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For English and Film Studies Majors, Minors and Prospective Students
Kelly Payne, Major Advisor

Kelly Payne, Ph.D.

Major Advisor and Lecturer

As the department’s major advisor, I assist students with all aspects of planning for graduation from making appropriate course selections to gaining relevant career experience through volunteering and internships. My priority is to help you and other English and Film Studies majors to achieve your educational goals.

The bachelor’s degree in English is a significant credential in demonstrating your ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and value the customs and literature of diverse cultures. From words to worlds, the English undergraduate program is your passport to success!

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English and/or Film Studies majors should schedule an appointment with an advisor to review their Degree Audit and to plan their classes each semester. Students may schedule an appointment to discuss any aspect of university life, including major or minor planning, career and research opportunities, internships, and graduate school preparation.

Current students may schedule an appointment online using MyPlan. Prospective, transfer, or returning students should call our office to schedule an appointment.

Important information for Summer 2018

Advising is available during the summer by appointment only. Students can contact Dr. Kelly Payne by email at to schedule an appointment.

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Summer 2018

For summer advising appointments, email Dr. Kelly Payne directly at

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Freshmen Peer Mentoring Program

New to the university, or considering a degree in English? When you register for our peer mentoring program, you will be paired with an English Student Advisory Board mentor and have numerous opportunities to meet faculty and fellow students, explore academic and career development opportunities, and set goals for success in school and beyond.

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The English Student Advisory Board

The Department of English Student Advisory Board program is designed to promote awareness of and pride in the English Department. Advisory Board members assist the English Major Advisor and faculty with recruitment and retention activities hosted by the University, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of English.

Students who participate in the English Student Advisory Board will develop personal leadership and communication skills and will have the opportunity to represent the Department of English and the University in a professional capacity.

2017-18 Advisory Board Members

Anne Aberle

Anne Aberle

Anne is a senior this year and she comes to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from Franklin, Nebraska but after spending a semester of her junior year studying abroad, she’s decided that France is her true home! As a double major in English and French with a minor in Women's & Gender Studies, she approaches her English studies with one phrase in mind from the department’s mission statement: “The ‘world’ is not just ‘out there’—elsewhere; it is in fact right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.” After graduating, Anne plans on pursuing a career in the publishing industry and nothing could better prepare her for that than her experiences at UNL. She spent a summer as an editorial assistant at Prairie Schooner and is thrilled to be spending this fall semester interning with a literary agent based in New York City. She looks forward to helping new English majors make the department their home in the same way that she’s been able to. In her free time, you can find her re-reading her favorite books and consuming copious amounts of caffeine.

Danielle Bischoff

Danielle Bischoff

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Dani is a junior English and Communication Studies double major. She is involved in the club Young Democrats on campus, and enjoys volunteering at Planned Parenthood. In her free time, she likes to binge watch the latest Netflix shows with her dogs. Dani has always been passionate about reading and writing, and looks forward to incorporating her passion into her future career. She can’t wait to work closely with first-year students that share her love for literature and film.

Gabrielle Stroup

Gabrielle Stroup

I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska, and I’m currently a junior Film Studies major with a triple minor in Theatre, Dance and English. I play soccer three to four days out of the week, and I’m a die hard USA Soccer fan. I’m a master at watching Netflix, with Bob’s Burgers and One Tree Hill being my absolute favorite series. I’m also a writer for the Real Nebraska Girls website. I look forward to working with students who are just as passionate about what they’re studying, just like I am.

Xinyue Wang

Xinyue Wang

I come from Beijing, China. I’m interested in various things. Some of my favorites are dancing, writing, traveling, painting. Other than these, just name it because I’d like to try different things! Life is just like a wonderful adventure, so why don’t we enjoy it! I’m a senior Communication Studies and English major, with a psychology minor. Helping others is always one thing that I enjoy, particularly, when someone achieves his/ her goal because of my help. During more than three years’ studying at UNL, I found that what I’m studying helps me become a competent person, allowing me to help others better. The coursework such as interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and intercultural communication allow me to acquire skills to communicate with different people in a proper way, which are really important in our daily life. English study allows me to think critically, which I think is also an ability that most of people need. Additionally, studying English help me to realize what I want to do for my life. Because I like helping others, I’m thinking to be an advisor or life coach in the future, helping students find their loves and achieve their goals. I think that when I help others become better, I’m also developing myself. What I’m studying could assist me in being an advisor or life coach.

Jerica Burgess

Jerica Burgess

I am a senior double majoring in English and Communication Studies, with a minor in Leadership. I am very passionate about education, and my declared academic program will serve me well as I pursue graduate school for Educational Administration- Student Affairs. My dream is to work with college students one day, either as an academic advisor or professor (or both!). My hobbies include reading, watching Harry Potter, and doing yoga. I am from Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!). The faculty at the University, especially in the English department, have influenced my college career in so many positive ways. Kelly Payne, the English and Film Studies Academic Advisor, has given me the opportunity to serve as the English Advising Intern for Fall 2017, and I am so excited to mentor students in English and Film Studies. I am very passionate about working with students. I enjoy encouraging others to get involved at the university and in their area of study. There are so many amazing opportunities here, and I can’t wait to serve as a role model for the English department. When I was a freshman, I had an English major mentor named Dani. She met with me throughout the year to see how my classes were going, and helped me develop my resume. It was awesome to have a role model to look up to in my major during my freshman year!

Lee Kenny

Lee Kenny

Lee is a junior English and Psychology major with a minor in Math. She hopes to pursue a career in helping disadvantaged youth, whether through teaching, writing, or social work. She stays busy serving as the Vice President of Operations for Kappa Delta, working at the Writing Center, copyediting at the Daily Nebraskan, volunteering with the Writers Lincoln Initiative with Mark of Honor, and loving leadership as a senior counselor for NHRI. In her free time, she loves to watch Parks and Recreation. Her friends describe her as “a weird combination between Leslie Knope and April Ludgate.” Her favorite classes have been Composition and Rhetoric classes taught by Katie McWain and Dr. Shari Stenberg. She encourages all students to get to know their professors, because her professors have given her many opportunities and taught her to love fields of English she had not even considered! As a peer mentor, she is excited to form relationships with students in the department and encourage learning to accomplish her favorite part of the English department’s mission statement — “we help students develop their capacities in imaginative reasoning so that in their lives as citizens of the world and members of their local communities they can discern connections and synthesize across seemingly incommensurable ideas or beliefs.

Hailey Fischer

Hailey Fischer

Hailey is a 3rd year English and Film Studies double major and Business minor from Loveland, Colorado. She loves to read, write, watch movies, and hike. After her time at the university, she hopes to pursue a career in publishing or writing for film, and would like to publish her own work someday. If none of this works out, she plans on becoming Batman. This will be Hailey’s second year being part of the English Student Advisory Board, and she has been greatly inspired by the fellow mentors and students she has gotten to meet being part of the program. She has enjoyed many of the film studies classes offered through the department, and was inspired to add a Film Studies major after taking English 239 Film Directors. She would encourage every student to take a film or creative writing class during their time at UNL. Hailey loves getting to know fellow English and Film Studies majors through mentoring, as well as getting to share common interests and learn new things through the experience.

Araya Santo

Araya Santo

I have lived in several areas, but I graduated high school in Omaha, which is the biggest city in Nebraska. I love to immerse myself in books (preferably fantasy and paranormal, with some romance and a kick-butt heroine). I am currently trying to publish one of my books, and I also write poetry. My hobbies include photography and obsessing over dogs. I’m an English and history double major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies and a concentration in creative writing. Basically, I want to help people, but my English degree helps me a lot with interacting and communicating with other people, including when I travel to different areas, because I know different cultures’ literature and their history. I use my education to write realistic and feminist characters and stories that reflect what our world is like (mixed with angels and Greek gods and different Trickster figures). My academic programs will help me be a Fulbright Scholar, or enroll in the Urban Teachers or Teach For America programs before I apply for grad school. This summer, I traveled with the English department to the Netherlands and Belgium, and I would love to talk more about that experience! I’m really looking forward to helping incoming freshmen with the writing process, discussing classes, and about the university and Lincoln in general! There was an English Advisory Board mentor, Dani, who not only impacted me my freshman year, but has impacted me since then. I think of her nearly every time I write a serious paper or apply for scholarships. She pushed me to make sure I was expressing myself in the way I wanted, but also in a formal or rhetorical tone, which are two tones I have a huge problem with.

Michaela Luckey

Michaela Luckey

I’m from Elmhurst, Illinois which is a suburb right outside Chicago. I love reading (of course!) and writing. I write short stories and my favorite genres to read are nonfiction, essay collections, and novels about film. I’m a huge cinephile and X-Files fanatic, but I also love swimming, biking nature trails, and fishing. I’m a senior English major with a minor in business. I plan to work in publishing post-grad and I knew I needed to not only continue fostering my love of literature, but I also needed to have some business background in terms of learning how to sell and market books you believe in to publishing houses and the public! In terms of internships, my positions as the Editorial, Design, and Production Intern at the University of Nebraska Press and as the Literary Agency Intern at Curtis Brown, Ltd. have given me some amazing hands-on publishing experience that’s not always readily available to undergrads in the Midwest. The English Department has so many great opportunities for us as students and through these programs I’ve learned that I do have a passion and drive to work in trade publishing. When I was a freshman, I felt lost and confused with no idea what to do with an English degree. As a mentor I can’t wait to be able to work with my mentees and show them that, while it can be intimidating, there’s so many promising avenues to take within Andrews Hall. We’ve all been there and you will be okay—especially if you use all the fantastic resources Andrews has to offer.

Mitchell Seldal

Mitchell Seldal

Mitch Seldal is a senior studying Political Science and English at the University of Nebraska. He hopes to utilize his education in Nebraska in order to enroll in Law School upon graduation. Originally from the Chicagoland area of Illinois, Mitch has adjusted to Lincoln by getting involved in both on- and off- campus organizations, including the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He has also worked for the Nebraska Democratic Party and is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society. At any given moment, Mitch can be found supporting his hometown Chicago sports teams and tweaking this week’s fantasy football lineup.


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