Women's and Gender Studies Concentration

For Undergraduate English Majors

As an English major, you design your own concentration — a program of study based on your areas of interest, organized around a controlling theme or topic — with the help of your advisor. Below are some recommendations for students interested in this area.

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Recommended Courses

Recommended Experienes

Recommended Reading

Career Opportunities

*may require Graduate or Professional School

  • College Professor
  • Writer/Poet/Novelist
  • Business or Public Relations Specialist
  • Social Work/Counseling
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Community Education
  • Grant Writer/Nonprofit sector
  • Policy Analyst

Professors to Know

Photo of Grace Bauer; links to faculty profile

Grace Bauer

Professor 344 Andrews Hall (402) 472-0993
Photo of Stephen Buhler; links to faculty profile

Stephen Buhler

Aaron Douglas Professor 135 Andrews Hall (402) 472-1784
Photo of Joy Castro; links to faculty profile

Joy Castro

Willa Cather Professor of English 345 Andrews Hall Website
Photo of Kwakiutl Dreher; links to faculty profile

Kwakiutl Dreher

Associate Professor 213 Andrews Hall
Photo of Gwendolyn Audrey Foster; links to faculty profile

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Willa Cather Professor of English and Film Studies 224 Andrews Hall (402) 472-1854 Website
Photo of Tom Gannon; links to faculty profile

Tom Gannon

Associate Professor and Academic Advisor for the Institute for Ethnic Studies 346 Andrews Hall
Photo of Rhonda Garelick; links to faculty profile

Rhonda Garelick

Professor of Performing Arts and English 355 Andrews Hall (402) 472-8224
Photo of Melissa J. Homestead; links to faculty profile

Melissa J. Homestead

Professor 221 Andrews Hall
Photo of Maureen Honey; links to faculty profile

Maureen Honey

Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies 313 Andrews Hall (402) 472-6357
Photo of Amelia María de la Luz Montes; links to faculty profile

Amelia María de la Luz Montes

Associate Professor 211 Andrews Hall Website
Photo of Gabrielle Owen; links to faculty profile

Gabrielle Owen

Lecturer 214 Andrews Hall
Photo of Guy Reynolds; links to faculty profile

Guy Reynolds

Professor, Director of the Cather Project and Chair of the Undergraduate Program and Curriculum Committee 337D Andrews Hall (402) 472-1882
Photo of Julia Schleck; links to faculty profile

Julia Schleck

Associate Professor 212 Andrews Hall (402) 472-1885
Photo of Shari Stenberg; links to faculty profile

Shari Stenberg

Professor 342 Andrews Hall
Photo of Stacey Waite; links to faculty profile

Stacey Waite

Associate Professor and Chair of the Graduate Program 337C Andrews Hall