Our Community Lincoln and surrounding areas

Explore everything our city, county and state have to offer
Kayaking on a lake near Lincoln


Lincoln is a lively, liveable, and diverse community - the third largest city in the Big Ten. Find out why studying, living, and working in Lincoln is a smart move for people of all backgrounds.

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UNL Opportunities and Resources

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln is home to numerous organizations and institutions that offer lateral enrichment for students of English.

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Great Plains Art Museum and UNL Center for Great Plains Studies
UNL students working with area elementary students through the Writing Lincoln Initiative

Community Engagement

Lincoln offers many opportunities for students of English to invest in the community and engage in local activism.

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Surrounding Areas

Nebraska boasts preserves, parks, and natural areas of all kinds - many within a short drive from Lincoln. These areas offer visitors a chance to experience tallgrass prairie and related ecosystems as they were before European settlement.

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Photo of the Nebraska prairie