Cassie wrote her first book when she was six years old about a fat cat named Stephanie who wandered around the city looking for her family, and she never looked back. As a writer, Cassie’s goal is to continually move forward, learning from her past self, as well as others, in an effort to become the best she can at her chosen craft. She is blessed with a wonderful, loving family—Mom, Dad, six brothers, one sister, and five sisters-in-law—that has supported her every step of the way, even if they don’t always understand what she’s trying to do. And while she believes life is education, not everyone always agrees, so Cassie has made pursuing a formal education a huge priority. Currently, she has an MFA in Creative Writing, an MA in Mass Communications, and she is working on her Ph. D. in Creative Writing with an emphasis in narrative communication. Eventually, she plans to settle down to teach creative writing to undergrads.


M.A. (2021), Brigham Young University
Mass Communications

M.F.A. (2015), Creighton University
Creative Writing

B.A. (2012), Southern Virginia University
English Literature, Creative Writing Minor