How to Join

If you're interested in joining UNL EERI we ask that you come visit us in PKI 246 for a meeting. If you have any questions go to our Contact page and get ahold of us.

Why Join?

UNL EERI offers a unique opportunity for students in the engineering field to apply and expand upon what they learn in class. Throughout most of the fall semester the group focuses on the design, modeling and construction of a five foot tall balsa wood tower for entry in the annual EERI Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition held in February. Each stage in the project gives members the opportunity to apply the material they have learned in classes such as Engineering Statics, Construction Graphics & Design and others. Experience with project planning and execution can be invaluable as students progress through their engineering degree and builds useful skills for professional practice.

In addition to the Seismic Design Competition, UNL EERI focuses on giving students opportunities to meet new people, present material to younger students in middle and highschool and other yet undecided philanthropic efforts. We are always open to new ideas for outreach events and smaller projects the group could get involved in.

Of course, no group is complete without a bit of fun. Events ranging from friendly soccer and volleyball games to barbeques and the ever present threat from the “Clip Game” make up some of the less-than-academic activities UNL EERI members can experience.


Any questions or concerns can be directed to any of the EERI Officers listed on our Contact Us page via the UNL EERI email. We would be more than happy to answer questions about the group and what we’re working on prior to joining.

2010 Seismic Design Team

UNL EERI Members at the 2012 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition