Nineteenth-Century British Literature

For Undergraduate English Majors

As an English major, you design your own concentration — a program of study based on your areas of interest, organized around a controlling theme or topic — with the help of your advisor. Below are some recommendations for students interested in this area.

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Recommended Courses

Recommended Experienes

Recommended Reading

Career Opportunities

*May require Graduate or Professional School

  • Researcher or Research Librarian
  • Journalist/Freelance Writer/Grant Writer
  • College Professor
  • Editing/Publishing
  • Higher Education/Administration

Writers to Know

Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Charlotte and Emily Brontë, Anthony Trollope, Oscar Wilde, William Blake, William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, P. B. Shelley, Mary Shelley, John Keats, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, Christina Rossetti, Lewis Carroll

Professors to Know

Photo of Stephen Behrendt; links to faculty profile

Stephen Behrendt

George Holmes Distinguished Professor 319 Andrews Hall (402) 472-1806 Website
Photo of Peter J. Capuano; links to faculty profile

Peter J. Capuano

Associate Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Program 220 Andrews Hall (402) 472-1858
Photo of Gabrielle Owen; links to faculty profile

Gabrielle Owen

Lecturer 214 Andrews Hall
Photo of Beverley Rilett; links to faculty profile

Beverley Rilett

Lecturer and Research Assistant Professor 320 Andrews Hall
Photo of Laura White; links to faculty profile

Laura White

John E. Weaver Professor of English and Coordinator of Literature 304 Andrews Hall
Photo of Adrian S. Wisnicki; links to faculty profile

Adrian S. Wisnicki

Associate Professor 338B Andrews Hall