Molly Merrell graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2004 with a degree in English. Currently, she is the Locations Coordinator for the FOX drama Shots Fired and will be doubling up to prepare for the second season of Cinemax's new hit, Outcast.

"After graduating in December 2004 with a degree in English and the ever present question of whether or not I was going to teach, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and spent nearly six years working in professional sports as a Public Relations representative. I enjoyed my time in NASCAR and professional hockey, but lost my love for sports along the way. It wasn't until I took a temp job with DC Comics in New York City that I found my true passion for entertainment. I returned to Charlotte in 2012 and began working on various films and television shows and have been working behind the scenes ever since.

"I started at the bottom as a Costume Assistant on a film starring Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Amy Poehler and written and directed by Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner. I moved over to the Production Office and worked my way up to Travel Coordinator for hit TV shows such as Homeland, Banshee, and the upcoming HBO miniseries starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies, as well as the feature film, Paper Towns, based on the novel by John Green. My work on these shows has taken me to Morocco, New Orleans and Central California to work on location.

"When I took Intro to English Studies with Professor Bergstrom, we had to do a group project showing why teaching wasn't the only option for English majors. I did mine on 'Film and Literature' not expecting to be working in the film industry, but always loving the idea of merging the two. What amazes me the most when I tell people in this industry that I have an English degree is the fact that the first response is no longer, 'Why aren't you teaching?', instead, more often than not, it's 'ME TOO!'"

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