All following records document memories of Czech Nebraskans. Recording of their narrations began in 70’s and then have continued during 80’s and 90’s.  

People on records describe their childhood, how they lived, how they spent their spare time, how life on the farm was and what are their memories of Czechoslovakia. They also speak about their parents and Czech heritage. Records are in Czech and English language.


Name of person and his/her narration:

Evelyn Kucera (Verdigre, 1993)

Father Oborny (Verdigre, 1993)

Glen Alis, Fred Frank, Lewis Pavlik (Verdigre, 1993)

Henry Chalupnik (Verdigre)

Jack Kotrovs (Verdigre, 1993)

Le Mastlar (Verdigre, 1993)

Mrs Pavlik (Mary Jedlicka) (Verdigre, 1993)

Otto J.Jedlicka (Verdigre, 1993)

Pavlik (Mary Jedlicka) (Verdigre, 1993)

Ron Dobry (Verdigre, 1993)

Sophie Kreycik (Verdigre)

Svehla (Omaha, 1993)

Stacy Mandy

Marie Potmesil + J.B.Weems, York, 1975

Joseph Havlena (1975)

Joseph J. Klima pt.1 (1975)

Joseph J. Klima pt.2 (1975)

Josephine Masek (1975)

Mrs Lad Skocpol (1975)

Julia Novotny (1975)

Joseph Vodehnal pt.1 (1975)

Joseph Vodehnal pt.2 (1975)

Mrs Anton Kupka (1975)