Tom Cabela

BA, 2001

Film Studies

Cabela Films on Vimeo

Tom Cabela was one of the first Film Studies Majors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After graduating in 2001, he completed the production program at USC and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked briefly for production designer Jennifer Williams. Williams introduced him to Oscar nominated editor Peter Honess, who soon hired Cabela as a Post Production Assistant.

Cabela trained as an editor under Honess and his team,  working on films like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Aeon Flux, and Poseidon. He also worked on Blades of Glory, Get Smart, and Red Dawn under editor Richard Pearson. Eventually he was hired by C.P.G., a company run by director James Cameron (Titanic, Avator) and business partner Vince Pace. Cameron and Pace trained Cabela as a stereo (3D) picture specialist, and he contributed his newfound skills to Transformers 3, Sin City 2, Walking with Dinosaurs, Cirque Du Soleil, among other films. Cabela now works in both editing and visual effects, and his work appears in Entourage the Movie and the upcoming Todd Phillips film War Dogs. He continues to make his own films, which have shown at festivals like Mill Valley, Sarasota, and South by Southwest. 

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