the Depot was demolished. The bushes trimmed to form the name of the town was an innovation by Alois Slepicka, Mayor from 1924 to 1932.

Wilber Basketball team, 1947

1947 Basketball Team, rated 4th in Class C at the end of season. 
Left to Right: Larry Drda, Dan Stahn, Frank Havel, jr., Charles Mundil, Don Havlovic, Stan. Kohout,    Alfred Kubes, Marvin Wanek, Robert Apfelbeck, Don Hoffman, Eugene Ausamit, Larry Tesar,  Robert Ashbaugh, and coach Steve Pospisil. Record 18 wins, 7 losses

Wilber Schoolband, 1951 - 52

As early as 1909, there was an orchestra in the Wilber Public Schools extracurricular offerings, and in the 1920`s both an orchestra and a band. An expanded instrumental music program with a fulltime teacher began in 1937, and uniforms were traditional, as shown in this photo taken during the 1951-1952 school year.
Back row, left to right: Robert Prokop, Mary Lou Buhr, Janice Buhr, Deltye Tesar, Marlene Glantz, Marvin Placek, John Vlcek, Don Rohla, Don Sincer, Leroy Skrdla, Delbert Placek, Roberta Hoffman, and Elmer Javorsky, director. 
Row3: Shirley Ripa, Don Wanek, Paul Novak, Don Searcy, Edna Filipi, Joy Ann Broz, Robert Brazda, Arlene Kasparek, Richard Broz, Shirley Homolka, Lloyd Vlcek, Robert Kasl, Orin Svarc, Shirley Richtarik, Norman Bouchal, Jerome Fuhrman, Ken Vosika, and Norman Cizek, 
Row2: Norma Kasparek, Clara Pospisil, GladysChasdek, Carol Chab, Mary Lou Beck, Doris Kumpost, Jody Chalupa, Wilma Vlcek, Ardis Fuhrman, CaroleWanek, Janet Svarc, Bonnie Altman, and Zdenka Cerveny.
Front row: Bertha Novak, Gloria Gruis, Ellen Petracek, Judy Zikmund, Carole Chaloupka, Nancy Orth, and Virginia Walker.

Preparation for 1st Wilber Czech Festival, 1962

Left to Right: Joseph Vosoba, attorney, Art Fuhrman, Lumberyard manager.

Quilting during Wilber Czech Festival, 1968

In Wilber Czech Museum during festival. Quilting of Mrs. Edward Kobes and Mrs. Tillic Vosika (right) was attraction for Louie (from left), Laura, and Linda Sedlacek of North Plate.

Dvoracek Library, 1968

Dvoracek Memorial Library in 1968.
On the wall are the protraits of William and Anna Dvoracek.
Standing: Lillian and Mila Stastny, donors of the Dvoracek Memorial Library.

Wilber Czech Festival Parade, 1978

Photography from 1980's to the present

Historical marker with Eugene Zajicek, Wilber 1985

A state historical marker commemorating Czech pioneers was dedicated during the Festival in 1965 by Nebraska Governor Frank B. Morrison.
Located at the junction of Highways 41 and 103 in what is known as the Flower Corner, the marker is shown here in 1985 with Eugene Zajicek, one of the local leaders involved in the implementing of the major founders` ideas for developing the community`s Czech Heritage.

Wilber Czech Festival, 1986

During the 25th anniversary of the Wilber Czech Festival in 1986, the Nebraska Czechs of Wilber honored Walter and Helene Baer for conceiving the idea of the annual Festival.
Left to right are Walter and Helene Baer, Anna Janecek Salda, the presenter, with Eugee Zajicek and Lisa Karpisek, 1986 Miss Nebraska Czech Queen. Anna Janecek Salda was the primary promoter of the Czech Capital of the USA proclamation in 1987.

Wilber - Czech capital of the USA,  1987

Anna Mae Janecek Salda and Sherrie Rains are shown in this photo from the 1987 Festival, carrying the banner proclaiming Wilber as the Czech Capital of the USA, the same year the U.S. Congress approved of a resolution and President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation.

Irma Ourecky and Czech Crucifix

Irma Ourecky is showing the Czech Crucifix carved in Czechoslovakia 200 years ago.
Irma Anna Freeouf Ourecky, the president of the Wilber Czech Museum since 1969, was recepient of the 1989 Henry Fonda Nebraska Award from Governor Kay A. Orr for her volunteer efforts in promoting local and state tourism.

Wilber Czech Festival, 1987

A float shown during the children`s parade at the 1987 Wilber Czech Festival.

Bohumil Hrabal - Czech writer, Wilber 1989 (Czech author of Closely Watched Trains, visited Hotel Wilber on April 19, 1989.)

Czech Capital of USA Mural, Wilber 1997

Wilson Street from 3rd to 2nd, looking north: Czech Capital of USA mural on west side of Barnas Drugstore, painted by art teacher Bruce Becher.

Miss Czech-Slovak USA Queen Pageant, 1998

Shown in 1998 are the contestants in the Miss Czech-Slovak Queen Pageant during the Wilber Czech Festival, along with its director John L. Fiala.
That year there were nineteen contestants representing fourteen states - Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin.